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  1. How to travel light?

    I am a wildlife tog for my sins. I have struggled with this issue for sometime but in the end decided that gear re-jigging was not the solution for me, personally - I did spend a lot of money trying though. I now just use two modes of travel - 1) a 4WD which I can literally get everything and anything into for my extended trips and 2) the national carrier for the country I live in. I found that the national carrier (Thai Airways in my case) whilst being more expensive are always very understanding and accommodating if I let them know in advance what I am traveling with. I just see it as an additional expense of my being happy on my trips now. For me personally as a wildlife tog, a lens like a 500 f4 is simply not replaceable by anything else (except a 600 f4). A body that is at the top of the pile in terms of noise, is not replaceable in dark forest conditions. A very sturdy tripod in not replaceable. As you know to consistantly shoot a 500 at 1/30th you need to practiced and very confident in your gear and technique. Theres no point is having a trip of a lifetime see the "pink ruffled tiger eating sparrow of the Upper Volta" and being equipped with something "lesser" than the gear you normally use. I do live in hope that one day Nikon and Canon will have a worthy challenger (Sony) to their long lens wildlife dominance. Just my 2 baht :+)
  2. Pixsy alterative?

    I have some claims running with CopyTrack at the moment - I trialed some images with them but am still waiting to see if they can resolve the claims. When the claims are closed I will be able to give an opinion.
  3. Do no forum contributors sell?

    As someone who also runs a non-profit forum, I thinks its simply a few people like forums and a lot of people don't. Just because we do engage, we should never assume that others are right or wrong for not engaging or that everyone should be like us. By far the majority of people do not like forums of any kind IMHO. Baffles me as well but IMHO its as simple, as that.
  4. Personal use sale

    I never realized that - are you referring to the distribution network (i.e. 3rd party agents/sellers)?
  5. New Lightroom Calssic CC first impressions

    I am OK with the subscription model for the "photographers" bundle - which I think is OK regards price. My amazement comes when I price adding a third program, such as I wanted to use inDesign for one project BUT it would have cost me over 20 USD per month for a minimum of a year ( 250 USD per year) to add it to LR and PS (10 USD per month or $120 per year combined). I am now firmly in the Adobe camp (after migrating from Aperture) but they do seem to specialize in making life unnecessarily expensive and difficult for those of us who don't have much money or a business.
  6. personal websites

    Couldn't agree more. I also think the killing off of the forum was intentional as well. I worry if they are not successful or developing for a long term successful product they may just close one night like they did with their stock project. Im not aware of any better alternatives right now though.
  7. personal websites

    I am a photoshelter user as well - but I don't use it for sales (I did but I made so few I decided to drop online sales and go in another direction). Am intersted in what the others that use photoshelter think of the lack of development activity the last two years? Without a doubt it works very well with just a few things I would change (i.e ability to nest galleries and photos both - in a gallery) but I am surprised at the lack of development, new templates etc over the last two years.....and absolutely nothing on bringing some of the custom abilities of the old system to the "new" templates.
  8. 1) No, I don't even shoot "stock" photography - I just shoot what I love to shoot. Personally the thought of shooting for money does not appeal to me personally, the thought of photography as an enjoyable experience does so thats what I, personally, keep to. Enjoying myself in retirement. 2) No 3) Definitely, as soon as the Mavic is upgraded with a better camera. 4) No
  9. Too much for stock? D850

    I was surprised how many think of a camera purchase on the basis of alamy usage as a primary factor. That got me thinking. Which brings me to the thought - has anyone seen any price differentials applied for larger images - maybe its something Alamy should consider. I know I generally upload at 3600 px and keep the large version for my uses (display prints) but if I could get a higher rate for a 6k image I would upload that. Is this a "thing" ?
  10. Ecofriendly stock photography !?

    I am in something that supports certain environments (what is left of them). A group of nature togs who give away usage of their photos to organizations that are working in conservation...... Thailand Wildlife Collective
  11. Exclusivity inquiry ... (Trade Books/Cover)

    Somewhat happy to see I am not alone in this - I nearly started celebrating after a 4000$ price agreement but it never came to final fruition.
  12. Sales ... up or down over the past 6 months ?

    I have past last years revenue total (for the whole year) already and just about to pass volume mark (hopefully). Quite a pleasant surprise for me.
  13. Problems logging in

    Thanks Joseph with your mention of iPad I tried with chrome browser rather than safari browser and got in straight away - seems to linked to safari browser in some way as I still can't get in with safari
  14. Problems logging in

    Is anyone have problems logging in as a contributor this morning? I seem to be having problems with the new verification images over and over again. Anyone else?
  15. People who dislike photographers

    Some people just don't like being photographed - I know because I am one of them. If I am in the city and I see someone wielding a camera on the street I turn the other way or put my hand over my face. I even don't like friends taking my photograph because I don't like the idea of my image being posted on the web (be it Facebook or whatever). The discomfort I feel in being photographed is strong enough to be an almost physical manifestation.