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  1. Cheers folks! Times 1st N00KT9 Edinburgh, Scotland. 28th Feb, 2018. UK Weather: Passengers disembark a cancelled flight from Edinburgh to London City Airport as the Beast from the East weather front causes travel chaos. Credit: Andrew O'Brien/StockimoNews/Alamy Live News EYGN54 De Meester Johan Beekeeper in protective clothing inspecting frame with honeycomb from honey bees (Apis mellifera C3B85X Newscast Online Illustrative image of PG Tips pyramid tea bags, a Unilever food product Scottish Edition M5M5X4 Bowhill, Selkirk, Scottish Borders, UK. 24th February 2018. The Duke of Buccleuch (bottom left) hosts his own pack of foxhounds at his Bowhill residence near Selkirk in the Borders. The Duke , Britain's largest private landowner, recently stated that foxhunting helps knit rural communities together. Credit: Chris Strickland / Alamy Live News N00KWW East Dunbartonshire, Scotland, UK. 28th Feb, 2018. UK weather. Local shops run out of milk in East Dunbartonshire Credit: ALAN OLIVER/StockimoNews/Alamy Live News World C66F27 Boris Karpinski Visitors gathered around the Mona Lisa painting in the Louvre Museum in Paris France MIKE STOCKER/SUN SENTINEL/ALAMY Florida pupils return to school after shooting - can't find it BGHPJ2 Tom Bean Red Barn With village of St. Donatus in background, October, Jackson County, Iowa, USA Business D997TJ World History Archive RMS 'Mauretania', Cunard Line, built by Swan Hunter at Wallsend, Tyne and Wear. Left Liverpool 16 November 1907 for maiden
  2. Times 17th BAPYW6 Michael Matthews Aylesbury Buckinghamshire UK - no credits Scottish Edition M67AE5 Daman Bush Stirling, Stirlingshire, 1st March 2018 UK Weather : Stirling train station at a standstill under a sheet of snow Credit: Daman Bush/Alamy Live News Irish Edition M4TFBK Gareth McCormack Green fields surround the hamlet of Ballynacallagh, Dursey Island, Beara Peninsula, County Cork, Ireland World G13HG5 Greg Balfour Evans King's Cross Station on Sydney Train Network, King's Cross, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Business F2JEEG London Heathrow, September 19th 2015. An Airbus A320 lands as the sun sets on London Heathrow's Runway 27R. Credit: Paul Davey/Alamy Live News Money F1TBFF Ammentorp Photography Young woman drinking coffee at a cafe and looking at the camera. Caucasian female sitting at table having a cup of coffee at caf Weekend EYGA4T Tatyana Tomsickova Adorable sweet happy toddler boys, brothers, lying on the ground, looking at camera, high angle view K05172 Roger Bradley Ben Crom Reservoir JHWN04 John Glover Paradise Walk at Borde Hill DXTP61 Richard Bloom Perennial plant combination with Anthriscus sylvestris 'Ravenswing' with Aquilegia vulgaris var. stellata 'Ruby Port' CR6GX9 Anna Yu William Guiness (Aquilegia vulgaris JMYHGY Matthew Taylor Aquilegia skinneri 'Tequila sunrise', columbine, in full bloom in an English cottage garden, summer (June Travel J885JY John Davidson Photos Lake district. Windermere Storrs Hall hotel D1FDRT James Emmerson Hilltop, Sawrey, the home of Beatrix Potter, famous author of children's books, Lake District National Park, Cumbria, England FAD86P Jan Wlodarczyk The boat moored in Nyhavn Canal, Copenhagen, Denmark F70NJ8 Sorin Colac Golden Pavilion at Kinkakuji Temple, Kyoto Japan
  3. pseudonym: one or many ???

    Not sure that it makes much odds re ranking etc, but it may be useful to choose a name that might be attractive (or not unattractive!) to buyers in a particular marketplace. I only have three, one of which is a dump for deleted images.
  4. Cheers Andy and Nick Times 16th AN590E Oliver Benn Overview of Oxford and colleges with High Street Scottish Edition EGG1K8 JOHN KELLERMAN Edinburgh skyline from Calton Hill at sunset M20KX3 Stephen Sykes The vegetable gardens at Inverewe Gardens, Poolewe, Wester Ross, Scotland. UK Irish Edition BH5804 Douglas O'Connor Abbey st Dublin 1 E82F1A VOISIN/PHANIE Depressed man
  5. Slow month? 2018

    This month's duck finally broken with a sale this afternoon, nowt spectacular mind.
  6. Cheers Kay, took a bit of finding! Times 15th CR9XB9 eye35.pix Christ Church college Meadow building Oxford University Oxfordshire England UK GB EU Europe Scottish Edition M0N7A6 Iain Masterton View of statue of James Watt outside Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom Irish Edition FB73PF Andy Gibson Container ship 'Rio Taku' is assisted in mooring by tug boats 'Alex' and 'Gerry O'Sullivan' at Ringaskiddy, Cork, Ireland DRPDA0 simon evans A Sodium Valproate, Epilim chrono 500, pill packet with one pill ready for consumption BJ34T6 Hon Lau - Dublin Evening over the River Liffey House sparrow - over 9000 images, can't find it Business M710W4 Nick Maslen Birmingham, UK. 7th March 2018. Protest against proposed takeover of British automotive company GKN by Melrose International outside the GKN Driveline factory in Erdington E87DMG keith morris Two undertakers riding driving a sombre black Victorian era traditional horse drawn hearse , Aberystwyth Wales UK World H3N16N Jozef Polc Unrecognizable granddaughter holding hands of her grandmother
  7. Sadly not. Also checked under Tennents brewery Glasgow, and Tennent’s mural - not either of them. It shows a number of beer mat designs painted on a brick wall. Further digging - it's by Kay Roxby the word brewery is misspelt in the agency in which I found it, but still cannot locate in Alamy.
  8. Slow month? 2018

    No sales for me as yet, can't remember, in recent times, having such a long barren stretch. Zooms OK though, so maybe something on the horizon.
  9. Times 14th CEMXW7 Stuart Boulton A registrar fills in a marriage certificate at a UK register office wedding F42Y3W Sigrid Olsson Father helping daughter practice writing E1C84H Michael Kemp Stand of tabloid newspapers at a newsagents. London, UK. The Sun, the Daily Mail, The Star, Daily Mirror predominantly AFAJ88 Jeremy Hoare Conservative Club at Great Ayton North Yorkshire AGGGBR Michael Dietrich Galapagos Fur Seal (Arctocephalus galapagoensis) pup on the beach Scottish Edition CF2CXD Jason Friend/LOOP IMAGES View from Glen Banchor near Newtonmore looking towards the Monadhliath Mountains Wall mural outside Wellpark brewery, Glasgow - can't find it Business F88BNE Mike Greenslade Macquarie Bank building, Sydney, NSW, Australia
  10. I was fortunate to capture a rainbow across the sky above the town of Berwick. Unfortunately, in the raw images, there appears to be bands running across the sky more or less at right angles to the line of the rainbow. Processing the photo the effect is magnified. I suspect that this a camera fault (Sony a6500, Olympus 50mm lens, ISO 100) but there is just a chance that it is a natural phenomenon. I've not noticed this before with this or any other camera. Not uploaded as I fear it may result in a QC fail. Any thoughts?
  11. LIkewise I don't know what's meant by these triangles. I cut the subject out and delete the background to pure white. I then adjust the levels/curves on the subject to get the result I want Some of my earlier efforts are dreadful, I should delete them. Like Betty I spend many a moon on this process, preferring to use the PS pen tool to get an accurate outline without jaggies, often blowing up to beyond actual pixels to get a good line. I also try to include the drop shadow. Even after taking this trouble, it's often necessary to edit the cutout a bit to ensure smooth and realistic transitions. I have a cheap light tent and I normally use bounced flash, or north facing window light, but typically the object just stands on sheets of white paper. Cutouts can sell reasonably well though, it's probably worth the effort.
  12. Just to bring this to a conclusion, I uploaded the image in a small batch of three and they passed QC. Keyworded this evening. Thanks for all the responses!
  13. Choosing keywords.

    In Lightroom you can use a Preset to inject a series of keywords into the IPTC content that will be copied over to Alamy AIM. It is useful to set up presets for commonly encountered places, situations, seasons etc. It doesn't absolve you from having to keyword, but it certainly removes some of the drudgery. The trick is to learn to enjoy keywording, the research element in particular can be fun, but the whole thing is an interesting exercise. Or just think in terms of $$$ when you need encouragement
  14. Times 13th G3956R Mark Waugh. Reddish Vale viaduct Stockport country park sixteen-arch brick viaduct built in 1875 to carry the Hope Valley Line over the Ta M7NT18 London,UK,12th March 2018,On display at Bonhams 19th Century European, Victorian and British Impressionist Art photocall: PHILIP ALEXIUS DE LÁSZLÓ, PRBA, RP, NPS(British, 1869-1937)Portrait of Ellice Endicott, Mrs William Endicott, née Ellice Mack Estimated at £ 25,000 - 35,000 The sale takes place on the 14th March at 2pm©Keith Larby/Alamy Live News G0P15C Matthew Horwood Cardiff University building in Cardiff, south Wales GR3HRW Derek Phillips Chinese takeaway meal Irish Edition D3MREK Lee Martin Oxfam Shop Sign Business E9NRY6 A.P.S. (UK) aerial view of Carlisle Lake District Airport in Cumbria, UK
  15. Times 12th M4NXMH Wavebreakmedia Ltd FUS1802_3 Composite image of graphic designers working at desk - a derivative of this image B783WB Mike Goldwater London UK 1982 CND protestors campaign for nuclear disarmament carry banners protesting about Trident and cruise missiles CND protest boy holding placard - can't find it C8GE0W Libby Welch Elderly woman locking / unlocking front door M679NW Cardiff, Wales, UK, 1st Mar, 2018. UK Weather: Shoppers approach a Tesco extra on a day when heavy snow is forecast across Britain. Credit: Mark Hawkins/Alamy Live News M7J3PJ UK Weather: Ilkley, West Yorkshire, UK. 11th March 2018. Unusual weather phenomenon out of the mountains - A brocken spectre in the mist on Ilkley Moor in this morning's cloud inversion. Rebecca Cole/Alamy Live News World F8NY18 Ian Allenden Woman Stealing Bottle Of Wine From Supermarket M7HWJB Parkland, Florida, USA. 10th March, 2018. A student stops by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School memorial during a rally for solidarity in North Community Park, Parkland, Florida on March 10, 2018. The group gathered in a show of solidarity for the 17 students and teachers murdered February 14, 2018 in the schools freshman building. A former student is in custody indicted on 17 counts of premeditated murder. Credit: Gary Rothstein/UPI Photo/Newscom/Alamy Live News DH7HAX Emmanuel LATTES In Vichy, the water cure establishment Dome with the park of Springs and Our Lady of the Ills church in the left background Business E6ANDK Stuart Aylmer Horse drawn hearse at a funeral service
  16. Thanks Mark and John, I'll risk an upload and see what transpires.
  17. I've uploaded the photo to Flickr Hopefully you can see it here Photo - If this doesn't work I'll use my blog. Edit - I removed the actual pixels crop
  18. Thanks for the responses all! It's nothing as pronounced as in that lovely image posted by Vincent, but the bands are probably radial. It doesn't look like the problem referred to by Mark, the bands are more extensive. If I get the time I'll try to upload an actual pixels section to Flickr. I am using LR to process the image.
  19. Sunday Times 11th HF5XJX aberCPC Higher Education in the UK: Aberystwyth University students in a lecture on the campus JC081N WENN NHS Monklands Hospital has been affected by the recent cyber-attack. Featuring: General view Where: Cumbernauld, United Kingdom When: 13 May 2017 Credit: EJ22HT Photo 12 Game of Thrones TV Series 2011 - ???? USA / UK Created by : David Benioff, D.B. Weiss 2013 Season 3, episode 10 : Mhysa Director: David Nutter Peter Dinklage, Sophie Turner BT1W6D WILDLIFE GmbH Hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus) mirrored in a garden pond, Netherlands Scottish Edition M154H6 Ian Rutherford Highland dancers perform at the Ballater Highland Games, Monaltrie Park, Ballater, Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire D1EBD9 Mark Sunderland Beached fishing boat in the Harbour at Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, United Kingdom, Europe Irish Edition GCHH7B MICHAEL DEBETS gates Russian Embassy in Rathgar - no longer in catalogue? Business JKTN7E Marcin Libera 23rd JULY 2017. The AJ Bell Triathlon in London is the largest triathlon in the world, taking place over two days in the streets, M6WYAR BJ Warnick 07th Mar, 2018. Launching of Samsung's Galaxy S9 in India Samsung Electronics' latest smartphones, the Galaxy S9, are on display at a showcase event in New Delhi on March 6 DAAWCR Andrew Fox Graduates throw their caps in the air at Birmingham University, UK, after the graduation ceremony Money KJ69RE Christian Ohde Internet cable, high-speed Internet, broadband Internet access Gas hob burning something, probably banknote - can't find it Andriy Popov Piggy Bank On Radiator - can't find it in Alamy HMGGA5 Jonathan Goldberg Entrance to the Financial Conduct Authority FCA Happy senior couple face to face on the beach - agency image, too many to look! EMFF9T PhotoEdit Estate Agents Window, Oxford, England, UK Home D73ACW paul weston Whitewashed stone cottages in the fishing village of Abersoch on the Llŷn Peninsula, North Wales, UK Travel BR9DRF Robert Preston Yurts, Tash Rabat Valley, Kyrgyzstan A0E1YK willie sator diaz beach cape point
  20. Times 10th Weekend KM34HA KMI Images Rear view of a naked blond woman hand touching shoulder M2AD16 Trevor Chriss Light snow covering on a landscaped English surburban garden J1XJE1 GWI/Trevor Sims HYDRANGEA QUERCIFOLIA 'SNOW QUEEN' HARDY SHRUB B2AE3W John Glover lungwort Pulmonaria saccharata Leopard - looks like LS crop of PT image J1G90K GWI PULMONARIA TREVI FOUNTAIN J1RRXN GWI/Philip Smith PULMONARIA ''RASPBERRY SPLASH'' J1P09K GWI/Lee Thomas PULMONARIA 'MAJESTE' Pulmonaria Silver Bouquet - can't find it J1JHD7 GWI/Christopher Fairweather PULMONARIA 'DAVID WARD' J0K4AK Radim Beznoska Red lungwort, Pulmonaria rubra "Redstart" in bloom FWAEW0 Radim Beznoska Blue Lungwort, Pulmonaria ‘Blue Ensign’ EX6D79 RM Floral Pulmonaria officinalis Sissinghurst White flower flowers spring flowering closeup perennials green spotted foliage lungwort J6MGTH Darrell Evans Kingsgate Castle on the cliffs above Kingsgate Bay, Broadstairs, Kent. It was built for Lord Holland in the 1760s Travel KF5C8R James Schwabel Bridge Street Pier and clock tower on Anna Maria Island in Bradenton Beach Florida F54PX0 Tim Graham Juvenile American alligator basking at J.N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Reserve, Captiva Island, Florida, USA M5BX7M CBartlett Yellow Head Pelican sitting on Bradenton Florida pier on Anna Maria Island resting with wings closed A3NXCP James Schwabel Wooden walkway to Lighthouse Beach on Sanibel Island on the Gulf of Mexico Coast of Florida
  21. Cheers David! Times 10th ENEHBK Marcel de Grijs boy using ipad for online social media B58CRN Mirrorpix Miners at Sacriston Colliery near Durham step out in the new Day Glo orange workwear EEW17W Jonny White A Brighton and Hove City Council information sign on the Brighton seafront EDR6KN Bigred Northampton General Hospital entrance Scottish Edition CTD1F3 sandy young Aerial view of Glasgow, M8 motorway heading in to the city centre with the Provan Gas Works on the right at Royston BKD60Y Phil Seale former Donaldson's School for deaf children Irish Edition H854DA London, UK. 10th Nov, 2016. Front cover of Irish Independent. British newspapers reaction to the US presidential election results Credit: Dinendra Haria/Alamy Live News C41RH5 Gareth McCormack Morning reflections in Upper Lake, Glendalough, Wicklow Mountains National Park, County Wicklow, Ireland World KN8YPN Tono Balaguer Notre Dame cathedral in Paris sunset from Seine river in France Business K2BP2C Philip Stephen Fishing vessel 'Ocean Harvest' in close proximity to Forties Delta Platform, North Sea, January 2016 D0C251 Ben Cooper Atlas V Launches Inmarsat Communications Satellite Money JDDWYH Backyard Productions Stack of ethereum coins with gold background
  22. How do you describe/tag your photos?

    Once you have a sizeable portfolio it is instructive to study the searches made that have produced views amongst your photos. You will often find different uses for keywords that were not apparent to you when keywording. I check this every working day, and it's rare that I don't find something new to add. e.g. today I saw a search for "vegetable plot" a phrase that I had failed to apply to some of my vegetable garden photos. Another tip, applicable to all, always check your keywords after they become live. Maybe I am more error prone than most, but I often find errors or, more particularly, omissions on a second look. I occasionally find long standing errors , years after uploading, when checking or amending keywords. As others have said, it is impossible to over emphasise the importance of good key wording. Checking for images in the papers every day, I see numerous examples of inadequate or bad practice. All the better for the conscientious key-worders of course.......
  23. Times 9th D3XP1D Jochen Tack Burning, glowing pieces of coal A4MNRA sharky Skiing in Alpe D Huez ski area in the french Alps EMP2YK Viktor Fischer Red beans in a pan Woman using electroencephalograph - can't find it in Alamy CYE3H2 tony french Sealife in Great Yarmouth A group of farmers follow a tractor as part of the early spring sowing in Sichuan province, China TOP PHOTO CORPORATION/ALAMY - lapsed Live News? M73PPX October Gallery, London, UK. 8 March 2018. Portal - an exhibition which considers the ways we visualize the world around us. Artist Chewang Dorje Lama was born into the Tamang community in Nepal where he trained as a thangka painter. The thangkas photographed here are skilfully rendered on silk in gold-on-black of deities. Credit: Malcolm Park/Alamy Live News. KD3N86 Keith J Smith Oundle School, a boarding and day school, Georgian style buildings Oundle, Northamptonshire. U.K F42Y4F Sigrid Olsson Using smartphone Scottish Edition EJ24J4 Photo 12. Game of Thrones TV Series 2011 ???? USA Created by : David Benioff, D.B. Weiss 2014 Season 4, episode 7 : MockinUKird Director : Alik Sakharov Sophie Turner, Kate Dickie HEY8E3 fraser band Entrance to Strathallan School, Perthshire, Scotland GX4PPA jeremy sutton-hibbert Making whisky at the Glasgow Distillery Company, in Hillington, in Glasgow, Scotland Business DDGH57 Jonathan Goldberg Offices of the FCA, Financial Conduct Authority at Canary Wharf, London (formerly FSA Bricks and Mortar ADFXP8 REDA &CO srl Impatiens Niamniamensis
  24. Last year, or was it the year before that, I painted a house wall. It wasn't a very big wall, but it took all day, and, using that special sticky paint on a lumpy rendered surface, it was exhausting. Every brush load had to be laboriously worked in, it's not painting as you might know it. I asked a builder friend how he would have tackled the job, and his response was "I would have got someone in to do it!" My overalls are still coated in splashes of white paint. Next time I'll hire in a specialist. During the recent snowstorms, and foolishly, driven by boredom, I decided to paint a ceiling. It was child's play compared to painting house walls. Opportunity missed however, as "aged man painting ceiling" is not in my Alamy collection
  25. Cheers Tim! Times 8th JAB2RB Wavebreak Media LTD Middle aged couple sitting on their couch paying their bills A3GNM2 S.T. Yiap Stock Toy Voodoo Doll EB1529 Tami Sojka Closed prison cell at Alcatraz Island with toilet and sink, San Francisco, California, USA CR8M34 Herbert Spichtinger Five piglets in basket World F321MJ lolostock The hand of a young woman is turning the knob on a stove Law Steve Heap Many gold bitcoins laying on reflective surface with a single bitcoin in sharp focus floating above them to illustrate bitcoin exchange, mining or blockchain technology for cryptocurrency - can't find it in Alamy