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  1. color cast

    I too found the highlights blown in all channels when looking at the jpeg. Getting rid of the cast by Photoshop curves; Camera Raw curves or the Lightroom Curve would give you a far more accurate correction than using the WB and Tint.
  2. Photoshop plan After Effects for time lapse Premiere for vlog editing
  3. color cast

    It's not in the reds but actually on the green channel! Just put it into Photoshop and checked the RGB values and their is an off green cast to it. It can be corrected in about a minute and it looks miles better! 1) Stick it in PS 2) Add on an eye dropper point to the image just to the bottom right of the fin on the main fish 3) Add a curves layer 4) Go to the green channel and push it up ever so slightly and the cast will be gone
  4. 1) You should be able to transfer those actions easily. 2) CC is no problem without an internet connection. Just make sure that once a month you have connected to the net with the laptop to ensure there aren't any problems. 3) For $9.99 you can use it on 2 devices such as a desktop and laptop. I do this. 4) If you've got two laptops and a desktop only two of those devices can be connected to the cloud at any one moment.
  5. Please provide ISBN details

    I'm with Ian on this. If Alamy say the information is confidential but you can then Google image search and then see the book doesn't that pretty much circumvent the confidentiality?
  6. Youtube video with James Allsworth

    Around 9:00 in. We're looking for video. And again around 28:00 - shoot video at the same time as stills. Flippin' heck Alamy you missed the boat BIG time!!!
  7. As Philippe and others say it will be down to the buyer. Just because you don't have a model release it won't stop it from being used commercially.
  8. Contacting the news team

    This is what I have had in the past. I had an email yesterday but I felt kind of fobbed off if I'm honest! Just written back to the organization where I need the accreditation and seeing if things will work out.
  9. Contacting the news team

    Well, I've emailed and also left a message. It's for an event in 10 days time. The organizers though seem, well, dis-organized as it's taken them ages to even acknowledge my request. Hopefully Alamy will come back to me soon.
  10. Contacting the news team

    Thanks. That's what I have but have had no response since yesterday
  11. Contacting the news team

    Hi there Has anyone got a contact email for the new team? I need a letter showing that I do stuff for Alamy and need to contact someone. Thanks! Jools
  12. Infringement - what would you charge for this?

    Thanks Mark. Next question. What sort of cash do Pixsy manage to get out of infringers? And the piece of string question, what have people experience time wise between claiming and success?
  13. Infringement - what would you charge for this?

    I "think" the company is Australian
  14. Infringement - what would you charge for this?

    Always nice when they leave the credit on an infringement, it makes it so much easier to call them on it. Just had one used in a local paper this weekend gone, I billed them a two figure sum for web use and three figures for print use, they settled immediately, but the person who supplied the article and the image (from a Facebook post) won't be getting much joy from them! For your picture I would use Pixsy. Thank you. Curiosity, why would you use Pixsy and not go it alone?
  15. Infringement - what would you charge for this?

    Definitely not!