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  1. Does $230 include cable TV or is it just the internet? We are part of the entertainment industry. If some big agencies get into bed with fast services, then there is a danger of them using it against competitors.
  2. I think it's an awful idea. It's not just about Alamy. It's about every single photographer submitting news images. If you're not subscribing to a "fast track" service, your images will get to the agency later than a colleague's who might be subscribing to one. And only then it's also about your agency having a speedy service to get the images to the papers etc. We're all doomed. :-(
  3. Oversaturation on new screen

    I have a really cheapo screen and they look okay. I think that travel images should have a slight ooompf anyway.
  4. one or two feet: which is more salable?

    It really depends if they're walking towards you or if you look at them sideways.
  5. Favourite pics uploaded Dec 2017

    Light trails on a German motorway.
  6. I really loved the dog. :-)
  7. Here are my three pics. Drink. Hell yeah. Knife and fork Market in La Paz
  8. Net Revenue

    Betty, putting in today's date does the trick now.
  9. Just had a look at your portfolio and found you found you have misspelled Piccadilly Circus. KF9CKX ;-)
  10. Dangers of photography

    Photographers love to snap each other in awkward positions.
  11. Post your positive results here :)

    Nice one, Alamy. I had an unexpected sale of a picture of a policeman in Germany drop in last month . Today I googled some images and found it. Alamy licensed the image for more than $400 in total. Great. It was used for marketing purposes in Germany. One of the other photos used was licensed via a microstock site. Yeah baby.
  12. Oh, I had one of those. Was it from India?
  13. post your favorite doppelgangers here

    LOL, exactly.
  14. Licensing other peoples pictures

    Get it in writing and set up a separate pseudonym.
  15. Headline: Not One Day More - Tories Out Demonstration, London, UK Caption: London, UK. 1 July 2017. Picture of Theresa May with the word lies spread across her mouth. Thousands join the Not One Day More - Tories Out Demonstration in Central London. Photo: XXX/Alamy Live News. Although, I think Alamy favour the date formatting as July 1st, 2017.