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  1. Ed There's a U point control on every area of the Niks suite. Colour control can be found in colour effects> white balance wherein you can opt for global or localised colour correction. You can (should you wish) go global and then eliminate/reduce areas to your satisfaction. It's very controllable. Analogue effects also does a great job in sorting colour, which will also handle Brightness, saturation and contrast. In short, Niks has literally everything needed to fine tune a RAW file. Presets can be made for taste etc. Over here I have a constant battle with the local skin colour coming out very orange. They don't have Tango Man in Thailand. So, Silver Effects>blue filter>reduce opacity to 20%>voila, problem solved. Etc, etc, etc. Give it a run, you'll be surprised.
  2. Images Sold in January (max one per day)

    Thanks Rick, appreciated
  3. How to travel light?

    Location and names are easily covered by taking a pic of same from any signage or jot it down on a piece of paper and shoot that. Where I live I often resort to this method as many of the places have difficult to pronounce names and often in the local language which I can't read. P.s. Alan beat me to it
  4. How to travel light?

    Gen Mirrorless is truly there for both wildlife, sport and macro. Take a look at the Olympus OMD EM1 Mark 2 and particularly the frame rate being up to 60 fps! Highly reliable focus tracking, in camera focus stacking for macro. Complete range of small lightweight fast lenses. I don't use one myself but a colleague is a specialist wildlife and macro shooter and looking at his stuff it's quite spectacular. Did I say his kit weighs next to nothing!
  5. Exactly what I experienced 12 months back on my old iMac which had already been replaced but retained to accommodate my scanner. A few days later the hard drive died. This wasn't such a disaster as the replacement unit was already operational and a new hard drive in the old Mac was cheap enough. My advise to you now would quickly ensure all is backed up on an external hard drive ready for transfer to the new machine. Good luck
  6. Note to self that next times zooms drop then tell the forum. They came thundering in today ! All now back on track.
  7. color cast

    I see Red/magenta cast
  8. From 30-40 zooms per month I'm currently down to just one zoom in January.
  9. The Good Old Days

    My maxim in life is that today is tomorrow's "good old days". Live it whilst it's there.
  10. 2017

    The introduction of AIM in 2016 prompted me to revisit all my legacy keywording and captioning. This was an area that was clearly in need of attention. I made a considerable amount of amendments to both areas. This in turn saw my images appear in far more searches than had previously been the case. It took a long time but seems to have paid off.
  11. 2017

    2017 has been my best year since joining Alamy in 2008. Both sales and revenue up 70%. I'm happy the way things are looking.
  12. Music Talk

    And then there's Terry O'Neill with his jazz background to consider.
  13. Music Talk

    Bryan Adams takes a reasonable snap as does Seal.