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  1. Thanks Bryan for reporting one of mine. Hats off to you and the others for taking the time to continue to add to this post. Lynne
  2. October Challenge :: Failure

    Cooking Failure - two burst yolks Failure of Society Failure to stay intact!
  3. 'Other income'

    I was just coming to the forum to ask the same question! I too received it and presumed it was my TV portion of the recent DACS claim payout, as Alamy does that part for me but I submit the other part of the claim.
  4. BBC Breakfast TV Programme 4 October 2017 Just spotted this image on TV - I recognised it as I've reported its usage before. May not be this exact image as only saw it for a few seconds but it is the same people. May not be via Alamy. Alex Serge
  5. DACS

    Mine is in my account as well - about £30 less than last year, but still welcome!
  6. Post your positive results here :)

    Brilliant, I've had 3 over $1000 dollars in the past and it's a brilliant feeling, well done! Sadly just checked my sales and last one is $8!!
  7. Post some of your Fall Autumn photos

    Autumn sunshine in Perthshire, Scotland Garry Bridge over the River Garry at Killicrankie in Perthshire, Scotland Horse Chestnut tree in autumnal colours in the Perthshire countryside in Scotland
  8. September Photo Challenge - Critters

    My favourite wee critters deep in conversation! My favourite straight horned highland cow critter keeping an eye on me as he eats my hedge! Otter critter soaking up the rays!
  9. How was your August 2017?

    Sorry it's probably just my terminology but as spacecadet commented, they may still be there somewhere but are not being shown using Google reverse image search or Tineye. I've found, in my experience, google now only brings up very recent news articles and other older articles seem to quickly drop off the edge and are no longer found. Probably space and size of internet issues. For example I had six uses of one image in a newspaper over a period of a month which I found, not long after they had been used, by using the reverse image search, I printed and took screen shots but a week or two later they had disappeared if I tried the same search. After the allotted 3/4 months they hadn't appeared as sales and I contacted the Alamy team and they were duly invoiced and subsequently paid. However, had I not been checking, I would never have found them and been non the wiser! Both Alamy and I loosing out and the newspapers getting free images. I had well over 20 sales invoiced and paid after contacting Alamy last year and a lot fewer this year. Maybe my images are not being used as much, maybe I'm just not finding them quickly enough! I must stress this doesn't happen for everything some older articles in magazines and books are still there when I use the reverse image search but I often find that certain good selling images no longer show past uses and they previously did. Hope that makes a bit more sense! Apologies for the long reply - I don't wont to hijack this thread! And now there's no longer the private message service... enough said!
  10. How was your August 2017?

    Seven sales here for just over $340, including two TV sales >$100. My average number of sales is way down this year, almost a third, as are prices. I have licensed the same number as my total for 2013 for >$400 less. Also finding newspaper sales disappear quickly online making it harder to track down any infringements unless you are searching everyday!
  11. August Challenge - On the Beach

    I love the beach, difficulty making my choices. Here goes: Grand daughters concentrating on sandcastle building and enjoying a day at the seaside! Highland Cows cooling off in the sea at Fionnphort Beach on the Isle of Mull, Scotland Path leading to the North Beach, Iona, Scotland
  12. Cant login

    I've had terrible problems recently - really putting me off even opening Alamy at all! I've been so frustrated - just going round and round in circles - had to do 8 of these stupid Captcha things in a row before being locked out, had to then put in a new passwords and I can't open at all now on my iphone. I was so annoyed as I was unable to upload to live news images which I thought had a good chance of selling - ended up frustrated and stressed and the whole thing makes me question if it's worth trying to contribute when these obstacles are put in your way!
  13. July Challenge - Street Art

    Congratulations Stacy on your win, great image. Good subject. Here's one from me to start things off - from the streets of Glasgow, Scotland
  14. Thanks Tim, just couldn't spot it!
  15. Guardian online 4 July 2017 Martyn Williams Pouring Champagne into glasses which I can't find.