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  3. Dead Animal

  4. How to travel light?

    I know it’s been discussed before and I don’t expect there is an answer to it but I’ll post my recent experience for the hell of it, as what happened was a new one on me. Last week, I had to catch 3 successive flights to get back home from Borneo. 3 different airlines, one common rule: 7kg carryon luggage. A non-starter for me. So as usual, I was wearing a ‘roo jacket’ with multiple pockets stuffed with lenses and even with my laptop, in addition to my big photo bag. No problems with the first two flights, I was beginning to relax. Then, Jetstar. Weighing of the carryon luggage at the gate or no boarding. Still not worried, my bag was 7kg. But then, the staff’s eagle-eyes spotted my bulging pockets. They counted each pocket as a bag!! You can’t have 4 bags they said. Followed a palaver. My question is, how do specialist photographers do? By specialist, I mean photographers intending to take more than general travel shots (landscapes, street scenes, etc). In my case, when I travel, I have to choose between bird photography and take my 500mm or macro with the whole kit of wireless flashes. In any case, either bird or macro photography for 3 weeks will necessitate some form of backup, it cannot merely be stored on a memory card. So my set up is as follows: Main camera + charger (a double brick for Nikon D4) + spare battery Back-up camera + charger (another single brick) + spare battery Wide-angle lens Zoom lens 500mm or macro lens + kit Laptop + charger (another brick) Small external drive for second back-up Tripod in suitcase Once again, if I was limiting myself to landscapes, I could switch to mirrorless as I’m quite sick of these travel problems but I don’t believe (correct me if I’m wrong I haven’t done any research yet) that mirrorless technology is quite there yet for serious macro or wildlife. Meanwhile, there’s an article in the press today about someone who’s been prevented to board a flight wearing 7 trousers and 10 shirts… Gen
  5. http://www.bbc.com/travel/story/20180118-dalmatias-fjaka-state-of-mind Mark Shenley
  6. Images Sold in January (max one per day)

    Wonersh, Surrey, UK I seem to be selling older pictures recently. Not sure why. For sure wasn't filtered by date taken or new.
  7. How to travel light?

    You had me rushing to my D4 manual Wim as I swore I vaguely remembered reading something about it. True, it hasn't an in-built GPS but an optional GP-1 unit for Nikon cameras can be used. So I read. Philippe (Arterra) suggested to use the comment field on the D4 which is not a bad idea. You won't believe me but... I don't use a cell phone. 70% deaf. Just don't tell anyone... Gen
  8. How to travel light?

    I do two kinds of trips: those in my campervan for several months at a time, and those in remote wilderness with a local guide. In my campervan, even when wild camping, recharging in not a problem. I have two massive house batteries and an inverter. I just need to be on the move every few days to recharge the house batteries. I also just invested in the latest technology of flexible foldable solar panels which I will be able to test in an upcoming trip to Cape York. For remote area trips, sometimes lodges have solar energy but do not allow people to recharge anything. Sometimes, more rarely, there is no electricity at all. For those locations, I take 3 batteries for each camera (weigh a ton or two in luggage!) and I have to be parsimonious with what I shoot. Gen
  9. How to travel light?

    Lots of good suggestions here. I have definitely been under-using my camera capabilities. Thank you.
  10. Favourite images uploaded - Jan 2018

    I also made an effort to take more pix of the lovely people of Borneo and of those from further away
  11. Favourite images uploaded - Jan 2018

    The saddest face in the world, although he's strumming a guitar... Red Leaf Monkey (Presbytis rubicunda), Borneo, Sabah Borneo Pygmy Elephant
  12. How to travel light?

    Yes it is a possibility. I've never used it so didn't think of it. Thank you for the suggestion.
  13. I wish. Only residing temporarily in Oz unfortunately. To my greatest sorrow. Gen
  14. Did you select the same range of dates as last time you checked? Gen
  15. How to travel light?

    Don't mention J'burg. I had to pay $250 to put my tripod in the hold on the way back, when there had been no problems on the outward journey with the same airline. I thought of leaving it behind but it was a very expensive heavy Gitzo tripod for bird photography. It would have cost more to replace. Gen
  16. How to travel light?

    I identify with your experience. Sometimes I fly in seaplanes or Cessnas and weight is super restricted for a reason. An amusing anecdote I will never forget: once I was travelling on my own at the border between Colombia and Brazil. I flew in a seaplane landing on the Rio Negro. The other 3 passengers were Colombians, 2 males 1 woman. They turned up with soft cages containing their prized fight cockerels. They tried to fit them behind the pilot's neck but he objected. They had no choice but to remove one cockerel from its cage, tie its legs with the woman's hairband, and travel with it on their lap to the cockerel's dismay which was furiously flapping wings. Yes, I did use clingfilm once at Rio airport. Did it help? I will never know. Won't bother again though. Gen
  17. How to travel light?

    It's also my experience: wearing a rucksack seems to attract less attention. Once while each bag of every person in the queue was carefully weighed, I happily walked through with a 10kg rucksack on my back. Air Asia was one of my flights to/from Borneo. Although there was a big sign '7kgs maximum', there was no attempt to weigh any carry-on baggage. Jetstar ordered me to put my laptop back into my bag for weighing. I loved Borneo. Super friendly smiling people. The lodge were very good and we saw a lot of wildlife even though it was the rainy season. The sad thing in Sabah of course are the palm oil plantations. You don't see anything else really, either along the road or flying over. I went to the usual wildlife places: Sepilok, Kinabatangan, Tabin, Danum Valley. We saw orangutans, proboscis monkeys, sun bears, pygmy elephants, red leaf monkeys, macaques, hornbills, tons of insects and arachnids, frogs. We did night walks, and day/night drives. Watched sunrise over misty rainforest from a watch tower. Get up 4:30 but well worth it. My kind of trip. Gen
  18. How to travel light?

    No worries. It will be amply covered by my last 3 sales: two Presentation and one Personal Use...
  19. How to travel light?

    Ditto. My empty photo bag with just my laptop in it reaches 7kgs. Absolute nightmare. I usually hide the bulges in my roo jacket by wearing a loose black cardigan. Unfortunately, temperature was 34C. It would have looked even more suspect!! I put all batteries in the hold. But even those are a problem. My macro kit is voracious with batteries and flying with lithium batteries is also a problem. Why o why didn't I choose embroidery as a hobby?? Gen
  20. How to travel light?

    Thank you for your input Marianne. Yes I thought about renting mirrorless to try. Unfortunately, this is not available where I live. Even for sensor cleaning, the best bet is to send the camera to Brisbane, several thousand kms away. There is only one camera shop in town, I won't mention the name. It's a boutique shop. During my 8 month road trip, I went to that shop for sensor cleaning somewhere on the West coast. They managed to break the shutter blades on my 1 year old Nikon D4 camera!! They paid for the repairs and offered to lend me an inferior camera. By the time they got the repaired camera back from Sydney and were ready to send it to me, 3 weeks had passed and I have travelled several thousand kms. Needless to say, they'll never see me again in any town. Gen
  21. How to travel light?

    My hubby was also wearing a roo jacket and carrying my second photo bag which happened to only weigh 5kgs. So we re-arranged the load between the 2 bags. We also discovered that in fact, we had bought a ticket allowing 10kg carry-on luggage. Having booked the trip over a year ago, we had forgotten about it. Doh! Gen
  22. How to travel light?

    I think that's going to be the solution for my PNG trip. I'll use the dual slot on the Nikon D4, QXD for main card with auto back-up on SD card. I just need to buy more XQD cards. I have tons of SD cards already. It should be possible for that trip as it is a shortish one and I don't expect tons of pix. I might live to regret it. No need for keywording on location as I won't be doing insects macro. Gen
  23. How to travel light?

    Thank you for all those information Wim. I did have a camera around my neck. I thought I would try that for the first time. My bad. Jetstar counted it as one bag. Small handbag: 2 bags Left pocket: 3 bags Right pocket: 4 bags!!!! Staff angrily pointed at the sign: 2 bags only allowed!! On that occasion I was travelling with hubby who also carried a roo jacket plus my second photobag. He's very laid back but he's becoming fed up with the circus. And it's not exactly in my nature to depend on someone else either. Time for a solution. Gen
  24. How to travel light?

    Thank you for your input. I only keyword if I have some down time. For example, my recent trip to Borneo was taken during the rainy season. On some days, we did get a lot of it. What else to do when sitting in a lodge in the middle of the rainforest with no Internet connection. Keywording for Alamy seemed a good idea. I also had a whole session with my guide, showing him various insects on my laptop screen. He would then tell me what they were and I would add their names to my Bridge hierarchy as we went along. No way I would have been able to identify them myself later on from Internet resources. Way too tricky and time consuming. Better ask the experts.
  25. How to travel light?

    It's getting late in Oz and I'm going to sleep over your suggestions guys. In a nutshell: Alan and Reeray: you're thinking in terms of town photography! I'm a wilderness person. Not many signs in the rainforest. You might think that a tree is a tree is a tree but in Borneo, I went to 3 rainforest lodges in succession. One was in primary rainforest, one in sub-primary, one in secondary. So even there location is important. I could photograph a piece of paper with the location at the beginning of a series yes. MDM: My zoom is a 80-400mm. So yes your idea is a possibility. Michael Jacobs: yes I could. An Alamy contributor greatly missed on this forum suggested to me I could also use the Comment field on my D4. However, location was only one example, I also use PS on my desktop to tag wildlife ID and Latin name which I endeavour to get in sitiu from my guide. It gets a little complicated. David Pimborough: I take it you're not shooting wildlife or going on long off the beaten track trips. Funkyworm: Nice idea but I think I'll pass on renting. I rarely go to destinations where it would be possible. Last thing I would have wanted is to have to go into Kuala Lumpur on my way to Borneo. But that's me. Not a town person. Re airline, I travelled frequently with Jetstar before using the roo jacket trick. It's the first time they picked on it. I guess all other airlines are the same. Matt: yes my laptop requires electricity of course but no Internet connection. I just download my memory card onto it using a card reader, I don't do anything else. I reckon my trip to Papua New Guinea will be a short one (about 10 days) so if I start with a fully charged laptop and not use it for anything else, I could just about manage. That destination is even worse though luggage-wise. Checked-in luggage is limited to 14kg. Thank you all for your ideas and suggestions. Lots of avenues to explore. I'm very grateful. Gen