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  1. 60 zooms recorded for the rolling month from 9th November to date. 56 of them with all or part of the Latin name. Says it all, really.
  2. A re-issue of Elton John's Crocodile Rock perhaps?
  3. Image identification

    Most Yuccas do have white flowers, sometimes with a purple flush to them when they're in bud. There are a couple where the flowers are darker. The spanish dagger I mentioned is one, Hesperoyucca whipplei is another. With that species the rosette dies after flowering though it can produce offsets as well as regrow from seed. I've never seen it in flower - a plant I had died in one of our winters before reaching flowering size - but it's certainly hardy enough for Tresco. Because your rosette was dead it could well be the Hesperoyucca.
  4. Heligan, the Jungle Lithuania distributor sale so very low nett value.
  5. As far as I know it's not possible. The closest you could get is to use the Set Proofing Language to English, do that spell check, then to Spanish and do that spell check. Not particularly practical.
  6. Image identification

    Possibly Yucca aloifolia 'Purpurea', Spanish dagger - vicious plants, hardy on Tresco but only barely hardy in mainland UK. Were the leaves purple tinged as well?
  7. Image identification

    It's a flowering spike of a Yucca - I'll check for species later - got to cook dinner!
  8. Image identification

    It's one of the Australian / New Zealand daisy bushes, Olearia sp. I can't ID it any further than that. Tresco grow a good few Olearias and they do well down here in SW England.
  9. You've got the option to highlight a section of text and set the proofing language - Review|Language|Set Proofing Language. Different segments of text can be set to different languages. Another alternative is to add words in different languages to your own dictionary. Right click on the red underlined word and choose Add to Dictionary. I'd be a little bit careful with this but it can work for words you use and commonly misspell. Just don't do as a couple of my young trainees did when I was teaching this stuff. They typed out reports littered with spelling mistakes and added every one to the dictionary. Well, it got rid of the red underlining
  10. What does this mean?

    Amazon and others offer an ebook printing service to generate paperback copies for the author/publisher. I would assume that the POD rights cover this.
  11. How was your November?

    19 sales for $486 gross. One over $100 and a couple a new (distributor) low. A new personal record for zooms with 57 in the month. I'm two sales away from my year 4 results equalling the sales volume from my first three years on Alamy so it does seem to be working.
  12. Millions of Images irrelevant tags from single contributor

    Two points come to mind having looked at the collection in a little more detail. Firstly, is the uploader relying on Google indexing rather than the Alamy search function to drive buyers to the images Secondly, given the large numbers of Creative commons and other internet sourced images in the collection, is the, sometimes dubious, copyright status of those images going to come back and bite both the uploader and Alamy themselves
  13. Millions of Images irrelevant tags from single contributor

    You can't sell what the buyers can't find.
  14. flower and bug ID

    My pleasure, Betty. The daisy family is not my strong suit simply because I've never grown many of them.