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  1. Type of Camera

    Couldn't agree more, Mark. Oddly enough, one of my reasons for buying mine (second hand from MPB) was the 72mm filter size. I had a good polariser in that size that I used on my old 28-135mm and 180mm macro and needed to save a bit of money so the 15-85mm was a natural choice. I don't find CA too bad - but I've always got the correction set by default in Lightroom and check every image at 100% to set defringing at an appropriate level if required. No decentering problems with my example - it would have gone back if I'd seen any. For me it makes a good companion to the 70-300mm L when I want to travel a "little" lighter.
  2. Type of Camera

    If the lens is the original non IS 18-55mm you will get soft images on too many occasions for it to be reliable in satisfying Alamy QC standards. The later IS models are far better. Having said that it's worth investing in a better lens. Used copies of the 15-85mm IS are relatively inexpensive and more than good enough for Alamy. I've never had a failure with mine on three separate Canon bodies and the images certainly sell. For example: Front cover of Devon Life magazine back in November. 15-85mm at 16mm on my 80D. Nice little earner.
  3. Have you found any Alamy images Feb 2018

    Thanks Steve
  4. Have you found any Alamy images Feb 2018

    Many thanks for this spot, Claire. Another one taken in my own garden.
  5. Fishy Photos - Identification please

    Red gurnard for the red beasties. Look like dabs for the small flatfish, Dover sole for the large ones. Not sure of the ray.
  6. Images Sold in February (Max. 1 per day)

    Welcome back. Is that a year or a month's stock earnings?
  7. File Numbers

    It's below the image but sometimes obscured if it's too long. Click on the magnify symbol and it should be visible.
  8. What to expect?

    About the same for me. It's a little difficult to calculate precisely as I went from about 3800 to 4900 images over the year. More detailed figures are available here. Make of them what you will.
  9. New here from Devon

    Welcome from another Devon photographer. For your Dartmoor shots (and anything else you upload) make sure you include the location in your captions and keywords. Alamy deal heavily in editorial stock and buyers will be looking for specific locations as well as more general Dartmoor shots. Make it easy for them to find yours.
  10. I.D Please

    Then I think that's a good bet for ID. It would be nice to have a second opinion though. I know a bit but I'm not an expert on fungi - a one day course as part of my master's degree in 1973 doesn't qualify me
  11. I.D Please

    Could be wood blewit, Clitocybe (Lepista) nuda. Did it have a thick, stubby stem?
  12. January

    Excellent month for volume - 28 in total, my best month to date - but less good for prices. Too many low value sales giving a gross of $478. Still a good start to my fifth year on Alamy. 58 zooms is also my best month to date.
  13. Slow month? 2018

    Ok, OK, I'll moan. Prices were poor. Bread and dripping for tea.
  14. Slow month? 2018

    13 in this morning to double my sales this month. Still time for more.
  15. Common flower?

  16. Common flower?

    Actually difficult to tell between a Zinnia and a pot marigold (Calendula) from the photo. In the UK I'd say Calendula but for your hotter summers Zinnia would be a more likely option.
  17. Have you found any Alamy images in January 2018?

    Once again, many thanks Bryan
  18. specific back pain starting 1 hr after standing-roaming

    At my age (67) aches and pains when I wake up is reassurance that I haven't died in my sleep.
  19. Image identification

    Top one is, I think, a Beaucarnea, probably recurvata. Ponytail palm. The fat, water storing base of the stem is very characteristic. Bottom one looks to be Bismarckia nobilis, silvery leafed form, a very ornamental palm from Madagascar but widely grown in the tropics, subtropics and even Mediterranean climates. Too tender for Plymouth, alas.
  20. Duplicate Sale - Refund to come?

    It could be two seperate uses within the same book if the image was RM. Having said that I've had a recent refund on an obvious duplicate invoice. Mistakes do happen.
  21. Have you found any Alamy images in January 2018?

    Thanks again are in order, Bryan. This is definitely becoming a habit I'm happy to have
  22. Should I purchase used equipment ?

    I've fairly recently had a used Canon 80D from Wex and a few lenses from MPB - all good, reasonable prices and exactly as described (or better). Well recommended. Mifsuds and ffordes are also good but it's a few years since I bought used from them so I don't have current knowledge.
  23. Sale Price vs Quoted Price

    Many years ago I worked for a steel stockholder for a few months. We had three, sometimes four, prices for the same thing. One price for casual visitors, one for fairly regular buyers and one for the major buyers (who could negotiate a further discount for an even bigger order). I'll leave you to guess who paid the most and who the least for exactly the same length of rebar, RSJ or similar. Most businesses that work with different levels of customer have similar discounting arrangements.
  24. Tags Brit style vs American

    Yes. Common usage in North Lincs in the 50's and 60's. More used for the half crown (=half a dollar) as the much bigger crowns weren't really in circulation.
  25. New Year, New Lens

    One point for you Betty. The correct latin binomial is now Sorbus pseudohupehensis though a lot of nurseries / garden centres will still sell it as S. hupehensis. I'd certainly add both as tags. These are the berries of 'Pink Pagoda' in our arboretum.