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  1. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Well done Sally. Your story echos mine to a large extent. I don't have a website or archive though.
  2. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    It's getting to the point where a sale is a positive result regardless of how small the fee is.
  3. AIM down

    Yes me too. Add that to the other problems and its not been a good week on Alamy.
  4. Discoverability criteria

    This is becoming a question asked almost daily by new contributors. You are correct in all your assumptions. 50 tags are rarely needed, maybe unhelpful, and may harm your Alamy search ranking.
  5. Have you done your legacy images?

    I haven't got the discipline to sit and go through them so I do them as searches come across them. I agree it's a never ending task.
  6. AoA

    There's literally thousands of wildlife photographers in our neck of the woods (excuse the pun) but wildlife very local to you not so many. Combining location or situation may bring more chance of a sale. eg Gulls on landfill, or Gulls on shore with plastic waste, robin on windowsill, well you get the idea.
  7. Cold in Downing Street

    As Billy Connolly says "There's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes".
  8. Image identification

    I'm surprised by this. People shouldn't get worked up about receiving a red. It says more about the person giving it than receiving it. Reds are for people who can't say it to you straight IMHO. Come back Geoff and Philippe.
  9. This may alter what you photograph

    Cross posting. Yes I see that now.
  10. This may alter what you photograph

    I'm thinking that any photographer who shoots a criminal exiting court now has the capability of having that image pulled by the subject and he/she can seek compensation, because there ain't no way your gonna get a model release. Edit :I now see it applies to Malta
  11. Noticed some of my photos have been deleted.

    Alamy will never delete (on purpose) images without informing you of the reason why. That's not to say that mistakes can't happen or that a technical issue hasn't cropped up. I have one such case being investigated whereby some of my images are not being found through the search feature of IM. Check with contributor relations. Edit, sorry meant to say contributor services.
  12. Poor Discoverability

    My advice is not to worry about "Discovery". It means nothing in the big scheme of things and it's time Alamy acknowledged that and changed the terminology. If you feel your keywording is accurate then leave it at that and produce good quality images instead.
  13. January

    Off topic but every time I read the title of this thread my brain wants to extrapolate with "sick and tired you´ve been hanging on me You make me sad with your eyes you´re telling me lies Don´t go, don´t go"
  14. January

    You have a special talent. Congrats on the sales.
  15. January

    A very slow first 20 days then things started to move. I ended up with 10 sales for $175. Not great but it gets me off the mark.