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  1. Mac attachments

    Upload from My Dashboard. No attachments needed. Its a blue arrow top right of your dashboard next to the social media thingies.
  2. Jeff I use DxO Optics for my RAW conversion, I use its Prime NR which is its noise reduction for high ISO files and it works wonders. The NR is done at the RAW conversion stage. If you like, I could email you the RAW file to have a play with. Colin
  3. Smallest batch - 1. Biggest batch - 420. I don't limit batch size, I just upload when I have finished a shoot. So when I come back from a trip somewhere I tend to edit them all, keyword them all and then upload in one big batch. I have my QC process well sorted now, no need to fail it.
  4. Thank you, it was taken in a dark sky area in New Brunswick. When I see photos like this it reminds me how good our cameras really are. In film days we had just a couple of ASA 3200 choices and both were so limited in their dynamic range and so grainy that their use was very limited. How much do I love my D750? It was taken with the Tamron 15-30mm f2.8 which also a reminder of how good the third party lenses are these days.
  5. The red spots are overheating sensor - I get them when I do longer exposures to get moving clouds. For astro, I use 20 seconds at 3200 ISO which gives me this if you want star trails then you have to do a whole load of shorter exposures and then stack them. There are quite a few good astro stack software packages available and there are a few basic ones that are free. DeepSkyStacker is free, but Windows only. is also pretty good. I used it a few times and works well for the basic task of stacking to give trails - it doesn't have all the fancy functions of the expensive deep sky astronomy software.
  6. January Challenge: Music

    Thanks for the idea, I hadn't thought of that. I'll have to have a look. Some of them are probably good, even if quite a lot of them are blurred. This was the good old days when fast film was 400 ASA and my zoom was f5.6 at the long end. Colin
  7. January Challenge: Music

    Nice subject. I have lots of slides of rock and metal shows from the late 70s and early 80s but almost none of them are good enough for Alamy. So you'll have to do without photos of Lemmy and have pictures of my son instead. My dad and son playing piano together. Someone fluffs their lines singing in the Christmas concert. Me boy (on the right) looks a bit vague about his lines as well. A piper on the beach at Arisaig in Scotland. Colin
  8. The Good Old Days

    Bygone days indeed. I do strongly believe that posting low values here with an accompanying angry face can only hurt. Its an open forum and clients can look around and see what sort of prices they can get. Sure, a big UK company isn't going to get the same deal as those Lithuanian bulk buys that we had recently, but it will certainly give them a great negociating lever. I suggested before, as a joke really, that we should add a zero to the end of every sale we report so that clients only see references to an angry face low of $30 or so and plenty of references to three and four figure sales. Maybe its not such a bad idea. For my part, I am seeing a higher incidence of sales in the $70-$90 region. I'd love to sell more of course but its not all gloom for me. I remember Colin's $8000 sale when he posted about it when it was a current sale, for a fairly ordinary picture too. And my first (and, I suspect, last) four figure sale was a flat out ordinary walking by mid afternoon snapshot of a seaside pier.
  9. Weather

    Yes, -22 is fairly cold. Once January is here then it can get down to -28 or -30. When its like that and windy, staying in and editing is very tempting. Less than -30 is quite rare here in Quebec, but if you go to Abitibi and Rouyn which are about 10-12 hours north of Montreal then it can get down to -40. My personal record was about 10 years back when there was a big dome of cold air that came much further south than usual. That weekend we had a two night stay in a remote cabin in the Chic Choc mountains. It was -36 where we started our snowshoe hike and -41 at the cabin. The next day we went up onto the plateau (600m higher) and it was windy. It was really superb, it can't have been far off -60 with the windchill. We were only out for an hour or so, it was really cold. You have to be careful though, its not the time to break an ankle. I know what Devon is like, I lived in Torbay for 15 years before migrating to Quebec.
  10. Weather

    About eighteen inches of snow came down last week. Now its fairly cold, -22C at the moment. Have negotiated an evening off from family duties and me and a photo pal are going to do some evening/night shots of the snow and Xmas lights in old Quebec. He's just bought a brand new full frame Canon too so he'll be itching to try it out.
  11. Keywording exhaustion

    I also dislike keywording. Sometimes I can only do a few before I find I am copying and pasting without thinking, which is when its time to stop, and start again when I am less tired. And yes, I am with Paulette on the new AIM, it makes it just that little bit harder. Keywords as non-editable text, the caption in a tiny light grey font squeezed into one line and the fact that you have to actively unselect each image being my big three teeth gnashing peeves in it.
  12. December Challenge, "Taste" as in anything food or drink

    Three from me Always a family favourite - cow's noses. On sale in a sensational meat market in Peru. Street food in India, always good and fresh. Me boy, post ice cream. Colin
  13. Sony RX100, a6000 and Lumix LX100 questions

    The LX100 is high on my shortlist. No QC issues I imagine. What do you like and dislike about it? I am comparing it to a used GF7 which I see often at around $400 (LX100 is $900). For the $500 I get a 2 stop faster lens, which is important, and he whole panoply of 4k shooting, which isn't. Do you have any info about the GF7. Its 16MP MFT and the kit lens is well reviewed so I imagine its fine for acceptance here.
  14. Sony RX100, a6000 and Lumix LX100 questions

    Thank you Betty. One of my questions has been thoroughly answered. I don't mind digging for shadow detail, but with my little LX5 there is often no shadow detail at all, or rather so little that as soon as I try to lift it in PP it turns into a muddy purple noise-speckled mess. I am still reading and hopefully this week I will go and look at them for real. Quite often all the theories and reviews go out of the window as soon as we pick up a camera and find the one that fits perfectly in the hand.
  15. Sony RX100, a6000 and Lumix LX100 questions

    Thanks for your replies everyone and double thanks to Betty for posting those shots. I'll have a look in my camera shop at them both and see which feels the best in my hands. Colin