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  1. Stock vs Live News

    Okay, thanks. too late and rather stupid then. That comes from not reading all posts carefully enough ;-) - I first read it when I supplied news stories to the now closed down news site Dem.... .
  2. Stock vs Live News

    The five 'W's' and the 'H' are good to use in most news stories, and the 600 characters offer the possibility to be a little comprehensive and explain what is asked for by the posters above. Who? - What? - Where? - When? - Why? - How? (Different events require different elaboration of the items). Niels Edited: just saw now - this is actually stated in the Alamy information about how to supply news images:
  3. 'Other income'

    I am confident this is the 50% of the total DACS claim from Alamy. It is usually shown like this. I also got the funds this morning in this way.
  4. Images in forum posts?

    I insert images in the forum by copying the URL of the image (right mouse click on the image) - and insert by clicking the "Insert other media" button in the right, bottom of the post writing field. The word "zooms" in the URL text will show the smaller image - the word "comp" in the URL text will show the larger image. Change this word in the link to your liking. Niels
  5. Stock vs Live News

    "Soft" news? Pillow fight in Copenhagen
  6. Stock vs Live News

    No reason to delete your news images. If you maintain quality they'll become great stock images, often with other qualities. However, many would like to edit the captions when they have become stock. Often the longer news caption will contain words you wouldn't like to be searchable. However, I often don't care. Niels
  7. Your First (D)SLR?

    Canon TX followed by a Canon AE1
  8. Low fees now the norm?

    Perhaps you should also consider that images selling at Alamy for the most part are not the same that sell at microstock. It took me some time to work this out when I started.
  9. Low fees now the norm?

    I started at microstock, never ever going back there with my images. Easy to mention one or two at least partially decent sales there, but the vast majority are for pennies.
  10. Low fees now the norm?

    Number of sales not bad, but the price is a total disaster - and many totally ridiculous distributor sales. Don't know if it is worth the effort any more. I have often chosen to shoot photos instead of making video clips. I should have chosen the opposite, I can see now. Also payment and clearing seems to be later than before - this is the first month I will not be paid for a very long time.
  11. As far as I remember this should be okay unless your news images are not accepted as news images, but are transferred to your ordinary image queue. Then they will fail with the rest of the uploads,.
  12. No sales after 8 months here

    I am astonished, I really thought this was so basic knowledge to forum members that there was no need to mention this..
  13. No sales after 8 months here

    Deleted, has been dealt with
  14. When I bought my RX100III I got an extra battery and and this case as a cheap package. I thought I would not use the leather case, but it seems to work excellently for a ready to go camera - and I look like a stupid tourist with it - which can be beneficial sometimes. The simple nylon wrist strap saved for later use.