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  1. Can you see if your photos have had views

    Maybe you should try stand up comedy. lol
  2. Discoverability

    Don't worry too much about "Discoverability". Just make sure they are tagged accurately with relevant key words..
  3. Can you see if your photos have had views

    Worth noting though that it's not working at the moment. Alamy are working on it.
  4. Have you found any Alamy images in October?

    Thanks again SShep. This one came through end Sept. Nice to know where it was used.
  5. Post your positive results here :)

    Just need Philippe back now to complete the family atmosphere.
  6. In the green

    One (image not %)
  7. Slow month?

    Up north of north the "last ten minutes" have been dire just like the minutes leading up to it from the beginning of the month.
  8. Monday photo opp = Irish Hurricane???!!!

    Shame that high tide doesn't coincide with the highest winds, at least in my part of the world, from a purely photographic point of view you understand.
  9. Monday photo opp = Irish Hurricane???!!!

    Or the bit North of "the North". ...but I'm not bitter you understand.
  10. Samsung Galaxy S8+

    As far as I know Betty and Jill are right. If you have a fantastic news image taken on a phone then I'm sure the Alamy news team would be happy to have it. Otherwise S******o is the route to go.
  11. Sometimes if Alamy consider an image not relevant for news they will forward it to QC. It could be the case with your images here even though you think they were.
  12. Where has Philippe gone?

    I find FB better than the birdy page.
  13. Email about accreditation. What does this mean?

    If you haven't sought permission to photograph an event through Alamy then I think you've been sent this e-mail in error. Best ask customer relations or sender of e-mail.
  14. Have you found any Alamy images in October?

    Thank you SShep.
  15. do you regret "goin' drone"?

    +2 Worse after long periods of noise or when stressed which may be interlinked.