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  1. Thanks for having found this one of mine. Stefano
  2. Thank you for having found this one of mine! Stefano
  3. Have you found any Alamy Photographs during August

    Thanks Bryan for having spot this one of mine. Cheers. Stefano
  4. Restricted images e-mail

    I got the same email telling me that all of my images might be out on sales. I presume because I asked a few months ago for opting out of personal use sales. Stefano Travel photographer
  5. Personal Use?

    The same happened to me as today I got the same email. I decided to opt out quite a few months ago. No regret about it considering what I read in this post.
  6. Personal Use?

    Anyone who opt out for personal use sales?
  7. Thanks for having found this one of mine. Stefano
  8. Have you found any Alamy images June 2017

    Thank you for spotting this image of mine! First time on Bing also. Stefano
  9. Have you found any Alamy photos May 2017

    Thank you Nigel for having spot this image of mine. Stefano
  10. Slow month?

    Unfortunately, I think you're absolutely right!
  11. Have you found any Alamy photos May 2017

    Thank you for spotting this image of mine. Stefano
  12. Amazon

    Yes, I try Google books regularly either but with Amazon I used to get even more results
  13. Amazon

    Beside Google Images, I found useful and successful looking for my images published on books and other publication simply by searching on Amazon search engine till not a long time ago. I used to visit Amazon website and insert my name, last name and Alamy to get several books where my photos were published. Sometimes, there were reported books that Google didn’t show at all. Amazon has inside previews for many books and this was the winning factor. Then, one day, by inserting my name and Alamy in the Amazon search engine, it turned out there were zero images of mine. I tried the next day but unsuccessfully and the same happened in the following days. I wonder if anyone here is using Amazon as tool for searching his own images and if you are still successful in finding them.
  14. First time on Alamy ...

    LOL! That's true! Never thought about it by the way
  15. First time on Alamy ...

    ... I sold a photo of a place without ever being there!