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  1. Keep safe distance from elephants

  2. February over already?

    Disappointing 6 sales for $305. Video sales elsewhere more than compensated, though.
  3. News Images

    I am curious: was the reason for failure that the image was too small? If so, there is something I don't understand. Some time ago the minimum size for news images was 5 Mb uncompressed, as far as I remember. This file size for news images I cannot find mentioned anywhere now. The file size for the normal stock route is 17 Mb uncompressed, and also as far as I remember, files smaller than this are automatically (partially) failed at upload and wouldn't cause a real QC failure. So, if the news images are smaller than the 17 Mb they would probably be rejected at QC and failed, if treated as normal stock. Is the size for news images now also increased to the 17 Mb? And if not officially, then in practice to avoid a size caused failure.
  4. News Images

    That is definitely new to me. Never heard of. Niels
  5. News Images

    I think you are correct about the procedure and they would come on sale, if passed, without further notice if the images have at least five keywords and a caption. Niels
  6. Live News Captions

    What great job opportunities in the news industry with that ability. One who can write tomorrow's news must really be much sought-after and highly paid. Just think of the weather forecasts - one could earn a fortune. Niels
  7. How to optimise the discoverability

    A great idea to search the forums. A piece of good advice could be to use Google instead of Alamy's search engine: alamy forum "how to optimise discoverability" the above search will come up with exactly your post. You can also choose only to see the most recent posts, etc.etc. in this way. use quotation marks for exact phrases or word order - and perhaps a + sign immediately in front of a word you definitely want to be in the search results. (F.inst. +discoverability) - but most often not necessary to do this. In my experience this makes searching a lot easier and faster. Good luck. Niels PS:: Often it is better to start a new thread, especially if the topic is slightly different. Your post won't drown in other posts then - and the thread will be more clean on the topic.
  8. Ikea LADDA batteries

    Of course, thanks for the improvement.
  9. Ikea LADDA batteries

    - and probably with very confusing assembly instructions and a few missing screws and nuts.
  10. Yes, two or three days later they'll be transferred. The time can vary a bit due to server updates. Niels
  11. SERIOUSLY???

    We have a television political debate programme on national TV where the host in the beginning says that the more you disagree with other people the kinder you talk. It works. Your very last remark was uncalled for, and by the way not spelled correctly. Niels
  12. Fund-raising use

    Mark, I'm not sure you are correct?
  13. Fund-raising use

    I had also a few images of murals changed by Alamy half a year ago. I'd say take care with murals, it probably also depends whether it is the main / only subject in the image - let the buyer take the risk. Niels
  14. SERIOUSLY???

    No more than I would delete my images immediately.
  15. Fund-raising use

    What about making a short contract in which you state that they are fully responsible for the use of the editorial image and the obtaining of a release if this should be necessary for their use.