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  1. Bulk discount

    Had a Czech distributor sale pop in this morning for $3.41. So my cut gives me just about enough for half a Bathams.
  2. Thanks. Very much appreciated.
  3. Newbie to Alamy

    Hello from Jackfield. We must be neighbours by the looks of your images. Nice images by the way. Keep them coming and hopefully the sales will follow.
  4. A serious glitch for travel photography??

    I recently had my camera taken to one side by security at an airport here in England. I expected the usual questions about battery etc. Instead, the security official gave me reasons why his Nikon Somethingorother was better than my 5D Mk III. Once I had mopped up the blood from biting my lip so hard, we exchanged nods and smiles before I went on my merry way. Oh how we laughed.
  5. Image identification

    Thanks Wim. Very much appreciated. BSA Sloper it is then.
  6. Image identification

    Looking for an ID of this vintage British Motorbike and Sidecar. I think its a BSA of some sort. Hopefully you motorbike people may enlighten me on this;
  7. A couple of Alamy images in this BBC article about Hull. Bottom of the page;
  8. Magazine sale. Small circulation, but happy with the amount paid.
  9. Ruined fotress on the Georgia/Russia border. Just before the rain hit.
  10. Jaguar C-Type Proteus at Shelsley Walsh on Saturday 16th September. Part of the Autumn Speed Finale. Uploaded a few images on Live New. Alas, no takers it seems.
  11. Image identification

    Thanks for clearing that up Johnnie. Much appreciated.
  12. A couple of about 180 images from my recent trip to Armenia and Georgia. Still working through them.
  13. Image identification

    Hi Kevin, Many apologies for not thanking you sooner for your answer. I've been travelling through Georgia and Armenia and have just got back and am catching up on so much. Can't see the Studebaker Champion link really, certainly not on Google Images. Would anyone else out there have any ideas on the ID of this car? Thanks. Rob
  14. Image identification

    Does anyone have an ID for this 1950s American car? Thanks.
  15. Great. Thanks for reply Matt.