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  1. Reached 4000 images

    Nut, I was just looking at some of your very nice pics, and I found one of a camel and a boy. You say "hot Arabic night." That should be "Arabian night." "Arabic" is mostly used to refer to the language. I hope you don't mind me correcting you. Edo
  2. Reached 4000 images

    Really? How would you translate that with regard to the language chart above?
  3. Reached 4000 images

    I don't do pseudos and have never read anything in here that would convince me to do so.
  4. Reached 4000 images

    This cultural language thing is used as a pivotal point in the novel/film, King Rat, by James Clavell, the British author born in Australia. It's set in a Japanese prison camp in Singapore in WW2. The line is "That's not bad," spoken by a British prisoner to an American prisoner. It wasn't at all a bad book.
  5. Reached 4000 images

    No, I think 5000 is V. That's what the Jesuits taught me long ago.
  6. Reached 4000 images

    I was once a sort of Roman, so I sort of understand Roman numbers.
  7. Reached 4000 images

    Good for you, Geoff! I too reached 4,000 a few months ago, so I know how hard that was. Shooting for numbers, however, is not what I do. I shoot on a regular basis, weather permitting, I aim for a variety of subjects, and I only upload images I like. And I don't do Live News. What sells? I have no idea. I only know what sold in the past, and I've not found that to be a reliable guide for the future. Edo
  8. Photographers = sex Gods

    You're trying to get me to name those movie stars and super models, right? I can't do that. They're all somebody's grandma now.
  9. What was your original equipment?

    "But I loved developing my own stuff. Favourite film was Kodachrome 25. I did though prefer black and white over colour as it gave more drama and was cheaper to process. Those chemicals could get expensive. What was all your guys starter equipment, and did you all develop your own stuff?" - Jill To address these other points: I shot mostly B&W in the '60s, Tri-X developed in Acufine, and did my own prints. At some point I switched over to color and used Kodachrome 25. The 64 was too contrasty for my taste. I once watched W. Eugene Smith make a print, but that was before I owned a camera. I was playing at a jam season in his loft in Lower Manhattan. I see that Bill K and I were in the Nam the same year, 1967. I was a PJ for an Italian agency. Oh no, Bill was there in '68. Oh my. Edo
  10. What was your original equipment?

    I traded a classical guitar for a Nikon F SLR with a non-metered prism and a 50mm lens. I never owned a camera before and had no interest in doing photography, but I drew and painted as a kid.
  11. Donating a % of sales to a named charity

    That has always been my understanding and one of the main reasons I trust them and never suggest how the business should be run.
  12. Slow month?

  13. Slow month?

    Thanks, Martin. Maybe "Sandro Noce" would work? No, I'll go with "Nut." (I must stop showing off my 26.5 word Italian vocabulary.)
  14. Slow month?

    Thank you, Bralsilnut . . . or Nut. I'm trying to remember your given name?
  15. Slow month?

    Take heart, Jill. We are not yet half way through the month. I have 4 sales and 35 zooms showing at the moment. August was 4 sales in total, but I still have an average of 8 a month in 2017. I feel good about that. If I have something to frown about, it's that I've not had a sale above $100 in a long time. I like seeing zooms, but zooms don't turn into sales that often. I'm sure that a lot of you will be seeing more sales in the second half of this month. Good luck. Edo