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  1. A serious glitch for travel photography??

    Terrific image! One of these might be even better.
  2. A job at Alamy (at home)

    But at least you'll be getting paid.
  3. A serious glitch for travel photography??

    I agree. Today's mirrorless systems are a real boon for travel. You only need lightweight tripods with these small cameras as well. I pop an inexpensive one in my checked suitcase. It hasn't been stolen yet (touch wood), but that's always a possibility of course. BTW, things promise to keep getting weirder and weirder. The ultimate solution might be just to stay home. I do a lot more of that these days.
  4. A job at Alamy (at home)

    Shouldn't the job title be "News Sifter" rather than "News Shifter"?
  5. A serious glitch for travel photography??

    The banning of cameras in aircraft baggage holds is probably inevitable. I don't think that this would present a serious glitch. The secret is to travel light, which is much easier to do with today's smaller cameras, especially mirrorless systems. You don't really need a lot of equipment for most "travel" photography. I carry only a small camera bag onto aircraft. Wouldn't dream of checking it anyway.
  6. Commercial or editorial?

    Only one Vancouver building specifically mentioned in the list. There seem to be at least 100 RF images here that would qualify for RM or RF Editorial.
  7. Commercial or editorial?

    Sorry to have contributed to your ulcer. No doubt that list is just the tip of the legal iceberg.
  8. Puzzled

    Could be that someone just doesn't like the Daily Mail for whatever reasons. Not me, I've never read it.
  9. Commercial or editorial?

    Potentially useful list here. Hopefully, I'm not breaking any rules by posting the link. P.S. Don't think Alamy has a list like this. Do they?
  10. Validation?

    ... and, unfortunately, more often that not it's the boring ones that license.
  11. Validation?

    I continue to chip away at my old images in a willy-nilly fashion, usually in small sets by subject or location rather than by upload date. I find that I don't get as bored doing the reworking this way. I don't have any miraculous zooms or sales to report yet. However, cleaning things up can be satisfying in itself, plus I can't see how it can hurt matters. How's that for philosophical validation?
  12. Validation?

    You're hired!
  13. Validation?

    My guess is that they already do.
  14. Validation?

    Wait long enough and a robot will come along and do it for you. At least that's what I'm counting on.
  15. For all Sony users --Capture One--

    Thanks, I'll check them out. I'm currently using OptcsPro 9 Elite that DxO was giving away free awhile ago. It works very well on my aging Windows 7 machine in conjunction with PS Elements.