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  1. Sale Price vs Quoted Price

    Hmm...maybe Alamy offers discounts to large buyers. Try contacting Contributor Service to find out.
  2. Sale Price vs Quoted Price

    You are missing about $154. I don't think anybody pays the quoted price anymore. Those prices are just pie in the sky Rick
  3. Used in a company newsletter or something
  4. Yet another Canadian

    I've sold a few on G but nothing here. Oh well...
  5. Yet another Canadian

    Hello everyone from a chilly Calgary Alberta. I have been a contributor since 2011 but now I have decided I have more time on this forum, so here I am ready or not Rick
  6. Slow month? 2018

    Yup, same here. One small sale but I also have a small portfolio here so there's that....
  7. Yet another Canadian

    Thanks, I hear that the cold weather is good for maple syrup production. Which reminds me ..... breakfast time!!!
  8. Yet another Canadian

    Thanks, good to be here after all these years of lurking on the forum
  9. Yet another Canadian

    Hi John Thanks for the compliment! Yes Ecuador is a very beautiful country. Very diverse and the people there are wonderful. Hope to go back soon. Too bad though that Ecuador photos aren't that popular for some reason
  10. Yet another Canadian

    Thanks Jill I have been into stock photography (part-time) for about 30 years now. Maybe this year I can turn a profit . I have found this forum a good place to keep up on all the changes. I am very grateful to everyone here. Rick