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  1. Photos still in QC

    The last two days have been a weekend and QC is closed. Will re-open today.
  2. Strange that, and one I experienced a few years back when I bought a new camera (Fuji). In my case just a few in a batch would default to 01/01/2000. The rest were accurate. This went on for months and CR were unable to help. Out of the blue, and without any amendments in my workflow, the problem disappeared. I never did get to the bottom of it.
  3. Slow month?

    No complaints here. This month has already surpassed my best ever for volume and we're only half way through. A few more sales and this will become my best year ever for volume and revenue.
  4. Bad Weather Pics

    Pyjamas! What with? Fluffy slippers, wellies or winklepickers ? That's the shot I'd be after. You couldn't make it up! LOL
  5. Usage: Presentation or newsletters, Use in a presentation/talk (eg,Powerpoint and Keynote) or in a newsletter.
  6. Replying from my iPad - all ok here in Thailand
  7. What was your original equipment?

    I still shoot film (b+w only) and home develop, and have done so since the early 60's, and I'm still using my original equipment passed to me at 13 years of age by my grandfather, a retired Pro, being a Leica M3 and a Rolleiflex TLR. Was I lucky or not? I still use a Philips PCS 130/150 enlarger which covers 135 and 120 format. I bought this new some 25 years ago. As can be seen, I tend to hold onto my gear! P.s. I still play analogue music as well!
  8. These clouds were almost static. Lots of Gaussian and no banding
  9. Maybe this will help. In my case It was specifically to address banding on a Leica M240 The banding that the M240 produces can be easily fixed/removed in post by using Nik Dfine2 noise-reduction software / plug-in for Photoshop/Lightroom. Just enable the "Debanding" feature in the Manual/More menu, and set a percentage of 30-35% removal and select vertical or horizontal depending on if you made the picture in portrait or landscape. To find it, you have to open an image in Dfine and then: 1. Select the "Reduce" button/tab in the upper right of the interface. The default selection is "Measure" when you open Dfine. 2. Click the "> More" button on the lower right of the panel. This button is really small! 3. Here you enable "Debanding" and select "Horizontal" or "Vertical" and the percentage. You also get other options here, as Edge Preservation and JPEG Artifact Reduction, but I haven't used those.
  10. Keywording on a phone shouldn't be too difficult for Alamy to implement. They've already a very simple and efficient version available on their alter ego site (S). Just a thought.
  11. Again, my highest license was for a restaurant outdoor promotion shot with a Canon 5D2 at 54Mb, the previous highest licence being a 70Mb medium format film image. I do believe that one should upload the biggest possible size that meets QC.
  12. Importance of Captions

    Clipped it. Thus requiring additional key wording to accommodate the "incorrect" transatlantic spellings !
  13. Have you done your legacy images?

    Last summer (2016) I spent 3 months going through all my legacy images and making appropriate amendments. Then along came AIM! So, again I spent 3 months making the necessary tags and cleaning up the mess. Was it worth it? You bet your life it was. Things are looking a lot healthier now. Time well spent.