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  1. Share your oversaturated subjects sales

    Thanks for the heads-up, but the entire skyline, the entire city, is already covered in scaffolding -- and quick is something I no longer am.
  2. Share your oversaturated subjects sales

    Bryan, there are not as many Brooklyn Bridge shots taken from that spot on the Manhattan Bridge as you might think. I plan to add my own this week. Am I copying you? Well . . . no. I grew up 20 minutes from that spot. In the good old days of film, the definition of a valid stock photograph was: a cliche done perfectly.
  3. Ah so . . . tagging. Since my motivation in doing stock in my retirement years is to keep me physically and mentally active, I look forward to my tagging time. But then I'm a strange dude, who enjoys washing dishes.
  4. Three minutes an image is the fast track! It can take me an hour or more to clean up a dirty street scene here in NYC.
  5. Sun flare, advice please

    ohmygosh! Michael and Betty: It's my awareness that's in question here, not my eyesight. I did not realize that we could view that image at 100%, which I always do when editing. Had I blown the image up, I would never have suggested uploading it. Nothing wrong with the flare, but what I see at 100% is NOT sharp . . . and I can see noise. So sorry. (But great you got away with it, Betty.) I will never comment on sharpness again! I guess I don't get any pie.
  6. Sun flare, advice please

    Not at all, Michael -- I value your opinion. I can't see the noise or softness, but it may well be the case. Regarding the flair, I don't think that will be a problem with QC. Edo
  7. Sun flare, advice please

    A winning snap that will fly through QC, I think. Two small things: I would crop in a touch, enough to get rid of the crack in the road. And I would darken the blue sky some. Nothing wrong with a crack in the ground, but this one pulls the eye away from the main subject. You seem to have a flair for this kind of shot, Betty. Edo
  8. Tips required for a photo shoot

    Gen, do I understand correctly that you have some control over your subjects? If so, I would not add a lot of extra gear. I would go with available light. You're not going to be shooting in a basement with the lights off, are you? Relax and enjoy the shoot, enjoy these unusual, special people. Connect. Good luck.
  9. Keyword agency

    The constructive answer, which was given to you three times now, is: do your own keywording. You have no time to do keywording, but you had to make time to check what the agency did and then do it all over. No, that's not funny. Edo
  10. There has been a lot of discussion of the original RX100 and the later models on this forum -- do a search in the forum. I own the RX100 iii. It was the first model that had a popup viewfinder. It also has a wide end of 24mm, where the RX100 has 28mm. I've never had an image captured with this little Sony that did not pass Alamy QC. Edo
  11. Keywording - foreign languages

    Christine and Sally: be aware that in America we might spell "center" "centre". Theater is more often spelled "theatre" over here too. All the Broadway theaters in NYC end in RE. And let me confirm that on Alamy's new AIM the location is not searchable. I put the location in both the caption and the tags. Alamy sent me a little questionary this morning asking about the use of other languages besides English. Anyone else get that? Edo
  12. That makes sense. Thanks, Mick.
  13. Since it's my post, can I stray off subject a bit? Mick, I'm curious why you got rid of the RX10?
  14. Search function

    Safari is my go-to, with Chrome as back up.
  15. I plan to try KEH with my film gear, Phil. And there are a few others in the USA. MPB is originally a UK operation. I was so sorry to hear about Sundays shootings. I lived for almost 4 years in DFW and came to admire and like the people of Texas.