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  1. Post your positive results here :)

    OOoooh yeah! Feels nice....
  2. DACS payment

    This was completely off my radar so a pleasant surprise to see $15 added to my balance! Is there any way of finding out which image/usage it relates to? Thanks Alamy!
  3. Another goal met

    Yes there is clearly a debate to be had about quantity vs quality, but I don't really understand your motives for bringing that issue to this thread. The OP has reached a significant milestone and I can't see anything negative about sharing and recognising such an achievement. This forum is one of the few that has managed to maintain a community spirit and is all the better for it. Communities support each other and are not solely motivated by perfectionism. In my opinion at least
  4. I totally understand the frustration but I don't believe Alamy is to blame. It's a competitive market and (in my opinion) Alamy would be foolish to pretend otherwise. Capitalism and economic forces are the real cause. Personally, I would be more concerned if Alamy refused to adapt to evolving market dynamics. After all there is no shortage of names consigned to the corporate graveyard. Alamy earn a ℅ of sales so our interests are fully aligned, and that's good enough for me.
  5. Can't search on Alamy using Google???

    I have the same problem this morning using Chrome. I can type in the search box, but pressing the magnifying glass does nothing.
  6. Words fail me!

    This is an interesting point. My 8 year old became very familiar with another stock agency name which turned it to be because his teacher used watermarked images in class. What is the position on watermarked image use? They are low resolution and advertise the agency. Are they allowed to be used?
  7. Getty buys Corbis

    Alamy/shutterstock would not surprise me at all..
  8. Shutterstock/Stockimo

    I'm assuming these the them... Stockimo on Shutterstock
  9. So, how was November?

    3 sales for $132 gross - enought to keep me happy and motivated.
  10. I have seen quite a few online newspapers inserting a twitter feed image into the body of a news article. They don't reproduce the image and credit Twitter, they simply display the image posted by another user in a twitter feed-style window. There is an example here. I've used this because I have noticed the photogographer (Alex Florence) offering these images for sale to newspapers via Twitter today. Persumably the twitter feed approach enables the paper to illustrate the article with the image for free? Is that right? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/11988783/Pupils-taken-to-hospital-after-collapsing-at-school-latest.html James
  11. No thumbnails anymore

    It looks just like Shutterstock. Just waiting for the merger announcement now... ;-)
  12. Quality control issues

    Based on my own experience, and my reading of these forums, I do not believe QC to be an ongoing problem. At the end of the day Alamy work hard to market our images and, in view of the current market, I think they do a good job. If they don't like one of my images then, as far as I'm concerned, that's their prerogative. If I think a QC failed image is a winner then I'm still free to go and market it myself elsewhere, I am no worse off. It's a symbiotic arrangement and we have to respect the host. If I could sell images better myself then I wouldn't be here. There are plenty of worse agencies and I currently rate Alamy very highly. Capitalism is a strong force and individuals are largely powerless against it. Agencies are subject to market economics too; they can't simply keep prices high when the market is moving in the opposite direction . The market determines price. In the same way we are free to choose which agencies we contribute to and can vote with our feet of the balance of fairness moves against us. I can understand your frustration but in my opinion at least, I think we are treated well. At a slight tangent, but I found it interesting to hear alamy talking about licences on a youtube interview recently. Apologies if I'm summarising too much, but the message seemed to be that differences between RM and RF are becoming increasingly blurred and less important (to buyers) - raising a flag towards future developments perhaps???! Congratulations on a fantastic portfolio and being a big part of making Alamy a success for us all. James
  13. Have you found any alamy images August 2015

    The Daily Mail Online today features an article with numerous Alamy images. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-3192965/The-Glories-Secret-Britain-20-unsung-fabulous-historic-houses-know-simply-visit.html No individual credits, though, unfortunately.