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  1. Favourite images you have uploaded in August 2017

    Me. Timing is everything... . .
  2. Ecofriendly stock photography !?

    The main reason I gave up film photography was because of the animal welfare issues inherent in film's manufacture and processing.
  3. making Adobe pay for my CC

    At least if there's a nuclear war, we'll have some new editorial stock subjects to shoot.
  4. Sad Day

    That's how I roll.
  5. Sad Day

    Good call. They're Trump's hands.
  6. Sad Day

    Is she using a mouse?
  7. If it's the case that you think that it is the British city of London that is important, you should also think about permutations of London with UK, United Kingdom and Britain.
  8. This is definitely not moiré. Is this a scanning type in-camera panorma shot Jeff?
  9. Captchas lock-out

    I had a new one today - "Tap the centre of the road sign" then a few other things that were not on the image - before I was finally let in. It's nonsense.
  10. Supertags going into Minus

  11. Drone regulation UK

    This is the UK. This will be as much about raising a bit more cash by some govt agency charging like a wounded rhino for the licence as it is about safety.
  12. Favourite images you have uploaded in July 2017

    Brown bear, in the forests near Vartius, Finland.
  13. Northern Gannet taking off after diving for chum From the same trip, a bunch of gannets fighting over some mackerel