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    Maybe... but then... Some are quoting extremes to make a point. To mention extremes the other direction, I had a sale over there three years ago for $25k, one two months ago for $3k. The latter selling every month, often multiple times. (But not for that amount, alas.) Last year I sent them two images... equalling about three hours work... Its not all sunshine, which is the reason why I only sent them two images... the nature of the beast is changing and I am not sure what is changing to... but there is a but...
  2. Advice on portfolio/improving image sales?

    I assume the speakers at the demo's are speaking because they are (activists/councillers/mp/people of note.) If their names are not included in the captions or keywords then the chances that anyone will find the images should that person come into the news in the future are zero. How to find out who they are? Make a note when they are introduced, or find someone with the list of speakers and take photo of the list.
  3. Aurora chance tonight and tomorrow

    Correct... my error... my enthusiasm got ahead of me.. the API tweet says tomorrow and the day after. With, due of the weather, the day after being the best chance... My sincere apologies to anyone who did pop out to look... I have a number of times myself. Hopefully anyone else who did look enjoyed a lovely winter starry sky.
  4. Aurora chance tonight and tomorrow

    They (The Anton Pannekoek Instituut of the Universiteit van Amsterdam) retweeted a tweet from a Dr Tamitha Skov, who turn seems to be looking at data provided by NASA.
  5. Aurora chance tonight and tomorrow

    If nothing else have a quick look at Orion aiming his arrow at Taurus. Work thirty degrees further east and you'll see Gemini, a sort of equalateral triangle of stars. Serious? Yep, Sirius is also visible. The app Stellarium is very useful for looking at the night sky. Zoom into an object and become dizzy at the speed we are spinning.
  6. Tip van Flip, my local University astronomy department has tweeted that for the following two nights there is an increased possibility of seeing the Aurora Borealis over the Netherlands. I am guessing that the same would be true for the rest of Northern Europe so it may be worth popping your head out the window to have look just in case. Edit, because I got the days a bit wrong, my apologies... according to the API its tonight and tomorrow... and as Vincent mentions in his edit it may not be as big as thought... maybe some got stars in their eyes due to Valentines Day.
  7. AoA

    It seems a bit like knowingly piddling in the wind if after doing your market research and finding out that the chances of sales are slight you go ahead and work on getting images you know have a very small chance of selling. Not really good for the self-confidence neither. However if you happen to be in the neighbourhood... or are on a jolly day out... or the places are on the way to... or can combine it with other subject matter... all risk mitigation. One of my sales this month was of an image taken on the way to cover an event and was nothing to do with the event I was covering. A lot of images aren;t necessarily taken of a place but taken in a place. I have many sales which are taken here in Amsterdam for which the place is of limited or no importance.
  8. Have you found any Alamy images Feb 2018

    And then you find one of your own in an article about willy whitening in Bangkok... More interesting to me is the publication... it seems that Alamy are getting a foothold in Australia.
  9. Helloooo, anyone home?

    Last weekend there were some technical issues. After uploading through the FTP my batch wasn;t yet appearing in the feed an hour or so later after I checked in to my hotel. So I popped off an email asking whether I should reupload and recieved the answer, yes please. Maybe the gremlins are still playing up. There is also the new news ftp address which may be causing some glitches.
  10. Help upgrading camera

    I bought an RX100 in December and already have 50% of the purchase price covered in sales. That said, I see it as a very useful addition to my arsenal, but not an alternative to my full frame and definitely not an upgrade from the D700 I use. Its great for having if you are just bimbling around town and want something light in your pocket.
  11. A small jubilee.

    I think you may be correct, but not in the way you mean. If I look at some of your images, particularely of the young ladies, they seem to be aimed at the Russian market... which is not a surprise as it is probably your main reference as to what sales... However... whilst I have sold a few images through Alamy to Russia it is not their main market. To take the example of the lady painting. Full make up... well, maybe, I was taking images last week of sportswomen getting covered in mud, and many of them were wearing full make up. However when painting most people would take precautions not to get paint on the furniture beyond and probably wouldn't wear their best dress. I was painting a door this morning, I didn;t wear an expensive dinner jacket but an old jumper and jeans which it didn;t matter if they got paint on them. Not being a lady I cant really speak for them but I am guessing that most would wear an old back to front shirt to painting and not their best frock they'd usually wear to attend a plush party in. BTW I like your fruit and veg shots, its just that just like the stereotypical jumping goldfish shot, there is a lot of competition. Also the toys... you can illustrate a lot with a few props.
  12. Adobe Photoshop and Banknotes

    If you have an old version of PS on an old computer you may find it more co-operative. BTW its not always the Western currencies which get picked up, the Vietnamese Dong was one I had to find alternative ways of processing.
  13. First Sale Ever

    I think I'll just pop out and get some shots of Portavogie harbour... I just get a train to the airport (cost), fly to Belfast (cost), bus from the airport to accomodation (cost, cost), bus to Portavogie (cost) and then back home (all costs x2.) And then I have to contend with the weather I get, whereas you can choose. A niche is relative, sometimes it just happens to be where you are relative to others. Sometimes it is knowledge. Sometimes it is patience. Niche's come in all shapes and sizes.
  14. Images Sold in February (Max. 1 per day)

    An all time 1970's classic train design. Doors only accessable by stepping on other passengers feet or knocking their knees. The inside door catch rarely worked so you had to open the window letting the cold in order to lean out and open the door from the outside with the chance that some do it early and get their heads whopped off like Vivian in the Young Ones. And then departing passengers left the window open upon disembarking meaning that in half empty trains other passengers would had to get up and close it so that the heat wouldn't escape. And seats as abrasive as the most coarse sand paper.
  15. 2018 - is this what the future holds?

    Quote from Brasilnut's blog “We feel that for the majority of photographers, it’s best to maximise your reach and place your images with a range of distributors.” – James Allsworth, Alamy Contributor Relations I have the feeling that many interpret the choice we have as either Alamy or Micro's. There is lots more choice out there... but you often do have to have the correct product. It is actually good to see that Alamy are encouraging diversification, see also the 100K blog where Jim West says 1) Be frugal. Last month, I photographed a couple of cattle ranchers in Colorado and asked them whether they could make an OK living at it. They said, “Yes – because we don’t spend any money!” Good advice for a stock photographer. I spend the money I need to for professional-quality equipment, but I’m very careful about it. And I live in Detroit, where the cost of living is low. 2) Quantity and patience. Since prices are low, you’ll need a large stock portfolio, which takes time. I have 30,000 images at Alamy. 3) You’ll probably need other income, whether photo-related or something else. Maybe for a while, maybe forever. For many years I put too many eggs into the Alamy basket, too much reliance, too much time. The garden path was there to be lead up and I lead myself up it with some encouragment from Abingdon. All the years when I concentrated on Alamy I needed to do other work to make ends meet. If I hadn't had a change of policy and diversified I would have been well and truly stuffed now. Product diversification and market diversification (which doesn;t necessarily mean going down the micro route) is now standard. Everything is temporary, some things less so than others... but but many agents from not so long ago are no longer with us, including biggies like Corbis.