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  1. Images on sale discrepancy

    Happy to have helped. Gen
  2. Images on sale discrepancy

    Indeed. I see same as Dave. Only 263 showing via Contributor's name of a zoomed pic. Odd. Dave, are you using more than one pseudo? Gen
  3. Images Sold in March (Max. 1 per day

    Namaqualand, South Africa
  4. Images Sold in March (Max. 1 per day

    I hope I'll be forgiven, one per day I know, last one I posted was 21h ago. My excuse is at an airport, totally jetlagged with 10hours time difference, 3 flights and over 24h flying so to be honest, I barely know where I am and what time and date it is where. Distribution sale to Germany.
  5. Distributor commission on sales

    A direct sale is a sale directly to one client, not through Alamy distributors. it means you are signed up to the distributors scheme. http://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-images/additional-revenue-options/ Gen
  6. Distributor commission on sales

    It's correct. 50% is for direct sales. Gen
  7. Images Sold in March (Max. 1 per day

    Marketing package
  8. OK, I'll give it a go in the community spirit but I have spotted some really good images already I can't compete with. Anyway, here you are. My garden in Cairns, Australia In complete contrast, my cottage in Normandy, France My pastures on a frozen winter morning, Normandy, France
  9. I made a rookie error today

    You might be an Aussie Boy but you're also a lucky boy!! QC probably didn't look at that image. Close shave! Gen
  10. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Well done Hai! Good feeling isn't it? Here's to many more. Gen
  11. Help Ed Rooney

    I also got charged a small fee because payment was going outside Australia, but it's so small I didn't mind. Gen
  12. Help Ed Rooney

    You're very welcome Ed. Happy to help a little bit.
  13. Help Ed Rooney

    My contribution is on its way from Down Under. Edo, I have often found myself that something good comes out of dire happenings, even if they look terribly dark. I hope the same will happen to you. Take it one day at a time, list your priorities and deal with them one at a time. All will fall into place eventually. Let us know if you need more help. All the best. Gen
  14. Absolutely. I don't expect anything back. Just let us know how Edo. Gen
  15. Help Ed Rooney

    I'm ready to chip in. Gen