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  1. Do exclusive really sell better?

    My Alamy images have been exclusive for about a year now, that is I always click the box Niels referred to. Although my sales have doubled every year for the past three, I do not see that being because of exclusivity. More sales have to do with better subjects, good PP, thoughtful tagging, and regular submissions. You didn't ask, but allow me to says that you have too many similars. You need to edit tighter. Good luck, Edo
  2. I did it, traded my NEX-6 to MPB for an as-new a6000! If you are looking to sell, trade or buy (used) equipment, consider the British-based company MPB. The have an office here in NYC. https://www.mpb.com/en-us/
  3. Keywording exhaustion

    I may be the only one who does this, but I do my keywording in the Alamy AIM after my images pass QC. My reason? I have a mystical, neurotic belief in the right brain - left brain theory, so I need to separate visual tasks from academic tasks.
  4. Keywording exhaustion

    Bill, have you tried using the street view feature on Google Maps? https://www.google.com/maps/@31.7964453,35.1053192,12z
  5. Keywording exhaustion

    No smartphone here either -- we are legion.
  6. Keywording exhaustion

    Lisa, at the moment I'm brain dead from keywording . . or tagging, as Alamy now wants us to call it.
  7. How are the compatibility problems coming along? Edo
  8. New contributor from Ireland.

    Nice images, Larry -- welcome to Alamy.
  9. High Sierra?

    That's just the kind of compatibility issue I'm concerned with, Allan. My iMac is 10 years old now and running Sierra. My PS and LR are on Adobe CC. We just had a bomb go off in the Times Square Subway Station. You'll be getting the news soon over there. Edo
  10. High Sierra?

    Merci, Duncan. And to Apple I say mercy.
  11. High Sierra?

    I use Nikon Capture NX2 all the time, along with LR and PS. Yes, I think I'll check back on this in about a month.
  12. High Sierra?

    I remember you saying that the other day, Sung. Thanks. I'm on Adobe CC now. Bill, like you, I 'm gonna hang back a bit -- no rush to update anyway. Thanks.
  13. Log in just going round in circles

    When it happens to me it's usually on the weekend and usually with Safari. I switch to the Chrome browser and it works okay. Edo
  14. Steep drop in zooms this month?

    With my modest collection that's moving towards 5,000 images, I have 35 zooms showing at the moment. I pay little attention to my CTR, which is always changing. Instead, I do test searches on subjects that I have to judge my placement. Edo
  15. They're colorful, yes. And they're everywhere. Hard to ignore, right? But do they sell? I just checked, and I've never had a sale on a Christmas image. Thanks, Santa. Edo
  16. Do You Snap Christmas and the Holidays?

    Some good snaps there, folks -- but offbeat and more live news than stock, don't you think?
  17. Attach File to Forum Question

    Yikes! Once again -- Wim to the rescue. I used to drag and drop from my Alamy collection, but I have not been able to do that since the AIM arrived. Obviously I have the step-by-step wrong. I shall now attempt to do things right. Thanks, Wim.
  18. Attach File to Forum Question

    Forgive me if I drop something, I'm trying to use Drobox. file:///Users/edwardprooney/Desktop/Snaps%20/spaghetti-bolognese-in-an-ornate-italian-bowl-KH24JF.jpg Hmm. That didn't work.
  19. Christmas noise

    IS, high ISO's, and noise reduction in PP have combined to replace my tripods, Bryan. The Christmas market clutter you describe is an everyday situation here in NYC.
  20. Site Security

    Just wondering, Allan: do you have trouble now and then getting on MyAlamy with Safari? I do.
  21. Christmas noise

    Most of us have had frustrating moments with QC. But I found a very long time ago, with the Sisters of Charity, that a rap on the knuckles gets your attention.
  22. Lady Brown, I agree with most of your thoughts here. I felt I needed a super-wide view here in NYC, wider than 24mm. I use the Sonys RX10 and RX100/3 more, but that 10-18 has opened new horizons. David Kilpatrick, once a forum guru, said nice things about the Sony 10-18. But the 24MP NEX-7 . . . I used one for a couple of years, but sold it some months ago. Why? Results were fine, but it was the most user unfriendly camera I've ever own. I was keeping it as a backup to the NEX-6, but to navigate the thing I had to keep rechecking the manual.
  23. Speaking of megapixels, I'm thinking of trading my Sony NEX-6 in for the a6000. I use the 16MP 6 with my 10-18 f/4 zoom. With 24 MP, I would be able to crop and think of that zoom as going from 15mm to about 50mm. The a6000 has a better sensor, too. Edo
  24. Upgrade, and upgrade, and upgrade creeps in this petty pace . . . but will there be an upgrade in license fees? I walk in step with the majority of contributors who have spoken on this matter: 20-24 MP, downsize a bit . . . and I always check my submissions at 100%. Assignment photography might call for different decisions, but I only do stock these days. Edo
  25. How was your November?

    November at Alamy continued my 2017 average of 7.9 sales a month. Consider that I no longer travel, have no special access, and don't do live news.