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  1. City parks -- property?

    I'm confused really by the requirements for permits for all photography in London's Royal Parks. I can understand why film crews or certain commercial photographic shoots would be required to apply for a permit but editorial, really?
  2. Photography tax in Italy

    Slightly off topic but related - I see there are many images on Alamy of the Royal Parks. Did all these photographers of stock images really have permits?
  3. Photography tax in Italy

    Perhaps this permit is aimed at the wedding photography market?
  4. Cant login

    Solution on Safari is to delete the stored Alamy cookie, well, at least a temporary solution as I've not tested it long term. Captcha still there of course!! Go to Preferences/Privacy/Manage website data.
  5. Cant login

    And +1 I get looped back everytime........managed to get in here though.
  6. Restricted images e-mail

    If museums can apply a rule of 'no photography for commercial gain' then the same might likely apply to all shopping malls, for instance, too and there are many images of those here! As Spacecadet says, the legal restriction (in the UK) may be limited to trespass (yes, even in places with accepted public access) and not control over the editorial freedoms of the photographer. That's one to discuss!!
  7. Restricted images e-mail

    Useful and related blog post here - commercial gain is not the same as an image licensed for commercial use - http://www.alamy.com/blog/tips-for-photographing-private-property-and-museums?utm_campaign=814725_Blog Update - July 2017&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Alamy Contributors &dm_i=2SWW,HGN9,12GVPH,1TDZO,1
  8. Restricted images e-mail

    Weren't there editorial restrictions imposed on RM images though for Network Rail and IOC subjects a while back? I too received the email and having read this thread it does seem confusing to me.....I'll keep my restrictions in place.
  9. Editorial use only?

    Thanks for that confirmation. I've in fact started to use it now when people are clearly part of the image and I want to state that number of people - something I always thought was its original purpose i.e. to assist buyers with selecting images with people in. And doing like you do, I think, what I also like about the new AIM is that I no longer have to count all the specks of people in my images to confirm how many there are in order to get the image on sale as RM - I can instead just leave it at the default option of no model release.
  10. Editorial use only?

    Under the new MI (with model and property releases tabs optional) I've noticed that if I do not complete these two optional tabs my RM images say no model or property release. So for RM images is there really a need (since the change) to complete these optional tabs unless you have releases?
  11. DACS and ECL Vote

    Here is what DACS has put together on the FAQ'a page - https://www.dacs.org.uk/knowledge-base/ecl-frequently-asked-questions.aspx?utm_source=Payback+2017&utm_campaign=209141b586-CLA_ECL_EMAIL_TO_PB_MEMBERS_2017_07_06&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_aaaab978f5-209141b586-223751777&mc_cid=209141b586&mc_eid=a07030938a
  12. Optimised!

    I'm sticking with the point of view that less tags is more.
  13. Orange/Green: ratio?

    I've not yet found any of mine that are green. As I tend to not have too many keywords I know now that is the reason. I'm not too inclined to add more keywords at this stage as I've not noticed that my images are being found any less often.