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  1. Have you found any Alamy images in January 2018?

    USA, The Washington Post, Book section, Jan 21st 2018 edition Pg. B8, American propaganda poster during World War II, Peter Horree
  2. Have you found any Alamy images in January 2018?

    USA, Parade magazine, Jan 21st 2018 issue Pg. 2, Ground Zero Blues Club, Clarksdale, Mississippi, Fotan Pg. 9, Still from TC show, West Wing, RGR Collection
  3. I always have trouble on my mobile devices. Desktop is never a problem.
  4. I thought I would be good to start a new thread, the old one was close to 50 pages deep. I hope it is a good omen that my first sale of 2018 was a book sale for $250! I want to be hopeful that these will be more commonplace in 2018 for all!
  5. Have you found any Alamy images in January 2018?

    USA, Food Network Magazine, Jan/Feb 2018 issue Credits are to Alamy only Pg. 22, Skillet cookie (skillet cut out), Jaimie Duplass Pg. 31, Photo of a glass of milk, could not find Pg. 44, "Nitro coffee" (coffee and glass cut out), Brent Hofacker Pg. 120, Muffuleta sandwich (cut out), Brent Hofacker
  6. Have you found any Alamy images in January 2018?

    USA, National Geographic Traveler magazine, Feb/Mar 2018 issue Bocas del Toro, Panama beach with starfish, AGE Fotostock
  7. Have you found any Alamy images in January 2018?

    USA, AARP Bulletin Jan/Feb 2018 issue Pg. 3, Houston Car Show (cut out), Kevin Tietz There was a second Alamy photo but it was just credited to Alamy and so I could not locate it.
  8. Images Sold in January (max one per day)

    A USA magazine use for decent money
  9. Slow month? 2018

    January seems to be close to average for me so far.
  10. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Had a refund today....okay that is bad. But not when it is resold at 3 times the original price! Nice but the original price was only $19.95, still, I’ll take it!
  11. Images Sold in January (max one per day)

    A low value use for a presentation.
  12. January Challenge: Music

    Congrats again Phil and a nice subject for the challenge. 1) Fife and Drums 2) Juke Box in Mississippi, USA 3) Cajun Music Jam Session, Breaux Bridge, Louisiana
  13. New Year, New Lens

    I have the D800e and do not use it and plan to sell it, mostly because of the slow AF and terrible buffer. Not sure how the D810 is with those issues but I have read that the D850 has corrected those problems and I love that I can still shoot NEFs in lower resolutions, if needed. Can not do that with the D800e. My lenses should be good with D850 since they are the higher end glass with a fixed 2.8 wide aperture or wider with the prime lenses. I learned a long time ago to not get cheaper glass, just not worth the savings. I think with just shooting stock, you can get away with it but my income is still primarily commissioned work for magazines and businesses.
  14. New Year, New Lens

    No new lens but I have the new Nikon D850 on its way....been using the D700's forever (in digital years) and thought it was time for an upgrade. The decision was made, in part, when I sent one of my D700's to be repaired and Nikon said they would repair it but will end servicing this model in the near future. I have to say, I really loved using the D700 . The next thing is to get a much more powerful computer to handle the much bigger files.
  15. Looks like we have a tie after the allotted time was up. We will have a quick run off vote to pick between the two wonderful photos of the Knife and Fork or the Peppers. Polls will close at midnight on the 10th. So we have two days or there about, to pick a winner!! Knife and Fork by Vpics Peppers by Phil Crean
  16. Images Sold in January (max one per day)

    Sold for a book use.
  17. Run Off Poll for "Taste" Challenge Vote Here!

    Congrats Phil Crean for your winning Peppers photo! Sorry that we had to eat up days into the next challenge to break the tie. I loved SO many of the entries and was honored to run this past challenge. Phil, it is on to you for the next challenge! Have fun! Michael
  18. Run Off Poll for "Taste" Challenge Vote Here!

    Please vote even if you didn’t submit a photo or vote in the first round!!
  19. Favourite images uploaded - Jan 2018

    From an assignment a couple of weeks ago in Williamsburg, Virginia
  20. December Challenge "Taste", Vote

    Thanks for all the great entries! This was so much harder than I remembered but fun to do! Please don't vote for yourself. Cupcakes in the Oven Knife and Fork Ginger Xmas Cookies Bowl of Meyer Lemons Fresh Milk Peppers Ice Cream Face Food Line
  21. So how was December?

    December was pretty close to average for me on sales and revenue. 14 for $1078.
  22. Hi all, as the holiday season is quickly upon us, it is also the season of food and drink. I want to see your creative and sumptuous photos of anything related to TASTE, does not have to be holiday related (food and drink). Could be photos from markets to cooking to finished and plated meals. As usual, you may submit up to three photos that are on Alamy and must be taken by you. I will close the submissions on the last day of the year at midnight New York time! Here are a few of mine to get your mouths watering and brains cooking!!
  23. Favourite pics uploaded Dec 2017

    Not my "cup of tea" but a man about to eat a raw oyster
  24. 2017

    2017 was my best year ever since joining in 2005 but this is my BYE only in number of sales....in terms of revenue, it was 40% less than my best revenue year (2011).
  25. What is Your New Year's Resolution

    I too would like to break the 10,000 image mark, should be doable. I have to keep shooting and uploading to just keep making what I am making now.