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  1. Favourite images uploaded - Jan 2018

    Set out to get the cathedral on the other side of the road, but the light wouldn't play nice so I pointed the camera down Llandaff Fields to ward off the despondency. Maybe one day it will be just what some client is after. No. 1 favourite this month so far is my faithful hound and Alamy subject Ruby.
  2. Share your oversaturated subjects sales

    This is by far my most lucrative single sale. The only reason I can think it would work so successfully for that client, given the vast options available, is the dark, empty space around the pup which I would guess is handy for text.
  3. Why didn't I take that picture...doh

    Or when you get to my age you stand there watching them disappear into the crowd, wracking your brains and trying to work out where you know them from... Hay is something of an annual family pilgrimage. I don't actively seek out well-known people, but if you're not careful you trip over them. One year I gave up my seat to an old boy who looked like he needed somewhere to eat his sandwich. As I looked back I realised it was Tony Benn. Anyone seeking notoriety could have a field day...
  4. Why didn't I take that picture...doh

    Not sure I'd have uploaded it, but a few years ago I was sitting in a deck chair, camera in hand, at the Hay Festival when Dave Gilmour walked past me. He clocked the camera and I think he expected me to jump up and ask to take a photo, but I was honestly completely starstruck and remaining rooted in that damn chair. Regret it to this day. The Hay Festival is a happy hunting ground for me. I've shot an ex-Archbishop of Canterbury, a truly obnoxious rock 'legend' who shall remain nameless, a former England rugby player and now commentator with a reputation for being blunt and rude, but who couldn't have been nicer and, of course, any number of writers. I've had two sales this autumn of a shot of Kazuo Ishiguro (prompted no doubt by his Nobel prize), but that missed opportunity burns - oh how it burns!
  5. Favourite pics uploaded Dec 2017

    We finally settled on a bonio at 7.00am this morning, after a gruelling night around the negotiating table.
  6. Favourite pics uploaded Dec 2017

    I've been uploading pics of my golden retriever Ruby since she was a pup. She has no idea.
  7. May 2017 Challenge - Transport

    Suzhou, China.
  8. Favourite images you have uploaded in April 2017

    Coincidentally (considering news photo I posted earlier for this "Favorite April Images" thread) I saw film skin being applied to car during the Press Party at New York International Auto Show afternoon of 4/12/2017. I took a few photos of the application - perhaps I should upload one... Ann I think you should! Pics of the process would undoubtedly have a broader appeal than a single detail. Just don't tell me if you get a sale and I don't....
  9. Favourite images you have uploaded in April 2017

    Car wrapping? At least that's what it's called here. Chrome wrap. wim Much obliged, Wim!
  10. Favourite images you have uploaded in April 2017

    Never seen this before - a Mercedes completely coated in a chrome finish. Apparently it's a film 'skin' applied to the regular paint job with heat. Should probably get the technical terms sorted out and add them to the key words...
  11. Favourite images you have uploaded in April 2017

    The Museum of Welsh Life, St Fagans. Seven minutes drive from home and free entry. I can't get enough of it.
  12. In the cemetery of Llandaff Cathedral.
  13. October 2016 Challenge - River

    Um, just realised we are to submit three images, not just the one. (Quite how I missed that I have no idea.) So... Ross-on-Wye And the cable cars over the Thames.
  14. October 2016 Challenge - River

    An interesting post, thanks. And thanks for the greenie!