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  1. I KNEW you'd have something to say Allan!!! Kumar
  2. Few more from the Galapagos... Nazca Booby Marine Iguana Red-Billed Tropic Bird Galapagos Sea Lion pup Galapagos Sea Lion, San Cristobal town Kumar (the Doc one)
  3. "CF9PHF Kumar Sriskandan Bookshop UK - Woman buying crime fiction books, Waterstones bookshop, Cambridge UK" Many thanks for the spot Bryan! Kind regards Kumar (the Doc one)
  4. Slow month? 2018

    Actually one of the slowest months I can remember - both for zooms and sales..... Kumar (the Doc one)
  5. Cambridgeshire meet up

    Hi all, Just to thanks to Allan for organising a good meeting today where 6 of us met for 2-3 hours over lunch, coming from as far afield as North Norfolk, Peterborough and Southend. Our next meeting, for anyone who's interested is on Wednesday May 16th, Venue to be announced - put the date in your diaries those who are interested in coming! Cheers Kumar (the Doc one)
  6. C959N6 Kumar Sriskandan Wagamama japanese restaurant DP38J1 Kumar Sriskandan French Alps, the french alpine village of Chatel in winter snow, les Portes du Soleil, Haute Savoie, France europe Thank you, Claire and bryan for those two spots today! Kind regards Kumar (the Doc one)
  7. Dead Animal

    Can always use it as a "concept" image for death, endings, etc etc Kumar
  8. Cambridgeshire meet up

    Hi Andy & Chris Look forward to meeting you on Wednesday - well worth arriving exactly at midday if possible to get first crack at tables, food and drinks as can sometimes get quite crowded! Cheers Kumar (the Doc one)
  9. January Challenge: Music

    Phil - congratulations on your win and an entertaining topic! Three from Cuba for me! 1. Street musician, Trinidad town, Cuba 2. Double Bass player, Havana, Cuba 3. Jazz and salsa, Cafe Paris, Havana, Cuba Kumar (the Doc one)
  10. Many thanks for that one Rob! Kind regards Kumar (the Doc one)
  11. Alamy's reply to my e-mail "Thanks for the email. Our search engine team are aware of the specifics of your email and of other similar emails regarding questions over search ordering. While all our metrics suggest the new search engine is working better for our customers than ever before, we are constantly looking at ways of tweaking and improving the results. A number of different algorithms can be in place at any one time and different groups of users including different customer groups may well see different ordering of search results as a consequence. We monitor the data from this very closely and it helps us implement constant improvements over time. As we have previously mentioned on the forum and email responses to contributors, we recommend that you do not change the way you apply Supertags and Tags to your images and continue to keyword and caption your images accurately. We understand that this advice has been criticised but our aim is to ensure that photographers who take good relevant pictures, who use the correct metadata, and whose images sell well see their pictures get to the top of the results. Any tweaks or changes we make to the search engine now or in the future will aim to benefit those photographers who follow our recommendations." It's nice to hear this, but as a photographer who does follow Alamys' recommendations I can see no advantage or explanation for why in a search for "Bury St Edmunds", images of three old men in santa suits, a girl on a merry go round and a used car on the forecourt of a dealership (all mine) should turn up on pages 1 and 2, whereas other more appropriately keyworded images are very much lower down. Kumar (the Doc one)
  12. Young girl in a street carnival, Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador South America Kumar (the Doc one)
  13. You are right Alan, but I think that this is a new episode if you like - my feeling is that Alamy had improved things for a few months and now more tinkering has occurred - those of us with larger collections, whose figures for views/zooms/sales tend overall to be more stable are likely to notice these sort of changes first I think I have contacted customer support to ask why the system of supertags/tags/caption level of importance can result in such glaring errors. My impression is they are increasing caption importance again - I will let you know what the reply is next week, though it will probably be along the lines of "Keep doing what we tell you to do and all will be fine...") Kumar (the Doc one)
  14. Agreed Matt, all my tests of the search engine lead me to believe that "Bury St Edmunds" as one supertag has exactly the same effect as "Bury" "St" "Edmunds" as three supertags in the correct order (ie transferred over from the essential keywords in the previous system. My point is this. I have 80 images for Bury St edmunds. 60 of them have Bury St Edmunds in the caption AND as a supertag In the first 2 pages of a search on Bury St Edmunds I have 10 images (so not a rank/BHZ problem). Great, you would think, BUT Only 4 of them have Bury St Edmunds in the supertags. Six do not, and one of them does not even have bury St Edmunds in the tags - only in the caption !! and these 6 images at least are appearing higher in the search than the other 50 images I have of Bury St Edmunds I have which are supertagged and captioned as such. So why is this, Alamy? I am following the rules that you have given us, but you are not. Kumar (the Doc one)
  15. Dear colleagues at Alamy Please see my string I have initiated in the Alamy forum with a very similar name, found here: How can images without the search term in supertags appear far higher than those with the search term in supertags? (both cases have the search term in the caption. makes no sense for anyone Kumar (the Doc one)