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  1. Steep drop in zooms this month?

    Seeing a very slight drop in zooms but nothing major. Recent views have generated sales where a zoom was not recorded. With sales growing i kind of don't pay too much attention to zooms. There must be lot that happens in the background that measures does not show us. I would sooner ALAMY put actual light box downloads into measures that would be much more useful. Craig
  2. Slow month?

    Why don't you focus on the bread and butter instead of joining Alamy? Craig.
  3. How was your November?

    17 for $624 Unit sales now running at +20% against last year. Revenue up 27% Craig
  4. Selling prints

    I had a few years with FAA and had some good initial sales, which in time declined to nothing. So rather than moaning about the situation in a forum i pulled out and stopped paying the subs. Zazzle looks worth a punt. Craig
  5. Slow month?

    A red arrow would certainly be deemed personal and immature, You could have just responded without using the red arrow in the first place. You and your micro cronies have brought a negative slant to the forum. You can give me a red if you want!!. Craig
  6. Have you found any Alamy images in November? Karol Kozlowski. Jon Sparks Cheers Craig
  7. Flippin' 'eck - anyone used a Lens Flipper?

    Yes I agree this looks quite user friendly. It looks like the attachment is sealed inside so cannot see you tipping dust inside your lens. Craig.
  8. Best deal ever!!

    A deduction has been applied now it's gone into balance of account. Alamy commission 38.5% ??? Affiliate Commission 23% ??? Looks like a distributor sale but % are not normal?? Craig
  9. Best deal ever!!

    Just had a sale drop in, in the new net revenue for $199.99 where zero deduction has been applied to the sale giving me 100%. no doubt this will be a mistake. has anyone else had this today? Craig
  10. MyAlamy Net Revenue changes

    One change i would like is email notification as and when a sale occurs. This would save time keep logging in changing dates, and pressing the go button 50 times a day Craig.
  11. MyAlamy Net Revenue changes

    Sales history also changed, and account balance. Craig
  12. Presentations galore

    Yes 2 not very credible presentation sales so far at different prices as well. Craig
  13. Alamy Measures broken?

    All is well thank you Alamy. Craig
  14. Alamy Measures broken?

    Main Pseudo gone awol it's well broken. Someone has put a big spanner in the works. Craig
  15. October

    22 sales for $909. High $245 Low $3.46 Both Year to date sales and revenue now ahead of 2016 final numbers. Craig