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  1. Internet camera sellers

    My son (lives in France) is looking for a Sony A6300 body and there are a number of places on t'interweb with prices that are significantly cheaper than regular high street prices - slrhut, e infinity, toby deals to name a few, are £200+ cheaper. I take the view that if it seems too good to be true it probably is. But has anybody had a positive experience with any of them ? Geoff
  2. personal websites

    Ok, progress ! I am now the proud owner of ! Quite like the idea of this option for print sales, seems to me a pretty good solution and appeals more to me than the big POD sites ( FAA etc)...... Now just need to create the website to go with the name Thanks again for the helpful suggestions. Geoff
  3. personal websites

    Thanks everybody. Another question....domain names (is that the right term ? ) I have a relatively rare surname so I guess I could use my name as my website title. Do you register your website name as the first step with Godaddy and then go to one of these hosting sites like WIx, Photoshelter etc where you can use that same address ? And which is better or .com ? Apologies if it's a stupid question, I have tried to find the answers on the internet but finding simple advice that isn't trying to sell you a service is impossible.
  4. personal websites

    Thanks folks, will investigate Wix and others mentioned. So what about SEO as I believe it's called ? Is there anything an individual can do to direct Google searches towards your own website without spending money) ? I would be wanting to sell prints if possible, though not via a POD site. Geoff
  5. personal websites

    Thanks James. I feel that you are talking about POD sites as well as personal websites Just to be clear I'm not talking about POD sites or any other sort of 3rd party fulfillment idea. That would upset Alamy and it's not what I'm focusing on right now.
  6. personal websites

    Having made a few print sales recently with some of my arty-farty-fotos ( ie physically selling them from a physical location), I am wondering whether I should have a website, and if I should how best to go about getting one ie does one go to your local IT man or do you get one 'off the shelf' from the web ? Do you start out with a basic display of your stuff and maybe progress to a retail type if you get any interest ? Strikes me that it's one thing to have a lovely website, but it's directing people to it that is the hardest part and, given that fact, is it ever likely to justify itself from a financial perspective ? Does the volume of other such websites mean it's sunk without trace even before it's launched ? Have any of you reaped major or unexpected rewards from your website I wonder ? Recommendations, opinions all welcome. I realise that it's a bit of a 'how long is a piece of string' subject. Note to Auntie Alamy, I'm not talking about any of my stock photos here, just my personal collection of the ones with pretensions of artyness. Thanks Geoff
  7. Have you done your legacy images?

    Continuing to go off topic..... Whatever happened to David Kilpatrick ? A useful source of technical hardware knowledge. Geoff (not the one that's gone AWOL)
  8. frame supplier

    Thanks for replies, I have now taken the plunge and ordered some from The Frame Company - will report back on quality but prices are ok - £13 - £14 for a plain black 20"x16", plenty of mount options as well. Geoff
  9. frame supplier

    .....the Peak District
  10. frame supplier

    The Ikea 'Riba' ones do look good and appear good value but after they have been up for a few weeks I've noticed that they seem to be bowing a little ie all sides of the frame are now a little convexed, only slightly but enough to be infuriating ! Geoff
  11. frame supplier

    Thanks Pete, does the perspex look ok ? I associate perspex with cheap and assumed that glass was one sign of quality in bigger frames. edit : I think I've answered my own question - I'm thinking of styrene as used in cheapo frames. Geoff
  12. frame supplier

    Having a little exhibition and am looking for recommendations for frames - eg 20x16", plain black, decent quality without being silly prices. Currently using some from IKEA which are ok but would like some that are on the next rung of the quality ladder. Oh and need to be able to order for delivery as I don't live particularly close to much in the way of retail ! thanks Geoff
  13. RM vs RF

    I was 100% RM but about 6 months ago I switched to nearly 100% RF, for no particular reason other than that it what Alamy recommends and as I wasn't making vast sums there wasn't a lot to lose. So far I have sold slightly more in those 6 months than in the whole of the previous 12. The average price is slightly higher too. On the face of it I'm doing twice as well this year as RF than I did last year as RM. Seems to have been a good move then, though it also coincided with all the changes to the new AIM, search engine etc, so that might have something to do with it. I am a little concerned that most of the eminent people on the forum are mostly RM, but maybe as was suggested, the license type is not that important ? Geoff
  14. Fuji lens question

    I currently have the Fuji 18-135 as my main lens. I also have the 10-24. My question is would I see a noticeable increase in IQ if I were to upgrade to the 16-55 2.8 and 40-150 2.8 ? A sizeable investment would be needed to make the leap - is it justifiable purely on quality grounds ? Geoff S, but not that one
  15. Post your positive results here :)

    I have just matched total sales for 2016 by the half way stage of 2017, and, perhaps unexpectedly, though equal by volume actually showing an increase in revenue ie average sale value has increased. So although it's relatively small beer it is encouraging,