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  1. Open your Sales History from the dashboard, set the 'Please select a statement period' to All and, with most browsers on a windows machine (Apple i don't know but there'll be an equivalent), use Ctrl-F to bring up the search facility. You'll be able to search by the Alamy reference or your own reference.
  2. Puzzled

    Drinking on an empty brain.
  3. Big companies who purchase from Alamy

    Have a look at Alamy's own list of some of their corporate buyers.
  4. Totally Wrong Information!

    To misuse a Star Trek reference, the search engine had obviously decided to go where none had gone before.
  5. I had an upload a few months back where the captions disappeared on upload. It was a one off so it may be an intermittent glitch in the upload process.
  6. Hello All

    Welcome to Alamy, Mark. The next trick, now you've shown that you can produce technically sound images, is to look carefully at your captions and keywords. Do buyers really want to know what attracted you to take the image? No, they want to know exactly what it is and possibly where and when it was taken if this is relevant. For this you need to be accurate in your labelling. Do your research. For example, your 'pansy' photo is a petunia, probably one of the training Surfinia forms. Mistakes like that will do you no favours with buyers or with your CTR when your incorrectly labelled images come up in searches. Again, let's take your image of black spot on leaves: What type of leaves? Common name and Latin name for both the leaves and the black spot fungal disease are needed because that's what the majority of buyers will be searching for. Oh, and check your spelling. It's easy to make mistakes and they do rule you out of correctly spelled searches You need to consider the potential market(s) for your images and tailor your captions and keywording appropriately. And the time to start it is now, before you build up a substantial portfolio and eventually realise that you'll have to go back and extensively rework your earlier uploads..
  7. Show the latest image that you sold on Alamy in October. (1 per day)

    Second of two today. False widow spider, taken when I was renovating a rather dusty room at home.
  8. First Sale

    Congratulations. That first one feels good and, hopefully, will be followed by more in the not too distant future.
  9. Plant ID?

    Looks like a grass tree, Xanthorrhoea sp. It would sprout from the centre but isn't in foliage in your shot.

    First two pages of this month's views for me had 34 out of 40 search terms containing the Latin name (some just the genus). Most also had the cultivar as well. It's what the specialist buyers search for and you're missing a major trick if you leave the Latin name out. Edited to add that the views were sorted on # of results returned. low to high
  11. Stick around for the funeral and wake - should be some good shots to be had.
  12. Show the latest image that you sold on Alamy in October. (1 per day)

    One of two this morning: Crinodendron hookerianum, taken in my own garden. I grew the shrub / small tree from a cutting (free) and so far it's yielded 3 sales (different images) and netted me $64 to date. An excellent return on investment.
  13. How to improve image ranking

    Just to prove the point, 15 zooms so far this month, 10 from searches that produced less than 100 images. Lowest three generated 1, 3 and 6 results. And no, I'm not saying what they are.
  14. Your First (D)SLR?

    First SLR owned (I'd used my father's previously) Olympus OM10 Stuck with Olympus until my first DSLR, the Canon 300D. My 13 y/o grandson is currently using it.