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  1. Sierra to High Sierra

    We seem to have drifted into a discussion on editing tools. Easy enough to do, since moving to the next OP level involves a lot of things. For the time being, I've decided to stand pat with Sierra 10.12.6. Why? I have no real problems that a new OP would solve. I'm comfortable with my old iMac and my workflow. My plan was, and is again, to wait until I replace my iMac, which will of course have High Sierra or a newer, zippier OP. The daily nudge to upgrade that I get from Apple is an annoyance, not a real problem. Thanks for your input, people. Edo
  2. Should I purchase used equipment ?

    I sold off all my Nikon digital kit to MPB in the past six months. They have an office here in NYC. I also traded a Sony NEX-6 for a Sony a6000. I'm very happy with all those transactions. Edo
  3. Sierra to High Sierra

    Actually, I found that I had Nik's Viveza 2 sitting in my LR Classic CC. I ran a couple of test images though it and found it user friendly. No problems. However, without using a stopwatch, I can tell you that using NX2 instead of Viveza 2 is smoother and quicker. With V2 I'm working on the RAW file; with NX2 I'm working on a 16-bit tiff. I don't see that that makes any difference.
  4. Quality vs Quantity (once again)

    Hey, wait a minute! That's my sink here in New York City. My landlord buys his sinks in Chinatown, I'm told. Imported perhaps, but from Asia, not the UK.
  5. Sierra to High Sierra

    That's good news. Those Nik tools first appeared on Nikon Capture NX2.
  6. Sierra to High Sierra

    My skin-color memory of South East Asia remembers Indonesians as having the most golden orange skin. Me? In winter I look more like the Walking Dead. Thanks for the tech tip.
  7. Sierra to High Sierra

    Ahh, the Wildlife Queen of New York has spoken! I just found Viveza 2 in the Nik group on my CS5 stand alone . . . and it seems to do exactly what the tool I've been using in NX2 does! Thank you thank you thank you! And thank you, Michael. I will be looking at some videos to get a better idea of the changes I should make. I also need to download Nik and maybe some other apps for the Adobe CC things I'm now using. Edo, the Irish Romano from Brooklyn
  8. Sierra to High Sierra

    Oh boy. My iMac was bought in 2010. I used the do the first half of my workflow in NX2 before getting LR. More recently, I use just one tool in NX2 -- the U Points Color Control Point. I have Nik on my stand-alone PS CS5, but I've never used it. It is my understanding that the Nik suite does not have that tool, which allows to select and change brightness, contrast, and saturation (and the color) on a small selected area. I'm sure (actually I'm not sure of anything) I can get Nik on PS CC and maybe on LR CC too. This is turning into exactly what I feared it would: trying to clean out a raccoon nest in the basement and finding that there's a rat nest nearby. Edo
  9. Sierra to High Sierra

    Thanks, people -- that's very helpful. Like Betty, I'm sick of being nudged everyday by Apple to get High Sierra. I have Adobe CC now, and my workflow usually moves from LR to Capture NX2 to PS. I've sold off all my Nikon gear and use three Sony mirrorless systems now. Edo
  10. Are compatibility problems with Adobe and other apps still happening?
  11. Lightroom, complete Basic Panel workflow

    That's a valuable point to keep in mind. Thanks, Michael.
  12. I hear you, Bryan. When I go, I want all my snaps and socks to go with me.
  13. Slow month? 2018

    Mangi bene a Firenze, amico? Ho vissuto a Roma molti anni fa. Edo
  14. Winter

    Wichita, in the exact center of the US of A! And not that far from where you are. Not as dramatic as moving from Village England to NYC, my last move. But a move is a move. Good luck.
  15. Winter

    Here's something I happened upon: https://weather.com/photos/news/2017-12-15-photos-of-the-year