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  1. ?¿ src-img plugin doesn't work anymore

    I clicked on your link and I still see it with all the thumbnails. I tried to copy & paste what I see but I can't get it to insert here - sorry. I'm using a MacBook with Safari just now. Lynne
  2. I'm sure Bryan will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think he means that you have to go to the homepage and input the search criteria, then visually look for the image. For example, Russell's post, 3 above this post showing Colman's Mustard. One way to find it is to put Colman's Mustard into the search box - this will bring up 3 pages of images, then you just scroll through the pages looking for the image. It's on the 2nd page, half way down. Or you could refine the search and add 'Colman's Mustard poster' - that brings up only 11 images and this image is in the 3rd position. I'm not saying that this is how Russell found the image but this is how I'd find an image if I saw it in a newspaper or magazine. Lynne
  3. ?¿ src-img plugin doesn't work anymore

    I see now what you are saying - very annoying! Sorry, I know it's of no use to you but just checked mine using Safari and I'm still getting the thumbnails. Lynne
  4. ?¿ src-img plugin doesn't work anymore

    I don't use Google Chrome, is this a very recently released Google Chrome version? I find whenever there is a new update, the ?¿ src-img plugin doesn't work for a few days until a corresponding patch/fix takes place. I recently updated to High Sierra and it didn't work for a couple of days and this was a month or so after the actual release date. However, I checked every couple of days and hey presto it started working again. Lynne
  5. 12 December 2017 Guardian online Peter Barritt
  6. All locally caught, just outside my front door, Isle of Mull, Scotland Ice Cream mess!
  7. Yes Douglas, well spotted! It's the Anchor Mill, but it was actually J Clark & Co not Coats. The Coats mill was at Ferguslie in Paisley. However Coats seems to have been more of a household name and their name always seems to spring to mind first.
  8. Thanks Paulette, would have been better had it not started to thaw straight away!! Lynne
  9. Getting Away from it all! The beauty of winter hill walking in Scotland. Winter walking in deep snow past a frozen waterfall on Scotland's Beinn Luibhean Walker enjoying the wintry conditions on Scotland's mountains The Mail will get through! Royal Mail van on ungritted rural road on Scotlands islands. Slip Sliding Away....Treacherous driving conditions in Scotland Fighting a loosing battle! Working to keep Scotland's roads open.
  10. Thanks Bryan for reporting one of mine. Hats off to you and the others for taking the time to continue to add to this post. Lynne
  11. October Challenge :: Failure

    Cooking Failure - two burst yolks Failure of Society Failure to stay intact!
  12. 'Other income'

    I was just coming to the forum to ask the same question! I too received it and presumed it was my TV portion of the recent DACS claim payout, as Alamy does that part for me but I submit the other part of the claim.
  13. BBC Breakfast TV Programme 4 October 2017 Just spotted this image on TV - I recognised it as I've reported its usage before. May not be this exact image as only saw it for a few seconds but it is the same people. May not be via Alamy. Alex Serge
  14. DACS

    Mine is in my account as well - about £30 less than last year, but still welcome!