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  1. Three times in the last month, I've been just a few images away from reaching 5,000. Each time I've gotten close (was 4 away this morning, and I have 5 sitting in QC), Alamy's security team has deleted more of my street art snaps. I never question what our agency does about sales, price, or rules. I feel that they are in charge of all that. I see myself in the image production business. But the timing on this is frustrating, and even funny. I don't think the old rules apply anymore, so I'm done capturing street art. What do you think? Edo
  2. Chromebooks pros and cons?

    I'm being plagued with password problems at the moment, but my Chrome browser is 65.0 now, and it at least seems to be able to get onto Alamy dashboard. I need to know if on a Chromebook I can use LR and PS CC and upload to Alamy. Any resent news? Edo
  3. Susan, at the moment I'm afraid of everything except QC. Your images look great. You just made a mistake somewhere. Edo
  4. Pseudonym vs. Real Name

    That sounds good, Phil. But I have no trouble seeing what sells and what gets zoomed with the one name.
  5. Pseudonym vs. Real Name

    My real name is Ed Rooney. I've always used Ed for Edward on my photo credits. But If you do a search for Ed Rooney, most of the results will point to the Jeffrey Jones character in the film Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I live in NYC, and I know a lot of Jewish people. Can't think of any Rabbi who spends time photographing canned ham. Hmm. https://www.amazon.com/Nikon-Image-Ed-Rooney/dp/B00185WPUE
  6. pseudonym: one or many ???

    Lorenza, I have one pseudo. And that's what I will continue with. Edo
  7. A dash as in crinkle-cut fries, I mean. I put in 'crinkle-cut' and 'crinkle' and 'cut'. Edo
  8. The Dash? How Does the Alamy OS See It?

    Thanks, Mark. I usually do my tagging in two visits. All versions are in there now, but some have not gone live yet.
  9. The Dash? How Does the Alamy OS See It?

    Thanks, Bob. I lived in the UK for 7 years.
  10. Dave, when you're looking for Alamy information on a subject, it can be helpful to do a search here in the forum. Regarding tagging and doing things over, stock can be labor intensive.
  11. This used to be a bad idea, but maybe now, with the more modern computers, people find it OK? A show of hands, please. Edo
  12. Do You Shoot Street Art and Murals?

    Yes, most every mural in Little Italy was done for L.I.S.A. The artist that did the Audrey Hepburn piece on the wall of Caffe Roma, Tristan Eaton, is the guy who has been most active in warning Alamy. That Calvin giant mural you captured is really out there -- it could scare the horses.
  13. Do You Shoot Street Art and Murals?

    Most of my PU sales have been for $19.99. I'm happy with that. Sure, some buyers are gaming the system, but I don't concern myself with sales or price or usage. Because Alamy did not delete the 35 images I first posted about, my collection has finally poked its nose above 5,000. That's a small amount by today's standards, but it was hard work getting to 5K . . . and I'm pleased. (No good news on my returning to my apartment yet.) Edo
  14. Noise in my photo ?

    I don't see any noise, but I'm not viewing at 100%. Perhaps it's another problem, and QC clicked the wrong button. Just email Alamy and ask. Edo
  15. Cat, the cheapest MacBookAir is $1,000. Too much for me right now. Thanks. Stacy, it seems that I did not post the HPD go-see in the forum. If you email me at edoruan@gmail.com I'll send you the short version. Let me say that is was a disaster. Right now I am hoping for the best but planning for the worst. Edo
  16. Do You Shoot Street Art and Murals?

    Yikes, you guys are right! The 35 they emailed me about early this morning have been restricted to editorial only, not deleted. That's great. Thanks. Edo
  17. What, leave New York and miss all this weather? Thanks for your thoughts, but there are extenuating circumstances regarding any move. Did you read about my "interview" at Housing, Stacy? I'm at edoruan@gmail.com if anyone wants to get in touch. Edo
  18. Spelling Question

    Wow. Bobbie Burns, Sally? Or just a note to the Scot milkman? We have a statue of BB here in Central Park, you know. Edo
  19. Thanks, Chuck, but I have an iMac, have it here at my friend's place in Brooklyn. I would need a laptop if I must go into a homeless shelter, where there is no WiFi. I would have to bring it into a library or a cafe. Sorry, B & C. I've been better, Chuck. I'm in clover right now, with all the help I've gotten, staying in this fab place. But the clock is ticking, and after almost a month, there no news about my apartment. Betty, my iMac is working fine. On another subject: I tagged this as a mixed breed. Am I right?
  20. Wim, it seems the MacBookPro has IPS but the cheaper MacBookAir does not. I don't travel anymore. My question has to do with the possible next step in my Fire Drama. My wish, my prayer is to be able to go home and use my iMac. Edo
  21. Dave, I put New York City, NYC, USA, US, America, United States and so on in the tags. For tabletop food, I put studio or tabletop in location, unless it's shot in a restaurant and is a signature dish. Edo
  22. Thanks, people. Wim, I see fashion-shooting teams out in NYC using those shade makers. But that woman with the sock over her head is a new one. LOL Edo
  23. Stock, not News -- I've been made homeless by a fire, and I'm trying to work around things. And I don't own a laptop. Can't afford a MacBook right now. Any ideas about a cheap PC? EDIT: I meant to say do you shoot jpegs for stock. We all submit them. Thanks, Edo
  24. Spelling Question

    It's not a huge problem, Stephen. Here's something to bookmark: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/spelling/british-and-spelling
  25. Personal Use fee

    Acronyms, Mark? I'm still trying to learn FBI.