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  1. Happy fun images...and a few random ones

    Can't manage a cow (or bull, heifer, calf, steer, or beefburger), Will a gorilla do?
  2. Ecofriendly stock photography !?

    Nah, that's Cornwall. It's only the sub-tropics here in Plymouth.
  3. Ecofriendly stock photography !?

    Well, 18.2% (45) of my licenced images were taken in my own garden. As it's only about 70ft x 30ft (22 x 9m) it would be difficult to imagine anything more local than that.
  4. Image identification

    Top one is Olearia macrodonta. You put up a shot with the flowers gone over recently. Bottom one is a Lavatera (tree mallow). Can't tell the exact species or cultivar but it looks like one of the perennial rather than annual ones.
  5. Image identification

    Helenium (sneezeweed). Looks a lot like 'Sahin's Early Flowerer' but there are similar cultivars
  6. Have you found any Alamy Photographs during August

    Thanks for those two spots, Bryan. Neither zoomed so I wasn't expecting them.
  7. Image identification

    This is part of it: I like exotics. Now I'm retired I'm also a volunteer at The Garden House at Buckland Monachorum, Devon. There's 10 acres with about a dozen different garden areas and a collection of over 6000 different plants. I do their photography for promotion in local magazines and papers, point of sale in the nursery, website etc and, in return, have full access any time throughout the year with full permission to sell my images from there. Heaven!
  8. Image identification

    Probably not in Vancouver. Gunnera manicata is from the highland area of Brazil which gets regular frosts. It's a lot hardier than the more tropical Gunneras. The ones you've photographed are not full size yet so a little more delicate than the full grown beasts, For example, photographed in Cornwall: Too big for my garden! I grow the smaller Peltiphyllum peltatum which has smaller, but still massive, leaves.
  9. Post your positive results here :)

    Two distributor sales this morning have taken my gross earnings this year to just over my gross for last year. Haven't exceeded the sales total yet - 84 so far in 2017 vs 97 for 2016 - but with nearly 5 months left it's definitely on course to be my most successful year since I joined Alamy in January 2014.
  10. Image identification

    Here. Gunnera manicata judging by the size of the leaves.
  11. Post your positive results here :)

    Count the money - you'll soon feel better.
  12. Post your positive results here :)

    Well seized opportunity. Congratulations!
  13. Joined Alamy line?

    Are those donkinis?
  14. How was your July?

    15 sales for a gross of $340. Only one distributor sale so a reasonable return for the nett. Excellent month for zooms with 54 recorded, my highest figure so far. CTR of 1.32 so looking promising for the future.
  15. July has 31 days

    My surge happened on Friday with 7 licences. Only two today - ones I'd needed to chase up with CR.