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  1. Favourite images uploaded - Jan 2018

    There's a bit of a story to this photo. We were in Tulamben, Bali, on 26 November when Mt Agung erupted, and were evacuated just 8 days into our 30 day dive trip. As the volcano was just behind our hotel, we could see the ash & smoke heading south, so we decided to head north, to a hotel we've stayed at many times. And we planned to rent our friends car there and do some diving in north Bali. When we got to the hotel, the seas were rough and dirty brown....compliments of a cyclone in Java. So diving was out of the equation. We'd already spend a lot of time on north Bali a few months previously, so most of the things on my photo list had been shot. After asking around, we learned of a couple of temple ceremonies over the next few days. So off we went, to a small village temple which had probably never seen a tourist before, and not being sure of timing of "the procession", we went quite early. As we were hanging around outside, the temple attendants were setting things up and one came over to talk to us and invite us inside (we always dress in temple attire when visiting a temple in Bali). He asked could he talk to us for a while as he was trying to improve his english skills as his wife had recently passed away and he had applied to "go on the boats" (meaning he wanted to work on a cruise ship), so we chatted for a while and he introduced us to Kadek, his 5 year old son. I asked would it be alright to take photos inside the temple, and also of his son, and received permission for both. Sadly, I had not taken any model releases with me........I always feel that would be invasive for people going about their religious duties. Anyway, young Kadek decided to go and play with the gamelan instruments and I got this lovely photo of him.
  2. Images Sold in January (max one per day)

    After a dry couple of weeks, this one for a Marketing Package large business, at the decent price shown next to the image. $199.99.
  3. Favourite images uploaded - Jan 2018

    This lovely little water temple in Bali rarely gets a visit from tourists. It was a killer walking down the 80 or so uneven moss covered steps down to the lower level of the temple while dressed in a full set of temple clothes in full sunshine. Getting back up the steps, which have no rails, was almost impossible - one step was higher than my knees, I had to kind of crawl on to it and then try to stand up. Even though it was only around 9am, the light was very harsh and it was amazingly hot and humid.
  4. Tags Brit style vs American

    In Australia, the walkers with wheels are called Wheelie Walkers. Trust me on this - Mum's in a nursing home...everyone has one.
  5. So how was December?

    5 licences for $390.80, non of them distributor sales.
  6. 2017

    Sales = 67, up from 56 in 2016. Gross $4,087, down from $4679 in 2016. Only 125 images added.
  7. One of three sales at the same time for the same use as Martyn's above and at what I assume is the same low price. Another of my hermit crabs utilising garbage instead of a mollusc shell, this is an orange ping pong ball. Another one of the other sold images was a hermit crab with a small glass bottle instead of a shell.
  8. I though I'd add a bit of a different slant to the topic........animals eating (or being eaten) This sandperch has caught a small leatherjacket . The shrimp is cleaning the mouth of this moray eel by eating the food scraps stuck between it's teeth
  9. Interesting thought Wim and not a stupid question at all. I always set my laptop when I change time zones, or return home. But always to the time zone I'm in. With my small eruption image, it coincided with a little "hiccup" in the seismogram. Which I'm watching all the time as we are hoping not to get stranded in Bali next week when we're due to go home. We've already had our plans thrown into disarray after having to re-schedule our October trip due to Mt Agung activity and our hotel being in the danger area. Then finally being able to go when the danger level was downgraded but being evacuated due to the first major eruption after just 8 days of a month stay.
  10. Yes Mickfly, time & date correct for my time zone in Bali and I also noted in the caption what time the image was shot.
  11. Thank funkyworm, but now I'm not sure whether to send any more eruption images (assuming Mt Agung spits again). It's still making headlines around the world. Anyway, I'm going to contact CR and have the image deleted as I processed quickly on my laptop, and never as happy with the result as I am with the monitor on my PC.
  12. This has just happened to me. Definitely newsworthy, a small eruption of mt Agung, taken 10.30am Bali time yesterday and uploaded within 1.5 hours via Live News. AIM showed on sale, but this morning not in News and now in QC queue.
  13. TV transmissions.
  14. Museum Display, searched by common name & 2 binomial names as recently reclassified (I had both previous and new) & licenced at the same time. Also interesting that of 6 images that showed for the search, there were 4 images not even related in any way to this species. Just badly keyworded.
  15. Why Alamy for generic RF?

    Most micros have some kind of restriction on use. So, depending on use required, it can be cheaper to buy the file from Alamy rather than a micro. On the rare occasion that I get a commission of >$100 on a micro, I wonder why the buyer didn't look for the cheaper option, if it is one of the files I also offer via Alamy.