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  1. Sony has come out with a new 18-135 zoom for its APS-C mirrorless cameras (NEX, a6000, etc.). Sounds like it may be worth a look:
  2. Never on Monday (or Friday)?

    Yes, but backwards maybe. Actually, looking back at my stats, I now see that I have had some sales show up on Mondays and Fridays. However, well over 90% get reported mid-week. I guess there's probably nothing mysterious or conspiratorial about this. Mondays and Fridays are not usually the most productive days of the week for anyone.
  3. Never on Monday (or Friday)?

    Sounds as if you might have to move to an eight-day week.
  4. Images Sold in February (Max. 1 per day)

    Good going. I submitted a few of those last summer, but no interest shown (yet).
  5. 79 pages viewed & ZERO zooms

    Thanks. Good idea. Probably best just to leave things the way they are for the time being. Better the devil you know ...
  6. 79 pages viewed & ZERO zooms

    Interesting. I've always used my three pseudos strictly for organization purposes. However, I don't like the name I chose for one of the pseudos. Does the search engine change mean that if I create a new pseudo to replace the one I don't like and move images into it, my rank and/or search results won't be negatively affected?
  7. 79 pages viewed & ZERO zooms

    Sounds like a question for Robert Mueller, but he already has his hands full. If the views are mostly of the same or similar subjects / locations, then Jill's lightbox theory seems pretty good.
  8. ALAMY stats usage..How do you use them

    Yes, I knew it was a wildcard. No doubt wim the wizard (sorry, wim) can enlighten us.
  9. Never on Monday (or Friday)?

    So perhaps it's a Canadian thing then.
  10. CTR

    Hope things return to normal on the home front soon, Betty. My CTR has been rising steadily since I started going back and reworking and repairing tags on old images. It is currently holding steady at 0.66, highest that it has been for a long time, and I'm showing 45 zooms for the "rolling" month, 11 during the last seven days.
  11. Never on Monday (or Friday)?

    I almost never get sales showing up on Mondays or Fridays. They pop up midweek, except for the odd PU or Presentation sale on the weekend. Anyone else notice this? P.S. Could be a time zone thing, I suppose.
  12. ALAMY stats usage..How do you use them

    I often put % signs before and after search terms -- e.g. %vancouver% or "british% %bulldog% -- for reasons I'm not sure of.
  13. ALAMY stats usage..How do you use them

    Same here. I get overwhelmed by AoA and tend to use it mainly for specific %...% searches. I do check my own stats every day, though, to see which of my images are being zoomed and what keywords searchers are using. No doubt I could be making a lot better use of all this data...
  14. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    That was very canny (as in: having or showing shrewdness and good judgment, especially in money or business matters) of you. I wasn't aware of the other meaning either.
  15. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Thanks for the breaking news. Congratulations. You can feel a little less grumpy now.