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    Above and beyond everything else, my family - my supportive, gorgeous wife, my two "full of beans" kids, the constantly "on the hunt" exquisite Bengal cat Athena who really believes she is a leopard, but oddly enough collects drinking straws... Like that wouldn't be enough we also have the completely bonkers, loyal, always in a good mood, cute, but very able, ready to brave any weather Chihuahua girl Chloe that has a preference to sitting up like a human in the sofa watching TV with the rest of us - peculiar little thing and Rambo the Japanese fighting fish. Still that apparently wasn't enough so the two most recent additions were the kids getting a Chilean Degu each - Puff and Spotty. Degus are intriguing animals to say the least. Did you know that they are one of the few animals that actually uses tools to retrieve food from "out of reach" places such as something similar to a little rake to get things (food) out from place they can't otherwise reach.

    My work and passion - photography. Always had an interest in both stills and motion, but since late 90's early 2000 photography became a passion and eventually also my work. Then to the disdain to the rest of the family, I'm very into "guff" i.e. most things interest me, love to learn and watch documentaries about absolutely anything.


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    I concur - why even go back and look at your own post to see how many of each colour, waste of time. At OP - shame about low priced sales, really is - think RM is running out of cash and it's RF where the dough is. All IMHO. Peace!
  2. Show the latest image that you sold on Alamy in December . (1 per day)

    If one fits, why not? Anyhow, sold overnight - so thank you Athena, whom btw is an amazing Bengal and goes to the toilet just like a human, sometimes even flushing it.
  3. Weather

    It is dark, the sun is just over the horizon for 5-6 hours, coldish at -6C, snow and snowing intermittently - love it! Lovely time to be out, crisp air, all the trees are white, the sound of snow under the feet and everything is way more quiet. Plenty to do (predominately sledging with the kids) and photograph outdoors - snowy fashion/lifestyle/environmental portraiture has been great sellers through the years. However, my current personal objective is this annoying huge male moose that is always out the back when I'm cameraless, and nowhere to be seen when I'm armed and ready - he's mocking me, but I will get him.
  4. Net neutrality - and Alamy?

    Perhaps not really relevant, but choked on my coffee reading that you have to pay that much in the US, $230 is ridiculously expensive! We pay $35 (299kr) for 130Mbit up and down fibre (up to 1000Mbit up/down available) connection, full HD "cable" TV with 25 channels included, 30+ TV Play services and home phone with free countrywide phonecalls. Also, everywhere you go have free high-speed hotspots to add to an already pretty extensive 4G network. Quick look at statistics states that 71% (Oct 2016) of Sweden is covered by at least 100Mbit service, thus making fibre connection the most common type of connection. Is availability of high-speed internet going to be a new inequality to add to the list of issues in the world? Poor Americans, not only are they constantly spied on by their own government agencies, now they are going to have to generally pay more for the pleasure of this intrusion! (sarcasm ) PS - other statistics states the internet penetration (i.e. % of population using/having access to the internet) is quite low in the US, one would think they would be somewhere in top, I did anyway.
  5. Reporting in on RF

    I knew you would take offense to that one - sorry I was in a hurry. It certainly wasn't meant as offensive, more that you are editorial focused and I'm more 'jack of all trades' - does that make sense? You are more editorial, I'm more commercial - that makes our outlook on the market/opportunities and licenses vastly different.
  6. Reporting in on RF

    I know that you are editorial-focused and therefore your view is a bit "clouded", but for someone with a 360 degree outlook (i.e. not pigeon-holed) I would say that insisting on RM is more limiting in terms of distribution than RF, and increasingly so. IMHO of course. +1 for getting rid of the RM/RF - licensing needs to get with the time, neither RM or RF is 2017. I keep saying it - impression based licensing - true usage, fair and square.
  7. Reporting in on RF

    Eh no*, not really, instead hard facts based on numbers and industry insight/reports tell me things. We can put blinders on all we like and resist until we're blue in the face, but don't tell me that RF isn't something to consider and things seem to happen regularly that weakens the RM argument (sadly I would say). The most interesting part is what was just surfaced - there used to be 10-year licenses, now apparently 1000-year licenses exist - the difference, even here, between RM/RF is so slim that the discussion is almost pointless, the choice (or "control") is no longer ours, bar being able to fling on a few more restrictions when we so wish - whoho haha. How does a 1000-year license, worldwide, multiple use license affect your ability to reap any benefits over RF? Don't know if it is the first, second or or third nail in the coffin, but RM seems to become more and more of an illusion, with a bit of a good old days feel-good factor to it. If this becomes the norm, then selling 1000-year, multiple use, worldwide licenses and call oneself RM photographer = delusion. The proper meaning of RM has been diluted. We're all RF now, whether we like it or not, admitting it is the first step *Success hahaha - what is that - highest total revenue, highest number of - think one has to consider investment, especially time spent, before establishing who's successful or not. ^IMHO^ of course. Adios - off for some exercise, age is another thing we can't escape and this old bod needs it!
  8. Reporting in on RF

    Thanks Betty - always nice, more useful and interesting to establish hard facts, rather than having to read people's opinions stated as facts - then the reality is what it is, and it might differ from one person to the next.
  9. Reporting in on RF

    @Betty LaRue Thanks for the numbers! 3 month RPI Total RF net sales $315.92 / 1380 =$0.23 (extrapolated to yearly $0.92) Total RM net sales $1341.39 / 4110 = $0.33 (extrapolated to yearly $1.32) As I said "Whichever is higher offers the highest return for the same period and one could say makes most financial sense (without taking anything else into consideration).". In your case based on this limited period of time and casting all those other "considerations"to the side, RM is still performing better than RF. We all see different realities, so many factors that influence this - subject matter, style, release status, age of imagery, the selection of what goes RF/RM, available competition for a specific sale etc. My numbers look different, RF outperforming RM with about 5-7x (it was before the summer I ran the numbers) and a much healthier RPI, compared to the somewhat anemic looking one for RM (if one has been doing this for while and reminisce). AFAIK, IMHO and based on the industry reports that I've read RM is no longer mainstream, the trend being that it is getting pushed out further further and eventually will become a niche at best. Customers and agencies alike want RF - easier to admin, fast and loose, just easier all around (time is money). I'm not a moaner so I adapt, at my own pace, in a way that I'm comfortable with haha. If solely focussing on Alamy, the hybrid license with its' disguised RM like RF licenses smoothes out a lot of the issues (at the moment). My personal experience, not just here on Alamy, is that choosing RM for the opportunity of exclusive sales or for re-use sales doesn't amount to enough to warrant RM over RF - so slowly and reluctantly I work with my control freak and attachment issues and offer more and more as RF, it's a process and I loathed myself for it, but at the end of the day money talks awfully loud. There has always been some drama/issues going on in the industry since I got involved properly in stock around 2003 (but I don't do stock exclusively, but still tickled pink by the fact when an image of cat litter can sell for good money!), fact is that bar a blip 2007-2008 (?) every year has been better than the one before, despite reported sinking average license prices (don't think that is true for this year) and despite cancelling my contract with G***y a few years ago. If I'm not mistaken the total $ billion "imagery" market has increased at a healthy level, but there is just a whole lot of new channels (video, web, decline of physical print but an upshot in paid online newspapers). At least it is never boring! For the record - I don't like RF and I do not advocate it, but facts are facts and families are expensive to run
  10. Reporting in on RF

    One can analyze ad infinitum, but the market has been and continues to head towards RF at the expense of RM - fact, whether we like it/agree with it.
  11. Reporting in on RF

    It is an internal struggle. The "artist" prefers RM, the "business mind" prefers RF... Good luck!
  12. Reporting in on RF

    I can't say that I have proper "reasoning" as of yet, despite years of doing both. However, I can say that RF always have gained me considerably higher net RPI (about 5-6x higher than RM) and higher average per sale prices, but I don't like RF...but reluctantly I go more and more in that direction, I think one kind of has to or at least I feel I have to.
  13. Reporting in on RF

    I'll give it a go. 5490 images in total, 1380 RF (25%) and 4110 RM (75%). 19 images sold, 4 RF and 15 RM. Can't work out the RPI as the total amounts for RM/RF aren't given. So crudely, putting $ and all other considerations to the side, RF should have generated 25% of the sales i.e. 19 x 0.25 = 4.75 sales and RM 14.25 sales - so pretty much spot on based on the mix alone. The interesting part is how much $ did RF generate in total compared to RM, then we could've done RPI and see whether financially RF or RM performed better. 3 month RPI Total RF $ net sales / 1380 = RF net RPI Total RM $ net sales / 4110 = RM net RPI Whichever is higher offers the highest return for the same period and one could say makes most financial sense (without taking anything else into consideration).
  14. AFAIK there isn't the same range system (0-255) in LR, but it is instead using a percentage system. You can hover over any point and you get the % of the three RGB channels for that point under the histogram i.e. pure black will be 0% on all three channels and pure white will be 100% on all three channels. You can also switch on/off shadow/highlight clipping on the triangles in the top left and top right of the histogram.
  15. Sun flare, advice please

    Love lens flare - would never think about removing it. I go look for lens flare compositions with the Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 II as it creates awesome ones with it's circular shaped blades.