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  1. .

    I did some filming in the Pub (The Sorrel Horse) a few years ago for Sky
  2. Process in the evening, keyword in the morning
  3. .

    Welcome from Norfolk, Suffolk is a fascinating place full of photographic opportunities. all the best, steve Suffolk for Photographers: Over 100 of the Best Places and Locations (Kelly's Guides)
  4. Let's talk about pics on Facebook

    Great idea
  5. a slow start to September has started to pick up 6 sales in the last 7 days.
  6. I am new and need a bit of help

    So Meg is really Bill, I feel betrayed.....not really just intrigued
  7. Photographers = sex Gods

    Some Photographers= train spotters in nice anoraks, more like. Cat and penguins amogst. Go
  8. What was your original equipment?

    Started art school with a Pentax mx,one of my dads friends smuggled it back from Hong Kong, so well loved and used the brass showed through the body,
  9. New boss

    New thought..... if Alamy had a share issue, would you invest.....i might. you could say we already invest our pictures. alamy might already be listed somewhere
  10. New boss

    Well said, good points, interesting conversation
  11. Yep get capita on both, only occasionally
  12. Could it be a safari problem, I am using chrome on an I pad, never had a problem
  13. I am new and need a bit of help

    I am sure this lot has put poor Meg off photography for life.
  14. Working up here in Norfolk, are you getting the select parts of a picture screens
  15. New boss

    Sorry my fault, the point I was trying to make. Was not clear 1 Alamy is not a reatail business and a Ceo from a reatail background not good, Alamy is a media company 2 retail CEO tend to only chase market share 3 the best modern media company's (net flix, sky, Amazon) are about good quality content. Not market share Any clearer