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  1. Keywords, Bridge and Lightroom

    Betty: I do it in Bridge. First show the keyword panel in Bridge. Here are some instructions on how to create your own keywords in Bridge. Only build your keyword catalogue for things you photograph, not all at once. For instance: [Locations] US USA United States Oklahoma Tulsa Deco District California Los Angeles Hollywood Sacramento capital click on Deco District, and you get US; USA; United States; Oklahoma; Tulsa; Deco District All with only one click. Click on Oklahoma and you only get US; USA; United States; Oklahoma Click on capital and you get US; USA; United States; California; Sacramento; capital Notice it skipped Los Angeles and Hollywood and Oklahoma etc because Los Angeles and Sacramento are both at the same subkeyword level, as are Oklahoma and California If you select 10 images in Bridge that have the same keywords, one click will apply the keyword set to all 10 images at once.
  2. authenticity = ???

    Technicolor film processors, when they adjusted colours to suit the mood of the film, called it “gentle enhancement of reality”.
  3. RM vs RF usage...again!

    You too can become unconfused with Doctor Brooks’ big injection of only RF, or RF editorial only.
  4. Keywords, Bridge and Lightroom

    I have my keywords in Bridge arranged in a hierarchical system. Your system does not look hierarchical Start with [Location] then UK as a sub keyword below that. Then UNITED KINGDOM as a subkeyword below UK. Then ENGLAND as a subkeyword below UNITED KINGDOM. Then LONDON as a subkeyword below ENGLAND. Then WESTMINISTER as a subkeyword below LONDON. When keywording click on subkeyword WESTMINISTER only. Bridge will automatically select every subkeyword above the selected subkeyword. This will automatically give you the following keyword string: UK; UNITED KINGDOM; ENGLAND; LONDON; WESTMINISTER It is like a tree so you could also have a branching subkeyword SCOTLAND also below subkeyword UNITED KINGDOM. Then a subkeyword EDINBURGH below subkeyword SCOTLAND. Click on EDINBURGH only and you get: UK; UNITED KINGDOM; SCOTLAND; EDINBURGH Here is a string I get from one click on ROUGE RIVER only Canada; North America; Ontario; park; Rouge National Park; Rouge National Urban Park; Rouge Park; Rouge River; Toronto; urban wilderness If it is a milkweed plant beside the river then I make a second click on Asclepias sullivantii only and get a total of Canada; North America; Ontario; park; Rouge National Park; Rouge National Urban Park; Rouge Park; Rouge River; Toronto; urban wilderness; Asclepias sullivantii; flower; milkweed; plant; prairie milkweed; smooth milkweed; Sullivant's milkweed; wildflower All in two clicks. If it was a Salmon in the river instead of Asclepias sullivantii I would click on Oncorhynchus tshawytscha instead of Asclepias sullivantii and get Canada; North America; Ontario; park; Rouge National Park; Rouge National Urban Park; Rouge Park; Rouge River; Toronto; urban wilderness; animal; Chinook; fish; Oncorhynchus tshawytscha; salmon All in two clicks. The beauty is if you add your keywords into the catalogue carefully it eliminates typos. More info:
  5. Totally Wrong Information!

    It could be that the German agency is sending their buying clients to Alamy, so they get good sales results in spite of their keywording.
  6. Greetings from the Midlands, UK.

    Nice images with simple soft backgrounds giving lots of room for the client to either crop to any shape, or drop in type.
  7. RM vs RF usage...again!

    If that is what Brasilnut said, I think Brasilnut is correct
  8. New to Alamy

    Good advice from Betty, as always.
  9. Samsung Galaxy S8+

    A year ago there was a Alamy forum member who was using a Galaxy S6 cellphone for Alamy general stock photography, (not news). The images were passing QC at Alamy, and also at other stock agencies. So it is possible, but you would probably really have to know how to process the images later. Information in a post by FOCAL POINT. July 18, 2016 top of page 2
  10. First Personal Use Sale

    I worked my way through university in a paid position as a photographer on the school newspaper. Selling PU prints to students and faculty who appeared in the newspaper was a part of my income. In fact I would slew the news coverage to get as many individuals in an image as possible. Never two if three would do. A glee club with a 100 members would be a big money maker. I would think Alamy news images would be ideal for Alamy PU.
  11. Your favorite blurry image

    Here is one of a reflection of a forest on water, flipped to put the top of the reflection on the bottom, so it does not read as a reflection.
  12. Alamy Financial Results for 2016 now available

    Good point Mark, but then the commission fox is amongst the chickens! The first question a banker will ask is, why do you have to pay the photographer such a high commission? The banker will still ask the question, even if the commission is only 10%. In the days of catalogues photographers used to pay for catalogue placement. Being in a catalogue was very good for photographers. Maybe paying for search position placement by means of accepting a lower photographers commission might be an option. Commission rate could also be used to encourage photographers behaviour. RF instead of RM, POD, better keywording, for instance. There have been suggestions at other agencies that old images that have not sold should be treated like bread beyond it’s best before date. Maybe delete the old unsold images, but allow the photographer to re upload the same images after careful consideration. Having to go through the trouble of uploading yet again, may sharpen the photographer’s editing skills. The photographer is doing the heavy lifting of editing individual images. The problem with adjustment based on performance or potential performance is it means Alamy having to edit the collection by photographer, which would be a cost that would make their margin even slimmer. Given the content of some of the very large collections Alamy has taken on recently, it would seem that storage space, hardware, support costs, verses photographer performance is not a big concern. YET !!
  13. Great shot Jeff. Classic American car in front of the Capitol building in Washington. The Capitol is that extra “easter egg” surprise thing that raises the image beyond a only good recording of the car. Not just about the car, but about USA, the American road, the American love of the car, etc.
  14. Alamy Financial Results for 2016 now available

    Thanks for posting this Mark. This is good news all on it’s own. Consider that some Alamy sized agencies are doing poorly, and it is excellent news. The write off of the investment in manythings doesn’t tell us much. The Alamy subsidiaries are introducing our photography to the wider world. I have also heard elsewhere that they are translating the website into Spanish, with a number of other languages to follow. So they keep making investments. The RPI on average is approx £0.10, but averages can be deceiving in a crowdsourced world. Consider that in stock photography 20% of the photographers make 80% of the money. So RPI could be £0.40 or higher if you are able to get into the 20%. Of course the size of your collection comes into that calculation as well.
  15. New dedicated language sites

    More good news from Alamy. I went through website translation with another agency and it led to an increase in my sales undiluted by distributors.