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  1. Venice, obvs - don't know what the use is yet, but a sad $11 gross
  2. Colour calibration

    With all due respect, if you're serious about your photography you should be paying attention to your monitor calibration and set up a properly colour-managed workflow (lots of info online). I think you'll find that very few professional photographers neglect this. As others suggest, Colormunki is an economical way to get started. Alex
  3. Slow month?

    My average is between 2 and 3 sales per 1000 per month, sometimes more (on 8000 images), and I am neither unusually accomplished nor a full-time stock photographer Alex
  4. Good way to start the month

    2 today, one of which was a $41 - a calendar, like the rest of you, I imagine Alex
  5. How was your November?

    16 sales for $456 total - just about matches my worst month over the last year. Haven't had a 3-figure sale for months, either. Alex
  6. Slow month?

    The 18-55 is a really nice little lens, so long as you make sure the IS is switched off unless you absolutely need it (say 1/15 or slower). I've had a few blurred images as a result of leaving it on at higher shutter speeds (over 1/60) Alex
  7. I have a lot of scans from an RB67 on Alamy, not generally a problem though depending on your scanner and software you may have to look out for 'pepper grain' Alex
  8. I can't see any serious sky noise to speak of, and I've never had one of my RXII shots fail QC on those grounds. Presumably you are exposing correctly in camera rather than altering things in post? And it's not a bad idea with this camera to downsize before submitting to Alamy, too. Alex
  9. End result of telephoto

    Round here they sit on fenceposts and telegraph poles about thirty feet away, no telescope needed Alex
  10. MyAlamy Net Revenue changes

    Yes it does, Niels! Alex
  11. MyAlamy Net Revenue changes

    Just put in today's date followed by 'date of invoice' and it brings up all sales made as recently as this morning, so still useful in the same way Alex
  12. Just bought an Arca-style quick release plate for my X-T2. Bought it direct from the US manufacturers thinking such a small item would surely be duty free. However HMRC and Royal Mail between them added £15.44 to the bill. The whole process took about a fortnight, total saving on the same item bought here amounted to £2. Alex
  13. Sinterklaas kapoentje - Dec 5 rerank conclusions

    I can say almost exactly the same Alex
  14. Post your positive results here :)

    I spoke too soon - had one refunded, so I'm back to one short of last year's total . . . Alex