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  1. Validation?

    My guess is that they already do.
  2. Validation?

    Wait long enough and a robot will come along and do it for you. At least that's what I'm counting on.
  3. For all Sony users --Capture One--

    Thanks, I'll check them out. I'm currently using OptcsPro 9 Elite that DxO was giving away free awhile ago. It works very well on my aging Windows 7 machine in conjunction with PS Elements.
  4. For all Sony users --Capture One--

    I found the free version of Capture One Express to be too limited. No doubt the Pro version has a lot more features, though. I'm currently using DxO OpticsPro, which I quite like.
  5. RM vs RF usage...again!

    Alamy says that their clients prefer RF. Evidence of that is tough to come by, though. I'm sticking with RM for the most part. At least we get some usage details. Also, I have yet to license an RF image.
  6. Show the latest image that you sold on Alamy in October. (1 per day)

    Yes, I was about to post my latest one but had a change of heart (too easy to duplicate). One wants to share, but there's no point in starting a stampede.
  7. In the green

    I have a messy situation as well, due mainly to commas being stripped by the old system and the earlier inclusion of brackets, etc. Curiously, though, the mess doesn't seem to be negatively affecting search results -- lots of my older images show up on page one despite the chaos.
  8. Image identification

    This is probably a wild-goat chase, but here goes... I was told by his longtime caretaker that the handsome fellow pictured below is a "Himalayan miniature goat" (full grown). However, Google searches suggest that there may be no such breed. Any goat experts out there? We thank you, the goat and I.
  9. In the green

    That's a lot, wim. So, what are your thoughts about "discoverability" and the importance of being "in the green" (if you dn't mind my asking)?
  10. Slow month?

    I hesitate to start another of these "please help make me feel better" threads, but I'm wondering if it's just me. Usually I have around five sales by mid-month. However, I currently have only one distributor sale (a very good one, fortunately) showing for February even though views, zooms and CTR all appear to be average.
  11. In the green

    And what other big agency would allow you to go in and change / add more tags to images already on sale. The amount of control we have over image-management is one the great things about Alamy.
  12. In the green

    Thing with trying to dream up possible phrases is that the permutations and combinations start to get ridiculous. Some things might best be left to chance after awhile.
  13. In the green

    It seems this is something that we may never know.
  14. Interesting, but it's a bit difficult to figure out how much you would actually get "rewarded" for your efforts.
  15. In the green

    0.03% in the green, but that could drop as I've been on a keyword-culling campaign lately P.S. yup that's 2 images in the green, do I win the booby prize?
  16. Slow month?

    I currently have only 323 RF images, so not even a drop in the rain barrel. Shall keep adding the occasional one as I go along. Glad to hear that you're having some success with your RF images.
  17. Slow month?

    Congratulations. Still waiting for the RF fairy to show up.
  18. Slow month?

    Not too bad way out west. I seem to be headed for an average or better month with seven sales so far. Zooms are a bit sparse, though, as noted in another thread. What happened to the "last ten minutes" thread?
  19. Slow month?

    That's interesting to hear. None of the RM images that I've changed to RF have ever licensed or even been zoomed. Still waiting for my first RF sale on Alamy.
  20. First Personal Use Sale

    Most were $19.99, some were lower, made thru distributors (?) or bulk orders I guess.
  21. First Personal Use Sale

    Likewise. I'm more careful with murals now. Still not a big fan of PU, but they add up after awhile.
  22. First Personal Use Sale

    Only one of my PU sales has had a real live person in it. Maya woman, Antigua, Guatemala P.S. This is the one mentioned above, licensed here as PU and then as a large print on a POD site.
  23. Alamy Financial Results for 2016 now available

    Perhaps it's more of a sinkhole than a mountain -- i.e. the bottom of the "pile" is continually giving away so it never really gets as high as the numbers suggest.