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  1. Do exclusive really sell better?

    Real exclusivity seems to have vanished with the update that came with the new AIM. Before that RM could be really exclusive to Alamy. Now you can tick the box "Only available on Alamy" - which will be a must if you want Alamy to pursue an infringement. That tick can be changed if you later decide otherwise. I tick that box for most images for the time being. If a customer wants one of your images exclusively, Alamy will contact you.
  2. Google maps image use

    BTW - many papers don't seem to comply with the rules stated by Google. (In fact, most seem not to). I have seen static, edited images several times. USING STREET VIEW IMAGERY If you’d like to use Street View imagery in your project, please first review the general guidelines at the top of this page, especially with regard to attribution. Street View imagery may be incorporated into your project if: the imagery is embedded or linked on your website using the HTML and URL provided on Google Maps the imagery comes directly from the Google Maps APIs, so please ensure that you abide by the Google Maps/Google Earth APIs Terms of Service. These solutions ensure that if Google edits or removes imagery in response to user requests, these changes will be reflected in your project too.
  3. Google maps image use

    You will see more and more of this, unfortunately. Quality doesn't count anymore.
  4. Good idea. Like Mark I also enter the old image-id in the keywords for the new one.
  5. I have aborted the idea of doing in in that way - see below. By the way, if you replace an image with an improved version, Alamy will most often delete the old one immediately. Just e-mail Contributor Service and explain - and include both image-ids.
  6. Thanks, Vincent, for both - I better update then.
  7. PPI (pixels per inch) has nothing to do with this. It's only used for printing. Using the AlamySizeCheck can be a help in the beginning, but I don't think it has been updated since the minimum size at Alamy was 24 Mb - now 17 Mb - so you should be awake. Otherwise an image of 3000 x 2000 pixels should be fine in minimum size. Be sure you save in best quality as JPG baseline (standard). If your camera on the computer is active, be sure your hair is neatly brushed. Morning hair may turn you down Niels
  8. Nothing is really secure nowadays. But using microstock is to believe in homoeopathy.
  9. Attach File to Forum Question

    Or copy the web address to the Alamy image (a right click on the image when viewing the image normally on Alamy) and use "Insert other media" at the right, bottom of the text box for writing posts, then click "Insert image from URL" and paste. If you want the bigger image the link should contain the word 'comp' if you want the smaller image change this to 'zooms' - the rest of the link should be left undisturbed. Niels
  10. Weird website?

    - and collect and sell the information about the visitors' moving around on the Internet.
  11. News images

    If uploaded as news images they are searchable in the news image section. As far as I remember they will stay there for about 2-3 days. Then they will be transferred to your normal stock image collection after a server update. Niels
  12. Christmas noise

    I don't think you are in any trouble, Bryan. As long as you have a focused point or area, and as Ed says, perhaps some noise reduction. In fact, my experience is that Alamy allows at least a little noise in such photos - and I am sure the overall quality of the image counts if you are near the limit with not more than one reason.
  13. How was your November?

    8 sales for $364
  14. At last- a new QC star!

    deleted - dealt with