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  1. Pre-holidays PU surge?

    I've had something of pre-___________________ (fill in blank with year-end holiday of your choice) mini-surge of PU sales this month -- three so far @ $19.99 each. Is this a general trend or merely coincidental? People wanting to make prints for gifts perhaps?
  2. Pre-holidays PU surge?

    Compared to my two other sales -- too low to mention -- this month, the three PU ones actually look good. Bring on the surge...
  3. Pre-holidays PU surge?

    Interesting. Perhaps the word is getting out (FBFW). I sometimes sell a few prints on a certain POD site before Xmas, but it has been quiet this year.
  4. Managua, Nicaragua, personal use
  5. Keywording exhaustion

    Thanks. Just realized that it's the same "Chrome" that I have on my PC. Thought it might be a browser developed especially for tablets, etc. I guess keywording exhaustion has taken a toll on my brain.
  6. Since there has been a recent discussion about oversaturated subjects, I thought it might be instructive to share some examples -- e.g. Empire State Building, CN Tower, Buckingham Palace, Taj Mahal, etc., etc. -- of oversaturated subjects that have sold despite there being thousands (even millions) of others to choose from. Please also give the reason or reasons why you think your image was chosen. Here's one of mine shot and sold earlier this year. There are zillions of images of the Vancouver skyline available here and elsewhere, taken from every angle imaginable and in all kinds of lighting conditions. This one was captured from my doctor's office through a thick glass window with a kit zoom. Reasons why I think it sold: Mainly the vantage point. I lucked out in that my doctor's office had (he has since moved to a windowless cubbyhole) a difficult-to-find view of downtown Vancouver. Also the image was up-to-date. Vancouver's skyline is constantly changing. You literally have to hit the refresh button every couple of months due to all the new construction. It ain't Florence.
  7. Keywording exhaustion

    Is the "Google Chrome" Web browser any good? I believe it's used by Android tablets as well. Sorry, I seem to be drifting away from keywording exhaustion.
  8. Keywording exhaustion

    Thanks again. I'll check out the The Souurce. Radio Shack ... I remember them well. Bought my first computer there, a TRS something or other.
  9. Keywording exhaustion

    Thanks very much. I'll look into that one. Sounds right up my alley. I have an Acer netbook which has served me well, but it has gotten really clunky and frustrating to use. P.S. Is it this one?
  10. Keywording exhaustion

    I feel a lot better now about being smartphone-less. Thought I might be the Last of the Luddites. I do have a basic, cheapo cellphone for calls only, but I'm not enamoured with smartphones (or the costs involved). I am looking into getting a tablet, though. Sounds like a good compromise. Any suggestions for an inexpensive one? Too bad that the old AIM couldn't have been left running alongside the new one (impossible, I know). Together they might have made an awesome duo.
  11. Keywording exhaustion

    I too found keywording to be friendlier with the old AIM, but then I still drive a car with roll-up windows and I'm on my way to being the last person on the planet without a smartphone.
  12. December Challenge, "Taste" as in anything food or drink

    One of my pet peeves as well. There used to be a McD down the street from me, and I was continually having to pick up carelessly discarded packaging, etc. But, hey, they did it all for us.
  13. December Challenge, "Taste" as in anything food or drink

    Timely but fattening choice of topic. Apple pie guy, Vancouver Market veggies, Montreal, Quebec Tofu teriyaki
  14. 6 sales of one image today, too good to be true?

    He's my doppelganger.
  15. 6 sales of one image today, too good to be true?

    Are the usage terms the same for all the sales?
  16. How to improve discoverability of a photograph

    Since the now-infamous "discoverability" bar arrived on the scene, I find myself going back and adding more keywords to images. Have to admit that I'm often too economical with my keywords. Today, I was reworking some old images of cacti and discovered that I had missed all kinds of alternate names for one common type of cactus. However, I still think that it's easy to overdue things. For instance, I'm not sure that a buyer is going to use a vague term like "conceptualism" (sorry, Bill ) as a search term. But I guess you never know...
  17. Public Domain - wild west - need for some order?

    Sure. Why not. Methinks that many a successful plot hath been hatched during the dismal days of winter.
  18. Steep drop in zooms this month?

    My CTR graph has suddenly taken a big upward turn after a few zooms. The system seems a lot more sensitive than it used to be.
  19. Public Domain - wild west - need for some order?

    That's what I would call it. Hopefully Alamy is doing something about collections like these. They don't exactly look good for Alamy or us.
  20. Public Domain - wild west - need for some order?

    Can't speak for museum pics. I'm thinking more of this type of situation, which seems totally ridiculous to me. Is this person really a "stock photographer", or any other type of photographer for that matter.
  21. Public Domain - wild west - need for some order?

    Hate to say it, but it seems to me that allowing people to sell Public Domain images here is an excellent way to lose credibility.
  22. Had two of those yesterday. Mine were Lithuania, but perhaps the same distributor.
  23. Do You Snap Christmas and the Holidays?

    OMG Perhaps there really is a war on Christmas.
  24. Magazine use, my share considerably less than $1.00. At least they (Lithuania) licensed two images.
  25. Colour calibration

    I bought Colormunki last year. It was a good investment, and the price is right.