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  1. http://www.bbc.com/travel/story/20180118-dalmatias-fjaka-state-of-mind Mark Shenley
  2. Images Sold in January (max one per day)

    Wonersh, Surrey, UK I seem to be selling older pictures recently. Not sure why. For sure wasn't filtered by date taken or new.
  3. How to travel light?

    You had me rushing to my D4 manual Wim as I swore I vaguely remembered reading something about it. True, it hasn't an in-built GPS but an optional GP-1 unit for Nikon cameras can be used. So I read. Philippe (Arterra) suggested to use the comment field on the D4 which is not a bad idea. You won't believe me but... I don't use a cell phone. 70% deaf. Just don't tell anyone... Gen
  4. How to travel light?

    I do two kinds of trips: those in my campervan for several months at a time, and those in remote wilderness with a local guide. In my campervan, even when wild camping, recharging in not a problem. I have two massive house batteries and an inverter. I just need to be on the move every few days to recharge the house batteries. I also just invested in the latest technology of flexible foldable solar panels which I will be able to test in an upcoming trip to Cape York. For remote area trips, sometimes lodges have solar energy but do not allow people to recharge anything. Sometimes, more rarely, there is no electricity at all. For those locations, I take 3 batteries for each camera (weigh a ton or two in luggage!) and I have to be parsimonious with what I shoot. Gen
  5. How to travel light?

    Lots of good suggestions here. I have definitely been under-using my camera capabilities. Thank you.
  6. Favourite images uploaded - Jan 2018

    I also made an effort to take more pix of the lovely people of Borneo and of those from further away
  7. Favourite images uploaded - Jan 2018

    The saddest face in the world, although he's strumming a guitar... Red Leaf Monkey (Presbytis rubicunda), Borneo, Sabah Borneo Pygmy Elephant
  8. How to travel light?

    Yes it is a possibility. I've never used it so didn't think of it. Thank you for the suggestion.
  9. I wish. Only residing temporarily in Oz unfortunately. To my greatest sorrow. Gen
  10. Did you select the same range of dates as last time you checked? Gen
  11. How to travel light?

    Don't mention J'burg. I had to pay $250 to put my tripod in the hold on the way back, when there had been no problems on the outward journey with the same airline. I thought of leaving it behind but it was a very expensive heavy Gitzo tripod for bird photography. It would have cost more to replace. Gen
  12. How to travel light?

    I identify with your experience. Sometimes I fly in seaplanes or Cessnas and weight is super restricted for a reason. An amusing anecdote I will never forget: once I was travelling on my own at the border between Colombia and Brazil. I flew in a seaplane landing on the Rio Negro. The other 3 passengers were Colombians, 2 males 1 woman. They turned up with soft cages containing their prized fight cockerels. They tried to fit them behind the pilot's neck but he objected. They had no choice but to remove one cockerel from its cage, tie its legs with the woman's hairband, and travel with it on their lap to the cockerel's dismay which was furiously flapping wings. Yes, I did use clingfilm once at Rio airport. Did it help? I will never know. Won't bother again though. Gen
  13. How to travel light?

    It's also my experience: wearing a rucksack seems to attract less attention. Once while each bag of every person in the queue was carefully weighed, I happily walked through with a 10kg rucksack on my back. Air Asia was one of my flights to/from Borneo. Although there was a big sign '7kgs maximum', there was no attempt to weigh any carry-on baggage. Jetstar ordered me to put my laptop back into my bag for weighing. I loved Borneo. Super friendly smiling people. The lodge were very good and we saw a lot of wildlife even though it was the rainy season. The sad thing in Sabah of course are the palm oil plantations. You don't see anything else really, either along the road or flying over. I went to the usual wildlife places: Sepilok, Kinabatangan, Tabin, Danum Valley. We saw orangutans, proboscis monkeys, sun bears, pygmy elephants, red leaf monkeys, macaques, hornbills, tons of insects and arachnids, frogs. We did night walks, and day/night drives. Watched sunrise over misty rainforest from a watch tower. Get up 4:30 but well worth it. My kind of trip. Gen
  14. How to travel light?

    No worries. It will be amply covered by my last 3 sales: two Presentation and one Personal Use...
  15. How to travel light?

    Ditto. My empty photo bag with just my laptop in it reaches 7kgs. Absolute nightmare. I usually hide the bulges in my roo jacket by wearing a loose black cardigan. Unfortunately, temperature was 34C. It would have looked even more suspect!! I put all batteries in the hold. But even those are a problem. My macro kit is voracious with batteries and flying with lithium batteries is also a problem. Why o why didn't I choose embroidery as a hobby?? Gen