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  1. Images on sale discrepancy

    try logging out and then back in
  2. Perplexed

    As the Alamy content increases to more dizzying numbers, our content is going to spread out exponentially. It's getting to the point where only the first image from one of our offerings will be shown in searches of popular subjects. And we have no way of selecting which image appears first as far as I know. I do have one image which I could never sell when I sold direct to publishers which sells over and over on Alamy in spite of quite a bit of competition. Just demonstrates how buying and selling patterns are changing, in this case I'm winning, but where I used to sell a lot of Stonehenge and Niagara Falls pix, these are a real rarity theses days.
  3. Do You Do Your PP on a Laptop?

    Yes most probably a crossbreed. Often the best temperament if they have had a decent upbringing. And they almost certainly live longer. As to laptops, that would be my choice only if circumstances forced. Quite aside from calibration, the different ambient lighting set-ups would be difficult. My iMac never moves and I try to keep the lighting levels in my work room as similar as possible. I don't even much like using my wife's near identical iMac downstairs as she moves her brightness levels about and I wouldn't dream of adjusting them. As a stop-gap, I think I would rather find a library or cafe with facilities for renting a little access than laying out good money for a laptop. Hope things move along with your apt but these things so often move at their own pace.
  4. The Olympus and Panasonic models have a different shaped sensor from the APS-c and full frame digital cameras. It is still rectangular but definitely not so long and thin. This goes back to the attempt to launch the so-called IDEAL format as a more useful frame back in the days of film. So a little thought about how you shoot photos might be an idea. Personally, I always liked the move towards the squatter format but it's not a huge issue. Technically, a sensor closer to a square would mean that the circular lens coverage would be a little smaller and so the lenses could be a little smaller and lighter. Every little helps as the late Sir Terry Wogan used to chant on behalf of Tesco
  5. I was really comfortable with my trusty Canon F1s in the days of film (I must have been keen, I had 5 at one point) but I'm not sure full frame is often necessary these days. If someone made a nice compact mirrorless full frame camera I might very well be interested but as far as I know they are all quite a bit bigger than my neat little APS-c sized Pentax K5. I've never liked people spotting me as a serious photographer. It just creates problems. There's no reason why a simple full frame mirrorless without expensive bells and whistles couldn't be made at a reasonable price but I'm not holding my breath. The nearest thing is the bigger brother to my K-5 is the K-1 also by Pentax and the price is not too bad, but the limited line of lenses are really expensive. And it comes with a big heavy prism with flapping mirror viewing system. Given their history in film cameras, Fuji is probably the one to watch. They used to make a neat little 4.5 x 6 cm, still got one of the wide angle ones stashed away. A digital version of that would be great!
  6. there is a big difference between 2 dimensional art and three dimensional art. Basically, every time a photographer makes a photograph of a sculpture or bit of ceramic like a jug, they create a new copyright, a bit of context, even better but not essential. Flat art, be it in a street or a gallery, context is necessary, and the more the better. If the street art community is giving an agency grief, I can't really argue with the "quiet life" reaction.
  7. There are quite a lot of street artists who wont be troubled by our photographing their work and putting it up on Alamy or any other site, but there are also some who think we are taking a liberty and are aware of copyright to some extent. Who can blame them? Anyway, it's just lazy to just copy street art. People engaging with the work is more interesting anyway or other ways of establishing context should open the door in some cases. Surely photography should be more than just copying?
  8. Years ago I was pretty well forced to move to medium format so that art directors could push the resulting transparencies around on a lightbox and visualise what they might do with the images without getting out a lupe and peering into a 35mm slide. They were mostly travel brochures and the clients almost never got any real benefit out of the bigger bit of film. But I can still feel the ache in my shoulders from hauling that Pentax 67 + lenses around. I even went down ski slopes with that kit! Towards the end of my wintersports work, I used a ski-bob which I found handy. Considerable piss-taking from those who knew that I could ski fairly competently. Unless you are doing really high end commissioned work, there is no point even contemplating medium format. Alamy clients will not see your monstrous bit of kit, so no browny points to be gained there. Full frame 35mm digital? even that is probably overkill. APS-c is a lot bigger than your 1" Sony and there are bargains available.
  9. Ikea LADDA batteries

    I'll have to check that out. These newish LED torches seem to last such a long time on a set of batteries! I've got a few of the older older torches and I'm tempted to ditch them just because they suck the juice out of a set of batteries to quickly.
  10. Ikea LADDA batteries

    It's amazing how many brands and models within brands are out there. Many are likely to just be re-branding of the same product as was the point of this thread. Basically, the rechargeable put out 1.2 volts and the disposable put out 1.5 volts It makes a difference to some types of equipment, to some it is critical. The only flash to address this to my recollection was the hammerhead from Metz used so often by the press which had a space for a fifth cell to bring the combined voltage back up to 6 volts. The actual voltage differs a little from those figures as does the amperage. Domestic things like torches (flashlights to N.Americans) are pretty tolerant and will run happily on cells which our digital gear reckon is knackered. At least ruptured/leaking cells is pretty infrequent these days, but I still worry about things like that spare emergency torch in the glove-box being a mess when the time finally comes and I haven't checked it often enough. Thankfully, our digital cameras almost exclusively have batteries specific to our models and keep going. The unit in my Pentax K-5 is several years old and seems pretty well as strong as it ever was. I'm not tempted to buy a generic alternative.
  11. Ikea LADDA batteries

    I don't think I would make the hour+ drive to Ikea just for batteries, not even if a plateful of meatballs was offered as an incentive. I have to admit they have made at least one improvement: they do show you short-cuts rather than attempting to capture you for the day. The one in Neasdon used to make it almost impossible to find the way out, with their stairs to the lower level well hidden. Once I was just there on a recky and exited by running down the up escalator next to the kiddy play area. I'm surprised I wasn't pounced on by yellow shirted heavies! but credit where credit is due: I wouldn't buy a bed anywhere else
  12. Ikea LADDA batteries

    I liked the idea of the Eneloop, they do keep their charge well, but are useless in my wife's little Canon SureShot which she uses to great effect for photographing her paintings. Freshly recharged AAs are refused after just a few shots or sometimes they are recognised as needing changing immediately. The only ones which work are the non-rechargeable Energiser Lithium which we buy from Battery Station in the UK. They are a premium price but they do work. There is a high street electronics supplier who I had better not name who sell a slightly cheaper disposable Lithium pack, but we have found them not very reliable. The Ikea AA alkaline cells are a bargain and Jane picks some up when she visits that dreaded shop (but each to their own), but I prefer to buy packs of industrial Duracells which work out a little more but are delivered in bulk with little or no delivery charges. I dislike the practice of disposable batteries but do take care not to let them make their way into our black bins (non-recyclable). We only use the expensive Lithium batteries for the digital camera which has such a high demand; in fact the LED continuous lights specifically advise against them suggesting possible overheating might be an issue Buy a Battery looks a little cheaper for the packs but a little more for shipping, as ever, you have to do your sums if you want the absolute best buy
  13. A stitch in time

    buy 2 and rotate them!
  14. Drones .......and changes to the law

    41 pages! Good Grief. No, I think I'll stick to the long pole plan
  15. Hi From Upstate NY

    Kodak aint what it once was, pity! I was a student at RIT for a spell but I decided it was mostly technical which isn't surprising. At least they taught me how to do dye transfer printing. I never did any of that kind of printing since, but it was a brilliant way to come to understand how colours and emulsions worked. Good luck building up a collection at Alamy. I have a soft spot for Upper New York state but it's not what first come to mind when you are thinking of what America is supposed to look like. Best in autumn, long cold winters and lots of snow.
  16. This may alter what you photograph

    I'm rather fond of Malta and have made quite a few trips there. Rental cars even from the bigger names were hung together with wire but you weren't going to go far. As for the rules and regulations, they were often pure comedy, it seems they still are! Only a couple of years ago Malta had its six month stint at the helm of the EU, it was not reckoned to be a great success.
  17. This may alter what you photograph

    The moment I encounter the phrase DATA PROTECTION or DATA PROTECTION ACT, my brain snaps shut and the fluids in my tubes freezes to icy sludge. I am therefore unable to proceed.
  18. Photography on NHS property

    Jansos, your collection seems to include rather a lot of signage so I'm surprised you haven't worked out a strategy for this kind of objection. Surely it comes up regularly? Personally, my blood would hit boiling point sharpish at any attempt to block anything to do with Carillion. Do you ever get challenged by any jobsworths while shooting? Outside of a few areas of London, walking along normally accessed foot paths you should be OK
  19. summarize what sells in 25 words or less

    one of the golden rules in stock photography is "shoot people walking towards the camera, not away" but there are exceptions!
  20. Borders

    I once had a QC fail after uploading a shot where I had corrected perspective on an architectural shot. It's quite easy to leave just a little black edge on one or two corners. Not strictly a border but enough for a fail. So I'm extra careful if correcting perspectives or levelling horizons
  21. Being media experienced you would have thought she had some basic grasp on Copyright, but the idea of owning copyright in your own persona might seem reasonable to many. Wrong of course! Similarly most people who own an original work of art would assume they own all aspects of it including copyright. Again, wrong but an understandable mistake. I once did a long commission seeking out and photographing Victorian architectural details such as tiling, letterboxes and coal chute covers. Got a whole lot of hassle and didn't find giving lessons on copyright constructive.
  22. Title

    That has long been a problem with titles.You can easily adjust most things, but not the title, so either be very brief or take greater care. Of course, Beachy Head is in East Sussex, but you would be surprised how many mistakes visiting photographers make getting our counties wrong. You can either re-submit with correct details and delete the mistaken one which will take about six months, or, as you are new, ask Contributor Services to correct it this one time. On the other hand, there are sooooooo many shots of Beachy Head on Alamy that I would not lose a lot of sleep over it
  23. Advice Needed Please! Would You Add RAM to an Old iMac?

    I had a check on current RAM prices and they seem to have crept up again. They used to be ruinously expensive ten years ago but came down to really cheap five years ago. But they are still the cheapest way to get more grunt out of your computer. We have heard much of Apple upgrades deliberately slowing down iphones a few years old citing twaddle about allowing aging batteries to continue to run the devices; I have to wonder if the same thing might be happening to older Macs users who are pretty well forced to upgrade their operating system under cover of security concerns and browser function ability.
  24. Advice Needed Please! Would You Add RAM to an Old iMac?

    If you go to the Crucial site it will offer to analyse your system. The main benefit is it will see how your RAM slots are configured. The most likely configuration will be all four slots with 2 GB so that to upgrade you will have to lose 2 x 2 of your existing RAM That takes you down to 4 GB and adding 2 x 4 GB only increases you to 12. But if you have 2 x 4 GB and two empty slots, your new 2 x 4 will take you up to 14. My 27" iMac is a little earlier than your fusion drive model and it will take a maximum of 32 GB. I would be surprised if your model won't take 8 GB RAM chips. I replaced just two of my slots with 8 GB chips taking me to 20 GB and have never had any problems. My guess is that the cost in The US would be about $100. Kingston is one of the other main brands. The main benefits will be the ability to keep lots of applications open and ability to work on huge files if you have a big sensor and use lots of layers. General speed is less likely to show a big boost. In the 27" iMac you open a little panel just under the apple symbol and pull out the chips and slide in the new ones. It's not such an easy DIY task on the 21" and you may have to take it to a repair shop. Apple don't like you doing it yourself as they charge a LOT more for these upgrades. The term "Rip-Off" springs to mind.
  25. Bulk discount

    Back well before Alamy I used to act as a stock supplier mostly to book publishers and part-works. I used to get asked for bulk discount anything over 1. On the rare occasions the total came to over 10 the rate card would be shredded. But the rates started at more like $100. Lots more for world rights