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  1. Wow, Graham -- you're out there on the outer edge of ISO World! I don't do News anymore, so I have no real reason to shoot at extreme ISOs. I've set the high end of my Sony's Auto-ISO at 1,600. I'm comfortable going higher with my Nikons.
  2. applaud measured response: street mural & similar

    Don't look for legal advice here in the forum, Sally. It's my guess that these galleries have not complained to Alamy, while the mural street artists have. Like JeffG, I too have had Alamy delete some of my street art in the past. And my mural snaps have sold well.
  3. applaud measured response: street mural & similar

    Street artists have complained to Alamy about this issue and Alamy's lawyers have advised that they should tighten up the editorial-only option. Makes sense to me. I agree with JeffG.
  4. Caption and Tagging - using same words twice

    Daniel, one of us is confused. I just opened two of your page one images. They both show what is clearly a mute swan. Yet the caption talks about people that we don't see, and neither the caption nor the tags mention a swan. What's going on here???
  5. Is this an infringement?

    That would be my advice too, Karina. There are better ways to use your time and energy.
  6. Thanks for the input. For the purpose of a couple of night-projects I have planned, I'll be carrying my Nikon D700. I had intended to sell this camera, but decided not to with the low prices I was offered for it. The D700 has almost ZERO noise showing at all and any ISO setting I'm likely to need.
  7. Thanks, fellas. I am not at all being brave, just trying to get myself to trust 1,600 as an Auto-ISO high instead of 800. I've had very good control with 800. I even do my tabletop food at 800 handheld. (No tripod possible in my kitchen.)
  8. I've been feeling a bit jaded with always shooting in good light. Even in light that's not so good I've been sticking with a modest high-end ISO of 800. I'm wondering what you guys are doing about an ISO max and noise control? I still have a Nikon D700 and D90, but I've been using mirrorless Sonys for the past few years: NEX-6 and 7, RX10 and RX100/3.
  9. Is this site alive ?

    Mila, Alamy stock and stock in general moves more like tai chi than kung fu. It would be helpful for you to develop some patience.
  10. Happy fun images...and a few random ones

    Under cars? I thought those were rats? And I'm not young, you know. If I start going around bending down to look under cars, I could end up with major back problems. I was up at the Union Square Greenmarket last week buying some special organic cheese, and there was a place card talking about their special organic cows. So I asked this woman, "Where are these special organic cows?" "Back on the farm," she said. "Oh sure, I bet they are." I said. Ha ha, guess I told her!
  11. Image identification

    I think that's a truck, Philippe. It's certainly not a cow because it's utterly without udders.
  12. Happy fun images...and a few random ones

    Thanks for that picture, Geoff. Now, next time I go up to the Bronx Zoo, I'll be able to recognize a cow. Philippe says I won't find cows in a zoo. So where would I find one? This is not India you know? They're not wandering around in the streets.
  13. In the immortal words of John McEnroe: "You cannot be serious." There's a very long list of different types of stock photography we can do that does not involve travel. I say this as one who spent 20-plus years doing nothing but travel marketing assignments for airlines and tour companies. When I was doing that I was paid a nice fee and all expenses, flying First Class and staying in 5 star hotels. Keith Morris is said to be Alamy's biggest earner, and he never leaves Aberystwyth, Wales. I'm in New York City and I could shoot all day everyday and not keep up with all the stock subject matter here. And of course there's, sports, celebs, studio, food, Live News and so on. I hope you're not under the impression that you can turn a profit from travel with the stock fees that are now being paid? Good luck with that.
  14. Happy fun images...and a few random ones

    I can't post an image anymore, and I have nothing to say. Just wanted to command all 4 areas for a moment.
  15. Ecofriendly stock photography !?

    I walk everywhere these days, if the distance does not exceed an hour. No car. And I haven't been in a cab since December 31, 2008. No AC, and yes I remember that day it hit 107 F. I'm thinking about going over to Hoboken for the view of Lower Manhattan. Since I can't swim, it might mean a ferry ride. So that's what a cow looks like! Thanks, Geoff.