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  1. 'Other income'

    Ok lovely thanks everyone. Zero sales for over a month now so at least this pushes me to another payout next month
  2. 'Other income'

    On my account this morning has appeared a credit described only as 'other income', no further details. Is this DACs via Alamy does anyone know? I thought that was normally December. Thanks
  3. Thanks, I will give it a go tomorrow, can't hurt to try
  4. Thanks Jill, unfortunately as mentioned above a DNG will not work with Lightroom 4. I have downloaded a free trial of CC and will play around with that, but of course will inevitably have to take the plunge with something in a week, when the trial is up.
  5. oh dear, thought that may be the case time to get the credit card out again I guess. Thanks everyone
  6. Hi, I hope someone can help me. I have just purchased a Sony Rx100 m3 and tried to download my first images to Lightroom 4, but it says it does not recognise the format. How can I download the Raw files and edit in lightroom 4? Many thanks
  7. Confusing duplicate place names

    Maybe he is from Boston and just doing some sort of exchange for a time? Sorry does not help, very confusing
  8. Another one of my small anniversary at Alamy.

    Please take this comment in the way it is meant, i.e. Trying to be helpful. It is not only a translation issue, Image G3C0AJ as an example. Most of the keywords are irrelevant to the image. I see no rosemary, no cream, caviar, condiments, seafood etc etc. but where is the mention of cheese, cheeses, variety or strawberry? I see no black or a relationship to xmas, but I do see a white plate. Keywording it sometimes difficult to get a grip of, hell I don't seem to of managed very well, but put what you see. For what its worth, I like that image very much. I wish you luck
  9. Log in

    I have been having this type of log in issue for months, as I mainly use my ipad to view account and forum I assumed it stemmed from an IOS update some while back. I no longer have the keep logged in tick box either
  10. 'Gag law': Spaniard who photographed police faces fine
  11. Bryan, have a look at Similar to airbnb but cheaper. Some are in peoples homes, some are seperate accomodation. And if you have a car you can be a little out of the main town you want so even cheaper
  12. Thank you Johnnie and Marianne. Its all in the early 'planning' stages at the moment, like selling belongings, house etc but I am determined to do it. My daughter has the Macbook so will interrogate her when she visits in a couple of weeks. Hopefully she will bring it with her. I will let you into a little secret, I am actually a mid fifties, now single woman, but am not going to let that stop me. Thanks again
  13. Thank you everyone for further input. It certainly gives me more to investigate. Having been a user of soley pc's for 'work' it is a little bit of a minefield for me, so I appreciate your input.
  14. Thank You Ed, genuinely. I do take on board your tip. I hope I manage to get as far a NY (again) one day.
  15. How will I be travelling? Starting out with a car, carrying a bike, also a tent. Sometimes the car will be left in one location. No doubt my travels will include aeroplanes at some point, and I would like to remain completely fluid, starting where I live, Portugal, and ending up ?????? My daughter lives in the Middle East so I have no doubt that will be included in there somewhere. My son lives in England, again, to be included. I spent a few years, many moons ago, back packing, I have friends all over the world and quite frankly its about time I saw them again. I have no set plans, up and go, get where it takes me. Therefore, limited baggage is I feel most appropriate. I should clarify this is not a "fill my boots with stock" journey, but that will be an aside. I am not naive enough to think it will make me rich or even fund my travels, but it may help along the way. Ed, I thank you for you critique, it is probably (I think) about the only time I have uploaded so many 'similars'. Thank you Patriotic Alien for the further recommendation.