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  1. Bulk shooter RAW processing club

    And i can confirm the above
  2. Lowest megabyte value for jpeg

    The 17 megabytes Alamy is mentioning is the file in uncompressed mode. This when the file is open in any program. When it is closed it can be even 2 megabytes. Important to know is ONLY that your file is 6 megapixel and to forget the extra technical info about uncompressed. If your insect shots are 6 megapixel or more you can upload them. Mirco
  3. Zooms aren't what they used to be?

    About Alamy and customers i noticed that the website traffic according to Alexa heavily growth. I remember few years ago Alamy was on position 16K or something. Now it is 3K. and still climbing. See link: https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/alamy.com
  4. Zooms aren't what they used to be?

    In my opinion there will be anyway never enough images. Time is changing...... trends are changing.... cities are changing.... people are changing. For all those new images are needed. For example in one the main streets in my city there was a large renovation. I have images from that street before, during and after the renovation. Because of the new look i will photograph the street again. Customers will be interested for the new images. Others will be interested for the renovation activities itself. Last but not least there are always customers that needs an image of the street from before the re-construction. So i just think don't be discouraged because of the high amount of images online here. Keep continue shooting all the details of your home place. Mirco
  5. My image not appearing in all searches

    If you completed details today you need to keep in mind that system needs some time to update that. Perhaps the keywords you enter are not updated to the image yet. Try tomorrow. Maybe it is fine then. Mirco Edit: I see post if from wednesday. I am late
  6. 5 Sales in two years on Alamy

    Also dont forget that you work is already spread to 80 other agencies through Alamy if you are opted in. So do indeed some good keywording and your images will appear on relevant searches in Alamy and on the distributors. Mirco
  7. Good visibility - requirements

    Anyway....what i learned is that we should really take extra care with keywording anc captions. Something that i didnt do in the past :(. My newest images are getting all the keywords they deserve and older ones will be corrected. Like the Dutch say it is like hitting few flies in one hit. If you keyword them right in the Alamy Image Manager your are not only sure that they will appear on the rights searches in Alamy but also in all the 80 Distributors and off course the Google and Bing searches. Mirco
  8. Good visibility - requirements

    Thanks John for your adding :). Additionally I can say.that the above mention situation my.image will.be always come below images that have the keyword trash.bin.as supertag or in the caption. So my.trash bin will be just as an addition.to my main.subject. Mirco
  9. Good visibility - requirements

    I believe it is not and hard task to get 40 keywords. I mean I agree you should put only relevant keywords. That logic like the earth is round. But I think next to the most important tags that shows the main subject you should put also keywords of subjects in the image elsewhere. The supertags are created to highlight the main keywords or the most important ones. If there is a trash bin in the background I will add the keyword. If there are some yellow leaves on the ground I will add it. If the sky is blue I will add blue sky. There are buyers that would like to have an image that shows those for any kind of reason that only they know. That why they are not supertags. If you tag all emotions... all things... important colors... etc you will reach easy green and you are keywording rightfull. Key is to know which keywords should be supertags and what should be in the caption. The most important that shows directly main subject should be supertags and possible added as sentence in the caption. Mirco
  10. Image Options --New revenue option--

    Again until Alamy releases the information everything is just a speculation. But how i read it it is not that your images will be visible on Alamy directly in different styles. This happens when customer selects the image. It happens "behind the scenes".Again i am not sure but i guess this way. Anyway why not let the customer buy the license just because you dont like the option? Just trying to understand the issue here :). Mirco
  11. AI review

    Hello all, What do you think. Will there be on Alamy in near future a fully automatic approval process? Since Alamy looks in general only at the technical aspects i sounds realistic to have a system that automatically selects a sample of images and scan them on noise, sharpness etc. Something like that would mean an almost direct review process. What do you think?
  12. What to do with dust-gatherers?

    I would keep all. No doubt. Customers are looking for photos of today but als photos from the 90s. Just new pseudo. You will not gain anything by deleting. Only loosing time. Mirco
  13. Image Options --New revenue option--

    Interesting. You are completely right that nothing can beat human production of black and white. But on the other hand the customer don't need to choose the black and white created by "Image Options". But if they choose why not get those extra income? Doesn't harm anybody to have this active. Just trying to discuss because it could be that i am not seeing something the right way. Thanks. Mirco
  14. Hello Folks, When you click in your dashboard "Additional Revenue Options" i noticed something new. "Image Options". You can click on that and you will get some info about it. It seems that customers can get for every image of you a choice between different image styles. For example they choose an image from your port and they get automatically also a black and white variant. This is how i understand it. I am not sure if i understood it good. Anyway it seems it is not active yet and that Alamy will send us an email when it will. Did you noticed it also? Mirco
  15. Just to add my part. If you have a full frame and you want to full use it recommended is to use a full frame lens. I would start with the 50mm 1.8 FE. If really an APS C lens to shoot in APS C mode then i would go for the Sigma 1.4 E-mount 30mm. This lens create outstanding sharpness that no Sony lens is able to under 800 dollars. This Sigma lens has also fast autofocus. It costs around 350 dollars new. Check out the reviews for it on the Internet.