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  1. Have you found . . . ?

    umm - was meant to be a joke . . .
  2. Have you found . . . ?

    I'm very grateful to all who take the trouble to do this. There's only one small problem - if I search under my surname I get endless pics of a certain TV chef, while a search on my first name tends to show me just how many pics Alex Segre has sold . . . Alex
  3. Plant ID?

    Spot on - thank you very much, John Alex
  4. Plant ID?

    Can anyone kindly ID this for me? - seen some years ago in a glasshouse in a botanic garden (subtropical, I think) Thanks, Alex

    19 sales for $634 gross - roughly average for me - but too many distributor sales, alas Alex
  6. Sales ceilings?

    Getting back to the original question, my sales seemed to reach a plateau at about the 7000 image mark. Sales and revenue then remained remarkably consistent for at least 18 months, until a sharp drop last month. Unfortunately this month looks set to be even worse, so maybe my run of luck is over Alex
  7. Last Ten Minutes

    Last ten minutes - 3 distributor sales resulting in a net payment to me of $1.75 each - I won't say I'm inconsolable, but certainly pretty disheartened Alex
  8. One from the archive - 1979's winter of discontent
  9. Post your positive results here :)

    One for $119 today - but alas, a distributor sale Alex
  10. So if I subscribe to Adobe (a year's subscription from Amazon seems to be cheapest option) and change my mind after a year, does it just revert to the standalone versions I already possess? And if I do subscribe, does that involve downloading new versions of LR and CS? Thanks, Alex
  11. How was your August 2017?

    18 for $483 gross - lowest for at least 18 months. Too many distributor sales, too, and none in three figures
  12. Just updated my standalone Lightroom to 6.12. Now, of course, when I try to open files in standalone CS6 I get the suggestions to 'render using Lightroom' or 'open anyway' as Camera Raw in CS6 can't be updated beyond 9.1.1, while Lightroom uses version 9.12. This means either that CS6 won't recognise all the changes made in Lightroom (notably perspective changes), or that the file opens slowly while Lightroom renders it, and I then end up with an (often) superfluous TIFF next to the dng in my catalogue. Is there any way around this, or do I unwillingly have to pay up to Adobe for the rest of my days? Alex
  13. X-T2 and Camera Raw query

    I may have got it - checked the catalogue settings (thanks Craig!) and found that 'automatically write changes into xmp' was unchecked - I'll see whether that makes a difference
  14. X-T2 and Camera Raw query

    Thanks all - most of the time everything seems fine, but this morning I opened one file in CS6 and found that it opened not as a background layer but as Layer 0, with a huge amount of exaggerated perspective correction added. All I had done to the original dng in Lightroom was to apply a small amount of vertical correction. I can only think that CS6/Camera Raw was failing to read the Lightroom data, or possibly the Fuji profile
  15. I use LR6.8 (which I think comes with Camera Raw 9.8) and CS6 (Camera Raw 9.1.1). This version of Lightroom seems to work perfectly well with files from my new X-T2 (converted to DNGs using X-Transformer). However if I try to open them in Photoshop it seems to have trouble, not recognising some of the Lightroom corrections etc. It looks as though my Photoshop plugin of Camera Raw can't read the X-T2 profile. Does this mean I have to move over to CC in order to use Photoshop with this (and any future) camera? Thanks, Alex