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  1. National Geographic / Travel https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/features/best-small-cities-united-states/ The Best Cities in the United States Madison, Wisconsin E72MY3 (Chuck Haney) Danita Delimont RM Olympia, Washington HDWH24 Leon Werdinger RM Charlottesville, Virginia J4804P Felix Lipov RF Spokane, Washington ERAEBG Jon Bilous RF Baton Rouge, Louisiana G7N6KX Philipus RF Kansas City, Missouri K458B7 (or similar) Cracker Clips RF Newport, Rhode Island EFGXJA Eric James RM Portland, Maine CXDXKA (Alan Copson) Robert Harding RM Louisville, Kentucky KPRD89 Sean Pavone RF Hagerstown, Maryland CW2466 Philip Scalia RM Omaha, Nebraska CXEH5Y Ian Dagnall RM Columbia, South Carolina BG3K82 (Richard Cummins) Robert Harding RM Hickory, North Carolina B5HRYY James King-Holmes RM
  2. geo.de https://www.geo.de/reisen/reiseziele/18046-bstr-immer-am-wasser-entlang-die-fuenf-schoensten-kuestenstrecken-fuer#240438-img-glamorgan-heritage-coast-walk Immer am Wasser entlang: Die fünf schönsten Küstenstrecken für Outdoorfans Walker at Nash Point on the Wales Coast Path. Glamorgan Heritage Coast. Vale of Glamorgan. Wales. UK D504N4 mauritius images / James Osmond / Alamy RM Beach at Porthdinllaen, Lleyn Peninsula, Wales, UK K14X72 mauritius images / Chris Howes/Wild Places Photography / Alamy RM St David's Head Panorama EEH2PG mauritius images / Matthew Train / Alamy RM (cropped) Aerial photograph of the Great Orme, Y Gogarth, or Pen y Gogarth, limestone headland, Llandudno, North Wales, UK C0221W mauritius images / Peter Barritt / Alamy RM
  3. Dead Animal

    I still have yet to upload my gory shots of the deer killed by a mountain lion. To offer for sale photographs that repulse and nauseate me personally seems to require a level of detachment that I don't have at the moment. If I thought there was some real money in it, of course, these qualms would go right out the window.
  4. Lightroom, complete Basic Panel workflow

    One aspect of using the preset dehaze from Prolost is that, unless I was doing something wrong, it needs to be the last thing before exporting the image. Like the CC version, it tends to darken the image slightly. It's similar to having to estimate dry-down in black and white printing. With the CC version you can adjust the dehaze using its slider and then go back and lighten the image as needed. I could be just as happy and perhaps happier with an earlier version of Photoshop, but I keep paying Adobe their EUR 11,89 per month because of this feature in Lightroom.
  5. Washington Post https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/capital-weather-gang/wp/2018/01/16/in-the-coldest-village-on-earth-eyelashes-freeze-dinner-is-frozen-and-temperatures-sink-to-88f/?utm_term=.a20dcab4666b In the coldest village on earth, eyelashes freeze, dinner is frozen and temperatures sink to -88F DRG4WK Gerner Thomsen RM
  6. geo.de https://www.geo.de/reisen/reiseziele/18045-bstr-diese-versteckten-buchten-machen-wales-zum-strandparadies#240417-img-abereiddy-blue-lagoon Diese versteckten Buchten machen Wales zum Strandparadies View of Fall Bay near Rhossili Wales B2X58J mauritius images / Manor Photography RM Porth Ceiriad at Sunrise Abersoch Lleyn Peninsula North West Wales AMT9BC mauritius images / The Photolibrary Wales RM Porth Dinllaen Porthdinllaen Aerial view of village, beach, harbour and part of golf course Llŷn Peninsula Gwynedd Wales UK FDAXJY mauritius images / David Angel RM Porth Swtan & Church bay Coast at Sunset, Anglesey, Wales, UK KE027E mauritius images / Black Capture RM A sunny view of Skrinkle Haven in the Pembrokeshire National Park, Wales, UK K3X13F mauritius images / Peter Watson RM Porth Ysgo and the coast of the Lleyn (Llyn) Peninsula in Gwynedd, North Wales J4ETCD mauritius images / Shoults RM
  7. Dead Animal

    Thanks for this thread. I've got some recent gory shots of a deer killed by a mountain lion (puma, cougar), debated uploading and then didn't. Guess I'll go ahead and put them up.
  8. National Geographic / Travel https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/destinations/europe/things-to-see-transnistria/ Visit a Country That Doesn't Exist Here's why bold travelers should visit Transnistria, a mysterious land in limbo. Countyside with Maletsunyane Falls Semonkong Maseru District Lesotho Southern Africa JD0KFM David South RM Plus one of a blanket toss in Alaska attributed to Design Pics Inc which I didn't find on Alamy.
  9. Lightroom, complete Basic Panel workflow

    I used the Prolost presets with Lightroom 6 prior to opting into the CC version because of Photoshop. They work not as well as the slider but well enough. That is, they're less convenient to use but the results are good.
  10. National Geographic (UK) http://www.nationalgeographic.co.uk/animals/2018/01/how-wayward-antarctic-seal-ended-brazilian-beach How a Wayward Antarctic Seal Ended Up on a Brazilian Beach An aerial view of Trindade Island in Brazil, where the seal perished. DPDYNX Cristiano Burmester RM
  11. Cheers Maybe a winery will buy it and you'll get your just deserts.
  12. Was the image from last year used in the context of a piece on global warming? This one was.
  13. color cast

    The Kodak neutral gray cards come in a couple of sizes, the smaller of which easily fits into a camera bag or large pocket. Take a reference shot with that for use with a gray-balance eye dropper. Some software such as Photoshop allow you to save the curve as a preset to apply to other images shot under the same lighting. If you have thumbnails opened with others, such as fish on ice for example, do yours look red/magenta by comparison? P.S., bear in mind that a fish market will likely have fluorescent lighting with very low CRI and in that circumstance no amount of global correction will ever fully correct the color cast. Gray balancing will get you pretty close, though.
  14. You're welcome and it's difficult to say. GEO isn't very good about indicating publication dates or multiple uses. They only say the image came from Alamy via Mauritius.
  15. bing.com today Herd of red brown Scottish highlanders in a natural winter landscape HHNGFW René van den Berg RF