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  1. personal websites

    Yes I was a bit disappointed to see that they don't offer greetings cards via Loxley ( and Loxley do offer them). I would think that would be one of the more popular items. I intend to contact them about it so, yes, a bit of lobbying may hopefully work.
  2. personal websites

    The support has also been excellent from Smugmug. I'm fairly hopeless with anything techy but questions have been answered quickly - often within a minute - and the live 'webinar' that I watched the other day was very helpful too. Geoff
  3. personal websites

    Well, that's the question and there's only one way to find out I suppose. It will succeed or fail on my efforts to market it and the quality of the stuff on it. I am aware that it's on the scale of a small fish in a big pond, possibly plankton in a big pond. Compared to a new piece of equipment it's a small outlay. It was £84 + vat by the way - I got a 'special introductory offer' for the first year. Yes, Loxley .
  4. personal websites

    Just to update.... Finally decided on Smugmug, relatively easy to use, useful tutorials, links to the Lab I already use and not too pricey. is it if anyone fancies a look. Feel free to critique it thanks for the previous advice Geoff
  5. Betty....

    Believe me I am ! It was serendipity - the right competition for me with the right prize. (I should say that in general I never win anything) Very much looking forward to it, I love the X T1 . Geoff
  6. Betty....

    Betty, The original post was here..... Thanks to Niels for finding. and thanks again for typing it all out again for me. I think your Shadow Tone setting differs between the two by the way. Geoff
  7. Betty....

    Yes you've found it Niels. Or you had but it's disappeared ! Thanks Betty, very good of you. I'll get the kettle on. Geoff
  8. Betty....

    No not that one, thanks though. Yes, I was rather chuffed, can't say more about the competition as it's embargoed till Xmas. I'd given up getting the X T2 and bought a used X t 20 just a couple of weeks ago.
  9. Betty....

    .....some time ago you posted a recommended set up for the X-T2. I can't find it now, so I wondered if you'd mind re-posting it please ? Or if anyone else has a similar resource / view please post. I have just won one in a competition, he said feeling very pleased with himself. thanks Geoff
  10. xt 20 and PS Elements

    I've just got a Fuji XT 20 and my Elements 13 doesn't seem to want to import the RAW files. I guess somebody is going to tell me that Elements 13 isn't compatible with the XT 20 ? If so, after I've finished banging my head on the desk, do I need an upgrade of Elements that will support a later version of ACR ? My minimal knowledge of these things seems to think that DNG is an option, however I'd like to avoid any further complications to the process. I've tried to find this info via Adobe but it's impossible / incomprehensible for a technophobe like me, so in the simplest of terms please folks...... thankyou Geoff
  11. Ffordes are usually my first port of call if buying or selling, though I have bought from MPB too But I'd like to put in a good word for Carmarthen Cameras who I dealt with recently for a s/h Xt20 and found them very pleasant to do business with. Geoff
  12. A serious glitch for travel photography??

    little plastic covers ? I'm not that organised I'm afraid, but maybe I should gaffer tape them as an alternative ? And did you have all your batteries in your hand luggage Paulette ? Geoff
  13. A serious glitch for travel photography??

    I'll be taking an Air India flight in a couple of days - internal in India - their on line check-in says no lithium batteries in either hand or hold luggage though delving a little deeper on website it says that loose batteries can't be taken in cabin and must go in hold luggage. Don't want to lose my spare batteries, any body any experience / recommendations ? Also for the Oman Air flight to Delhi - hand or hold for spare batteries ? Thanks Geoff
  14. Internet camera sellers

    My son (lives in France) is looking for a Sony A6300 body and there are a number of places on t'interweb with prices that are significantly cheaper than regular high street prices - slrhut, e infinity, toby deals to name a few, are £200+ cheaper. I take the view that if it seems too good to be true it probably is. But has anybody had a positive experience with any of them ? Geoff
  15. personal websites

    Ok, progress ! I am now the proud owner of ! Quite like the idea of this option for print sales, seems to me a pretty good solution and appeals more to me than the big POD sites ( FAA etc)...... Now just need to create the website to go with the name Thanks again for the helpful suggestions. Geoff