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  1. Salmon Calendars

    Daily Mail
  2. Please remove panel in AIM

    Would it be possible to remove or shrink the big panel taking up so much space in AIM which congratulates us on passing QC?
  3. Welcome back Phillipe, why the name change?
  4. Post some of your Fall Autumn photos

    Weather news pic today, the colours on the biggest trees haven't changed enough yet...
  5. Have you found any Alamy images in October?

    Thanks again for the spot Bryan, the same image on two days and a different one on the other day, would these be 3 separate sales?
  6. Photo Plus Expo

    I'm currently in the UK but will soon be in Spain for a few months. We have family in NY, so just a ticket will do, thanks, LOL.
  7. New Beginner photographer from Canada

    Had an alert that you had quoted me, but you seem to have deleted all your posts and scuttled off!
  8. Photo Plus Expo

    If you could facilitate a plane ticket for me I can get free entry from Alamy
  9. Suggestions? Were the captions wrong? This image KD0THY doesn't have a pub in it for instance, and some of your live news shipping images describe 'tugs escorting', but there are no visible tugs in the pictures. Live news has to be VERY accurate.
  10. New dedicated language sites

    Good news for me as I now spend winters in Spain... http://www.mickflynnimages.com/blog/2017/10/new-spanish-website-for-alamy-images-sales
  11. Have you found any Alamy images in October?

    Thanks for another spot Bryan 😀
  12. New Beginner photographer from Canada

    Several projects does not equate to the picture editors who search on a daily basis and who would certainly be annoyed with a library filled with badly keyworded images. I continually learn from the more experienced people here, and always try to action the advice freely given by them. My legacy images still need a lot of work on them which I will do in winter.
  13. Stock vs Live News

    I'm an occasional supplier of live news but I certainly try to use all the 600 characters when I do upload as every detail will help sell the licence.
  14. Have you found any Alamy images in October?

    Thanks for the spot Bryan.
  15. There is also a lI bought a drone from a friend up north in March, but never got around to collecting it, and, after serious consideration, I had him sell it on for me! The reason I gave up before starting was the inability to sell images commercially without the (very expensive and time-consuming CAA licence), also the inability to supply stock with the dedicated camera which would have been a go-pro with the small sensor. Not sure I would have wanted to risk a more expensive small camera like the RX100m3 . There are also a lot of very 'maverick' videos around which may be to the detriment of the drone community as the Cowboys get noticed and legislation is brought in to try and control them. The final reason was that I spend winter in Spain, and looking at the regs over there I would find it impossible to find safe havens to fly in without getting a substantial fine, so, for the near future, I will stick with my monopod.