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    Above and beyond everything else, my family - my supportive, gorgeous wife, my two "full of beans" kids, the constantly "on the hunt" exquisite Bengal cat Athena who really believes she is a leopard, but oddly enough collects drinking straws... Like that wouldn't be enough we also have the completely bonkers, loyal, always in a good mood, cute, but very able, ready to brave any weather Chihuahua girl Chloe that has a preference to sitting up like a human in the sofa watching TV with the rest of us - peculiar little thing and Rambo the Japanese fighting fish. Still that apparently wasn't enough so the two most recent additions were the kids getting a Chilean Degu each - Puff and Spotty. Degus are intriguing animals to say the least. Did you know that they are one of the few animals that actually uses tools to retrieve food from "out of reach" places such as something similar to a little rake to get things (food) out from place they can't otherwise reach.

    My work and passion - photography. Always had an interest in both stills and motion, but since late 90's early 2000 photography became a passion and eventually also my work. Then to the disdain to the rest of the family, I'm very into "guff" i.e. most things interest me, love to learn and watch documentaries about absolutely anything.


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  1. Adobe's new LR "strategy"??

    "People like us" would probably need more storage than perhaps the average user, so yes it is a way of squeezing us - HDDs still works just fine though.
  2. Adobe's new LR "strategy"??

    Your speculations are valid, but as you point out yourself - not just yet. I'm not choosing Adobe plan according to the storage, but as to which softwares I need (LR, PS and Premiere) - happen to get a bunch of storage with it and I do use it to seamlessly work across two computers (desktop and laptop). Photoshelter is for back up, licensing, fulfilment, but primarily a headache free way of a having a website, a hub of sorts. Haven't tried the new Lightroom CC (the cloud based one) - but if it is as capable as the classic one, I can see great potential.
  3. Adobe's new LR "strategy"??

    Adobe has offered storage (as have many others) for years - there is no licensing, other fulfillment nor a personal website as far as I know?
  4. Reached 4000 images

    I'm glad I did it - pushing boundaries is a great thing and what doesn't kill you only makes your stronger. Let's just say that how investment bankers were portrayed in the papers is all true - working your butt off for a year talking about what to spend the bonus on - most are shallow Porsche driving egomaniacs, really bright (Oxford/Cambridge) egomaniacs, but sure it is a a nice feeling for a 20 year something to be able to go out and buy a brand new BMW 325i for cash for first bonus...or going out partying ordering 6 bottles of Veuve Clique at the time - those were the times or those were the times when you think back - should have saved more and wasted less! hahaha. Well, we all grow and learn. Most Scandis in the same circle returned home within 10 years, the lights (that we hardly saw) start to fade pretty quickly. Much happier being able to put family first and hustle as a photographer then any money could could make up for. I'm not an a-hole so I guess it wasn't a great fit.
  5. Reached 4000 images

    Funny - similar to my experience. In the beginning as an investment banking analyst in London where we had a staffer that we had to report to how much % we spent on different projects i.e. 15% on project A, 50% on project B etc. Always tried to be honest and accurate in my reporting with the mindset that 12-14 hrs per days should be more than enough. However, even when pulling 115hr weeks was it never ok to report 100% busy, always arguing about what had to give way to be able to dump new project in my lap - there was according to the staffer always scope for more, more and more. Hated that staffer. Thankfully, with time, moving up the chain you became senior analyst and got to dump stuff on the juniors. Kid you not, was often so exhausted when it came to finally presenting to clients somewhere in the world, having spent the entire trip doing last minute adjustments to the presentation at the MD's request/whims I was so exhausted that I literally had to sit and pull hairs out of my legs to stay awake. Associate level and Assistant Vice President was much moore of a breeze workwise, but of course difficult to get the good juniors to do a good job (hot commodities). However, after 6-7 years, arrival of my firstborn and I realised that I couldn't stand this money driven (massive bonus incentives) environment - did nothing for me. Handed in my notice, bought a big house in Scotland and went all in on photography. Probably a stupid move in many's books, but theres more to life than money and not spending enough time with family. Many good stories in hindsight though and the greatest gift was that finding that we're capable of pushing ourselves soo much further than we think we can or at least me and many other poor souls.
  6. Reached 4000 images

    that could also be very helpful in any relationship...
  7. Reached 4000 images

    I think we're on the same page. As one can't know the end use, how can one determine such things as "mood" of an image. A serious article about something in Houses of Parliament might just want to have the normal dull day with real starkness from across the street type shot, whilst an article about gothic architecture might want a beautiful tranquil long exposure from across the Thames. I keep my threshold pretty low, proven many times that things that I thought would never sell did, and of course the opposite.
  8. Reached 4000 images

    1) However, also the spiritual home of anarchy. Secondly, if often misunderstood, yet you proclaim it the "best sense of humour in the world" are you calling people in general idiots or perhaps that we Scandis (speaking for all of us now) are basically too stupid to get it? Don't mention the Germans! above all a long stupid sarcastic paragraph with Monty Python reference at the end. 2) Love sarcasm, as a humour and often write/post in that way but I do make sure to add "(sarcasm)" just after the sentence/paragraph or a universal disclaimer if on a longer rant - sure takes a bit of fun out of it, but better than offending someone. Back on topic for me, trying at least.
  9. Reached 4000 images

    People making problems out of nothing can do one - they are free to read or not read, I suggest they block you to not have to see your posts if they are so cranky and offended by a bit of humour - DON'T let them affect you or dictate to you what to do. Light-hearted fun is always appropriate and I for one will cooooommiserate if you stop
  10. Reached 4000 images

    Don't know why you feel you've been taken the wrong way or received sarcastic tone - but if it was from me, I apologise unreservedly. Hope you instead spotted my thank you/appreciation, as well as the "+1 greenie".
  11. Reached 4000 images

    I concur. @GS-Images 's shared communication with Alamy as well as his personal findings (thank you for going through the trouble) has kind of turned my very old understanding of how the pseudonyms work on it's head. After recent conversations on here , as well as in the past has made me loosely "formulate" a plan that would include at least 2-3 active pseudonyms. Now, I'm a bit hesitant to do anything before knowing more, I also always just like to know things. So dear, devilishly handsome @Alamy - it would be very much appreciated if we could get some answers/help/pointers so one can make a 2017 informed decision. I tried to outline the scenarios that I can think of in the form of specific questions, but view them more as a general pseudonym conundrum that we're faced with. Also totally understand the importance of the proprietary aspect of the search and that you have to be mindful of what becomes confirmed public knowledge. 1. Are pseudonyms totally independent if one takes CTR/AR into consideration? 2. Are pseudonyms fairly independent, but the CTR/AR from all/other pseudonyms plays a role/is a factor? 3. Are pseudonyms pre-dominately/exclusively just an organisational tool i.e. your average CTR/AR over all pseudonyms determines placement? or even more condensed/simpler/to the point. Which pseudonym strategy would most likely make sense for the average contributor- as an individual contributor portfolio quality differentiator or merely as an organisational tool (for example topics, geographic, age etc.)?
  12. What is an HDR Dome?
  13. Comments about your equipment from strangers

    Laminate a "do not disturb" sign and stick to your back?
  14. New boss

    Not sure if that is what you meant, but if you are talking about possibility for Alamy to "get listed", then I agree, against that. Also, to get into a significant stock exchange you have to be rather chunky so doubtful that it would be on the horizon.
  15. New boss

    Interesting thought. Alamy isn't listed and the financial info is limited. So that limits the question from a financial aspect to more of a "believe in" question. My answer then is yes, the DNA at this place, especially if doing a 360, would be that of stability, transparency and trust - Alamy is as human as a stock agency can be, not perfect but personable, which is important to me. So yes, I believe in Alamy, I'm excited about the upcoming changes at the top and I think the time is ripe to do some canny moves...