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  1. One of two sales today, this one a small distributor sale. But the third time licenced by Alamy in 7 months + also licenced elsewhere once.
  2. My images always show the date that I last did any processing rather than date taken. I use 2 different cameras, date and time correct in both. And shown in EXIF. Kevin, please let us know what CR have to say.
  3. New dedicated language sites

    I'm assuming that the requirement to use only English in captions and tags does not apply to using binomial nomenclature for natural history subjects?
  4. This is the only photo of this minute animal on Alamy, and there are not many around elsewhere. The only one I've seen in 38 years of diving too. Distributor sale Japan, for TV show, use in opening titles.....makes me wonder what on earth the show is. BTW, its a Myzostomida worm, probably around 5mm
  5. September Photo Challenge Poll - Critters

    And thanks for choosing my Jawfish, there were some stunning images in the comp.

    8 sales gross $441.39. Non over the magic $100 - although one very close. CTR down from last month.
  7. Thanks Jeff. The Red Cross already have a GoFundMe, and other well known charities in Bali are collecting. All are distributing necessities. The President visited Bali and some camps a few days ago and upped relief funding to the equivalent of more than $US300 million. Things are slowly falling into place, but with over 120,000 now in camps and goodness knows how many staying with family members - and these are not counted or getting money or supplies. As of yesterday the volcano has not yet erupted, but is developing fissures with steam and also is very hot and changing shape. It will be a total disaster if Mt Agung does erupt.
  8. A rather poignant sale for me today. Taken at Tulamben, Bali. This area has been evacuated for over a week now due to the increase in activity of Mt Agung volcano. Many of my friends are displaced and in refugee camps. Others have fled to family homes elsewhere in Bali, and have no money for food. I have been sick with worry for their welfare. Yesterday, we had to cancel our upcoming trip to Bali as our hotel is in the middle of the disaster zone. Our tourist $$ is needed right now....yet we can't go.
  9. 5th time this has had been licenced on Alamy and 8th time overall
  10. One of those "sneaky" sales that is almost RF. This RM image licenced with unlimited duration.
  11. What was your original equipment?

    I learned to dive in late 1979 and 6 weeks later bought a Nikonos 3 (rangefinder camera) with the "kit" 50mm lens. And a second hand locally made strobe. Within a couple of months, I had another bigger strobe, and a range of extension tubes and framers for macro work. Then, it was like an "infection" had set in, and I bought a second body, then a couple more lights. I met my husband at the airport, waiting to catch a tiny 18 seater to Lord Howe Island, he had a Nikonos hanging around his neck (was it love at first sight of camera???). He bought me an 18mm Sea & Sea wide angle lens.....and our future together was sealed! Some years later, I decided I wanted a housed SLR camera, and got a Canon F1n with powerwinder and a local bloke who made underwater housings in the back of his garage put together a housing for me. It was pretty hit and miss - the lever to turn the gears on one of my zoom lenses was a beer bottle cap! Because of the basic housing shape and size, I needed to be able to take the viewfinder off the camera and there was a very basic kind of prism in the housing. It was interesting as things were back to front when I viewed them. Taking verticals was a night mare as what I was seeing was not only back to front, but upsidedown as well. Around the same time, I also bought a Canon A1 body from the bloke next door. I really became addicted to buying cameras, and stayed with Canon. In the cupboard are 3 x A1's + 2 x T90's and all lenses from wide angle to a magnificent 400mm 2.8 + 3 macro lenses and a second F1n body & winder. A sunpak ringflash also managed to sneak in somewhere as well, and I still sometimes use it on a non reflective macro subject to add a touch of light. I still have all of the cameras, lenses lights and flashes...........they are like my children!
  12. A tiny RF distributor sale.
  13. September Photo Challenge - Critters

    I decided on three underwater images of critters not often seen, either together, or doing activities not often seen. 1. This Tomato Grouper is having it's teeth cleaned by a small cleaner wrasse and a cleaner shrimp is working as the dental assistant - 3 different critters together. 2. This tiny Candy Crab (about 1/2 inch body size) lives in soft corals, and they sometimes adorn themselves with some of the coral as part of their camouflage. This one had chosen a rather nice coral "hairstyle". Once attached to the crab, the corals stay alive and continue to grow. 3. A Jawfish mouthbrooding eggs - the males get the job! I waited 37 years to find and photograph this activity. After a couple of shots, the fish retreated down his hole and did not come back out. I went back the next day to find an empty mouth - the eggs had hatched!
  14. This is an old slide scan and the 8th sale of the image. She's a rather cranky and very venomous female Sydney Funnel web which I was lucky to be able to borrow for a couple of hours from her owner.
  15. Octavio, the $25K is payments made to me thus far. The net result. Why am I not moving everything to micro? - I did explain my thoughts on shooting specifically for micro. I do tend to stick to that ideal most of the time. And over the years I have found that "pretty fish" images are generally good micro sellers, as are sharks. As I dive basically the same areas all the time when on a dive trip, I'm very familiar with where and how to shoot these kinds of images. Most are shot while I'm doing my decompression/ safety stops in shallow water. Most of my RM here on Alamy would probably not be good sellers on the micros. When I decided to offer some images on micros, it really was to diversify my options. I could see the downward trend in pricing. And because health issues forced me to retire earlier than I had wanted, I needed to make more $ from my photography if I still wanted to travel. Also, because I live in Australia, the exchange rate has been advantageous. Last year I was getting as much as $AUD1.40 per $US, now our dollar is stronger that has dropped to $1.22.