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  1. Photos still in QC

    Alamy don't work on weekends. It's Monday here in Oz but still Sunday in the UK. Gen
  2. Tips on photo equipment care in the tropics

    That is what I remember from my days in the Amazon. Once I cooked my silica gel in a frying pan on the hotel's cooker in the kitchen (there was no microwave). It started changing colour again by the time I reached my room on the first floor!
  3. Tips on photo equipment care in the tropics

    Thank you for your input.
  4. Tips on photo equipment care in the tropics

    Thank you for the suggestion. This would be useful for my forthcoming trip to Borneo. Gen
  5. Tips on photo equipment care in the tropics

    Not sure if there's much sun during the Wet Season in Cairns. It will be a brand new experience!
  6. Tips on photo equipment care in the tropics

    Spot on. That's what I'm looking at right now. The advantage is that there is no need to bother with silica gel or emptying water. Gen
  7. Tips on photo equipment care in the tropics

    Thank you for your input. As of tonight, I am now leaning towards the dry cabinet. With so many lenses and equipment, it's out of the question to swap for another system. There's hope with high camera usage. That's me! Gen
  8. Tips on photo equipment care in the tropics

    Luckily not inside. Only a ladybird crawling between my eyes and the viewfinder while taking macro shots of insects. I do get jumping spiders regularly jumping on my lens or tripod. They're only a few millimetres long but are not phased by humans. Very friendly they are. Or vain. Gen
  9. Have you found any Alamy images in October?

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5003265/Storm-Brian-batters-Britain-70-mph-winds.html Keith Morris Alan Hale Alan Hale
  10. Tips on photo equipment care in the tropics

    Thank you all, I will look into the different options. I might pass on the sock as I would need a couple of Christmas sock size ones with all the gear! Octavio, I like the look of that dry box. I'll see if it's available in Oz. You live in the Mata Atlantica? Lucky you. I participated once in a field project in Ilha do Cardoso. I'm beating myself up for not thinking about the humidity problem earlier, I'll be there in two week's time, just for the beginning of the Wet season! As if I didn't have enough to do with the house move, especially as the removal company has just let us down and I'll have to use my campervan for the move instead. Not peaceful but exciting times! Gen
  11. Your favorite blurry image

    I love this pic. Peru?
  12. I am about to move to the tropics where for several months a year, there is a very high humidity level. When I lived in the Amazon, I used kilos of silica gel in bags. It was a mega bore to have to cook it every day to get rid of absorbed humidity. Anyone has a tip for more modern methods? I have quite a lot of equipment, including very long lenses. I would hate to get mould on them. Thanks in advance. Gen
  13. Totally Wrong Information!

    We're not talking about archive but about a certain contributor who is in the process of uploading masses of images with totally spurrious tags and locations. I check regularly what is being uploaded for Australia in the 'New' tab and see his portfolio growing rapidly. His images might well sink after a while but how long will it take? In any case, as already pointed out, ranking does not apply to the 'new' tab. Surely, it would be easy for Alamy to block any further upload until spam is corrected. This would benefit everybody.
  14. I had a one-off case of disappearing caption after the image went on sale. I has never happened again since. Gen
  15. Totally Wrong Information!

    Thing is in this case, it's a contributor who's in the process of uploading a large portfolio with way off the mark tags. Spam is not strong enough a word. In this particular case, it's not a mistake. If it's a one off genuine mistake, I would let it go. Yes, we all make mistakes. I'm sure I have the odd typo or error myself. Also, there is no longer an PM facility. Why am I so upset about this particular contributor is that he's uploaded tons of images with location 'Kiama' (where I live) which were taken several thousand kms from here.