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  1. Totally Wrong Information!

    Just to give the benefit of the doubt. During the week I had to rekeyword all of a batch after LR applied all the keywords of all of the images to all of the images. Even the keywords with asterisks next to them which shows that that keyword doesn;t apply to all of the selection. Maybe perhaps possibly these people didn;t catch the gremlins .
  2. RM vs RF usage...again!

    To mix some multi-lingual metaphors. The customer is king. But what is good for the goose may not be good for the gander. Geld moet rollen. (Money has to roll.) In the long term it is not in anyones interest (customer nor supplier) if the price reaches a point where supplying is a financial noose. BTW That also applies to our own consuming behaviour... what goes around comes around.
  3. October Challenge :: Failure

    Success and failure... Germany score against England during the Hockey Europeans. Design failure. Last month I did a cycle trip through the UK. Many of the bike paths have gates to prevent certain vehicles entering... shame my bike was one of them. Good idea, poor execution. Missed chance.
  4. Alamy Financial Results for 2016 now available

    It may be OK if the briefs are broad enough that you have a reasonable chance of selling the images elsewhere if they are not chosen. However, they can be so detailed that that possibility is negated. In which case it becomes an Uber gig open to all with no guarantee of payment. And customers dont limit themselves to one service. P.s'je. They are useful as a bit of market research though.
  5. Alamy Financial Results for 2016 now available

    Be careful what you wish for. A POD I supply had a problem with volumes... certain suppliers were uploading designs with every possible Hex colour variation. There were lots of calls for culls ... and then it happened. All designs which had not been viewed within a certain period were taken off the market place. The result was a lot of gnashing of teeth as lots of people who meant other peoples collections saw a lot of their work vanish down the pan. According to their happy-clappy emails I could count myself as a prof seller, but my collection got cut to less than 20% of its previous size. Thats a lot of work down the drain and reason to be a trifle miffed. I am not sure if it is a problem with Alamy. Plus the size and diversity is Alamy's goose which is laying the golden (silver, copper...) egg. An image of something may not have any demand until tomorrow, when (... lightning strikes that particular Church, that particular politician does something silly, a drunken ships captain rams that pier etc etc. )
  6. do you regret "goin' drone"?

    Something similar on todays news for those who want to practice their Dutch In short, the inhabitants of Kinderdijk one of the biggest tourist attractions in Zuid Holland want drones forbidden for privacy reasons. Whilst they are used to tourists they are less happy looking on youtube and seeing their partners putting out the wash or kids playing.
  7. Baco, Kind of you to say so. Sometimes I (we) have to kick ourselves in the backside and appreciate the situation we are in. However, it is a lot of work. I reckon covering a football match is ten hours work and colleagues I have spoken to say about the same. Covering the hockey in the summer, I had days where the first game started at nine in the morning and the last, sixth match at eight in the evening. And it is work, lots of hoops to be jumped through, I rarely go to a match with a skip in my step. The fan aspect declines, I would say there are many on the sidelines who would rather be at home with their families. Linking in with the subject matter of the thread, it is a business and I am covering less and less football because the returns are diminishing. There are less photographers and the big agents are covering all the bases and niches more efficiently (or cheaper.) Back in 2006 I was one of the few supplying Alamy with my World Cup images, partially because of the method of supplying (CD's.) Now they can be assured of images instantly from every match from a number of sources. I am still on a financial loss from the last event and am very unlikely to head to Russia next year. National teams are better than club because the shelf life is longer, less matches and more historical value, for example the last match of Robben Tuesday. Even then you see people looking for the niche's, and finding that there are lot of people looking for the niche's. Linking into the 10p calculation above. I would be very surprised if a lot of the big number suppliers of sport and news (eg Zuma) are making as much as that amount. Which means that many are earning more. Bill mentioned the 80/20 rule on another thread. I reckon its more likely to be nearer 90/10 but there are many earning more than 10p returns. I am.
  8. personal websites

    Just one quick tip van Flip. (You probably have it covered anyway.) Things change, companies come and companies go. A few years back a company specialised in websites for photographers went bust bringing a fair bit of stress for a number of photographers who had their collections with them. It is handy have a database stored on various media with your collection fully keyworded and captioned ready to go should something happen whereby you need to upload them to an alternative in a short period of time.
  9. personal websites

    The sites seem pretty much of a muchness. I use Photodeck. One thing I do have is a redirect function from an easy to remember website (my surname .nl) to the photodeck site. As you alluded to the challenge is getting it found. Or rather getting it found by the right people.
  10. Where has Philippe gone?

    Can we get away from this idea that the Dutch and Belgians are all direct to the point of rudeness? There are some rude and direct people here. Some, including politicians, even use their nationality as an excuse to be rude and direct. But it is by no means the norm. The same goes for using a language other than ones mother tongue... a large percentage of the world are multi-lingual. Faux-pas happen. But its no excuse to be rude.
  11. Looking at it from another point of view there's the joke... "When I grow up I want to become a photographer." "I'm sorry but you cant have both..."
  12. Stock vs Live News

    You never know if yesterdays news may become tomorrows. For example... the pier you have a photo of a sunset behind becomes subject of a planning debate to demolish/renovate. The politician you have a photo of canvassing does something silly. Feather pillows are shown in a study to be better for sleep. The shipping company of a ship you have images of announces profits/losses/bankruptcy. Also for many images the news value turns into historical value. The main reason I can think of for deleting is if you are taking photos of the more or less same subject on different days. Or if you have images of the same subject which are better.
  13. DACS

    Maybe not for those dealing in sterling. but for others exchange rate is very relevant. It is the amount which appears on my bank account. It is the amount of income I receive. It is the amount I can spend paying rent etc. If the exchange rate has gone down 20% it is a trifle annoying and therefore relevant. And at the moment all I have to go by is the amount on my bank account as I have not seen the statement. But for sake of comparison. I am looking at about 1/2 last year of which a not insignificant amount, but no means all, is exchange rate.
  14. Conference accreditation question

    Accreditations procedures are as variant as the number of people making up accreditation procedures. I have never attended an event which required payment to book desk space/wifi but I know of some which do... Olympics, commonwealth games... and they aren;t cheap. Maybe you can get away without the need, all my coverage of the Dutch general elections I sent from home, which in some cases was just around the corner. Dont forget that people arrive and depart, or go for a jog in the case of a certain foreign secretary who doesn;t want the attention, no, please, no, can you see me, no, then I'll go for a jog again. And politicians know a photo opportunity when it presents itself.
  15. DACS

    Mine showed a significant drop. Dont forget that we have to factor in a different exchange rate.