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  1. Puzzled

    Oi... don't demonise solitary drinkers...
  2. Totally Wrong Information!

    Petulant? No. I'm just expressing my opinion too (smiley face 'n' all). Other people's poor or misguided keywording is just 'one of those things'. Alamy are obviously aware of the shortcomings in their vast archive, while realising they can't do much to improve matters. They've created a monster!
  3. Totally Wrong Information!

    OK then... are you going to police the Alamy archive? No, me neither.
  4. Totally Wrong Information!

    How well - or badly - other contributors keyword their pix isn't something I'm concerned about. I'm hoping that contributors who spam with inappropriate keywords will quickly fall down the rankings...
  5. Have you found any Alamy images in October?

    Oof... I picked a bad time to throw away my Cokin 'tobacco' filters...
  6. First Sale

    The first of many... and hopefully better prices too...
  7. If this can get through QC, why do we worry ...

    Posting a pic by a fellow contributor, and making disparaging comments about it, is kinda "disheartening" too...
  8. license #s & $$"s up 500+% in 2017 !!!

    Had three sales last Sunday...
  9. Portfolio review please

    Yes, similars represent extra work without any tangible reward (I enjoyed looking at Hebden Bridge shots: my old neighbourhood)...
  10. Butterfly shots might not need location (in caption or tags). If someone searches for 'Ennerdale', you probably don't want your butterfly shots showing up...
  11. Punch the Air Moment (noob perspective)?

    I'll have a pint of whatever you're drinking.
  12. Sales floor?

    It wasn't you suggesting the forum was "stressful"...
  13. Sales floor?

    Stressful? This is just a small forum, in a distant part of the galaxy, where photographers can discuss stock. It may not be the best place to air so many grievances. They tend to monopolise the threads...
  14. Sales floor?

    As Paul Simon sang: "One man's ceiling is another man's floor"...
  15. J Salmon postcards to close

    End of the postcard era, I'd say. It must be 20 years since I last wrote a card: slightly smutty on one side, "wish you were here" on the other...