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  1. Second sale on Alamy!

    Some months I won't upload anything and others maybe 40-50. I almost never achieve green status. I don't think it matters and it can hurt your ranking to over keyword using irrelevant tags.
  2. Google maps image use

    I notice more and more newspapers using google map images which is disappointing when you also know you have a better image of the subject on Alamy. Do the papers pay for these google images and why use a blurry image when there's better on stock site? Is it purely down to cost?
  3. 10 yr. exclusivity: what $$net would YOU accept??

    I think Bill has it about right here 200 -250 would be my shout.
  4. Post your positive results here :)

    Thank you. Wish we were all getting them regularly.
  5. Net Revenue

    I hate when you check and you think yeh, punch the air at seeing you've made two sales only to notice one's a refund and the second is a resale for a few cents less. Talk about disappointment. Happened to me this morning. Doh!
  6. Post your positive results here :)

    Congrats on the sale. Pleased to say my "biggy" came through on the last payment.
  7. Second sale on Alamy!

    Post your good news stories in here.
  8. Post some of your Winter and Holiday photos

    Ah yes, just checked my images of it and I haven't tagged coats in them thankfully.
  9. Post some of your Winter and Holiday photos

    Is that "Coats" in Paisley Lynne?
  10. Post some of your Winter and Holiday photos

    George Square, Glasgow, Scotland Celtic Football Club, Glasgow, Scotland.
  11. Steep drop in zooms this month?

    Things will gradually tail off now as the holiday season looms. My sales tend to dwindle this time of year too.
  12. Slow month?

    If that comes to pass I would have a choice to make. I may not fully understand how anyone bar maybe the agent and the client make money from this but I do understand that I wouldn't be happy at receiving buttons per image. On the whole I don't think my images would be suitable for MS and I wouldn't do well.
  13. Good way to start the month

    Oh poppycock! None for me.
  14. How was your November?

    13 for $114 net. Lots of small prices unfortunately.
  15. Slow month?

    Thank you for your answer. So by selling to micro your image becomes less and less saleable whereas my RM image can be sold over and over for presumably better returns? I've no doubt some togs images are more suited to MS and can make good returns but I don't think Alamy's images are under threat by that genre because as you say we are supplying different customers and customer needs.