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  1. Favourite pics uploaded Dec 2017

    You are not alone Sally. In attempting to take those shots I looked for a place from which I could take a clean view and came across the The Eco Centre, Windmill Way - they have their own large wind turbine. I asked permission to take the photos from their land and was amazed to find that the staff there thought the structures were parts of oil rigs! Anyone else thinking of doing the same, forget the Eco centre, they did allow me to access their land, but you can't get a decent shot.
  2. Pre-holidays PU surge?

    Dead sheep images appear to deter PU buyers, none for me this month.
  3. Times 14th Scottish Edition FY2K62 Alan Wilson Edinburgh University students enjoy the first sunny day of Spring in the meadows, Edinburgh, Scotland UK Law ED31N0 Graham Prentice Debris in the aftermath of a festive season party with an empty Veuve Clicquot champagne bottle and other rubbish
  4. Keywording exhaustion

    It's fine, I use it all the time, on box, laptop and Android tablet.
  5. Camera Shopping

    I've time to kill so here is chapter and verse.... I hesitate to recommend a particular camera because people have different needs and budgets. In order to pass QC here you need to have a camera with a large enough sensor and the minimum is probably the Sony RX100 and its variants with a sensor measuring 13.2 x 8.8 mm. At the other extreme are full frame cameras 36 x 24 mm, and between the two, APS - C cameras with sensors around 23.6 x 15.7 mm ( there are variants). The larger the sensor the larger and heavier the camera body, but, in particular, the lenses are a good deal larger and heavier. However, for a given level of technology, the larger the sensor the better the image quality. Having said that, quality can be defined as fitness for purpose and for stock shooting you don't essentially need a large sensor. I own a full frame camera and do like the appearance of the images it produces, the depth of field is limited and backgrounds are easily thrown out of focus. However I don't like lugging it, and the lenses, around so I use an APS-C camera for almost all of my stock shooting. If you are young and fit this might not be such an issue! The other thing to consider is mirrorless against DSLR. Conventional DSLRs have optical viewfinders, the more expensive cameras have a glass pentaprism to flip the image through 90 deg, while cheaper cameras use mirrors. The pentaprism gives a brighter viewfinder image, but it is heavy. More recently mirrorless cameras have become available with electronic viewfinders, so they don't need mirrors or a pentaprism. As a result they are smaller and lighter than DSLRs while offering the same image quality (generally using an equivalent sensor to that fitted to a DSLR). Not everyone likes an electronic viewfinder, but the latest versions are very good and, personally, I would not now go back to an optical viewfinder. For sports photography, where you need to capture rapid movement, the optical finder might still offer an advantage. Mirrorless full frame cameras are smaller and lighter than equivalent DSLRs, but the lenses are much the same, and the lenses are the heaviest bits! A full frame camera with a mega lens looks impressive and, for commissioned work, the clients might expect that kind of thing. A small mirrorless camera could be mistaken for an amateur shooters bit of kit and is less threatening, possibly better for surreptitious shooting.
  6. Favourite pics uploaded Dec 2017

    Great to see large scale steel fabrication back on the river Tyne, constructing supports for offshore wind turbines on the site of what was Swan Hunter shipbuilders. A lot of people have been very sceptical about renewable energy, but here is clear evidence that it is bringing work for skilled craftspersons. This Sarens crane is capable of lifting over 3000 tonnes.
  7. Times 13th EH9R8N Kyoko Uchid black garlic bulbs and cloves on white background Business CP74FN eye35 Oakham town Buttercross Market square and spire of All Saints Church Rutland England UK GB EU Europe D4YBK3 TW Photo Images Photo Images Medium sized truck delivering to a Tesco Express store in Bradley Stoke Bristol, March 2013 E9GPXH Paul Quayle Les Quatre Temps (Four Seasons) shopping centre at La Defense, commercial district of Paris E5PGY7 Ian Trower Zero Carbon Building, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China, Asia - possibly a crop of this, a few similar Times 2 GETR9P Loop Images/Julian Castle A red Ferrari parked outside boutique shops on Westbourne Grove in Notting Hill
  8. Keywording exhaustion

    If I can interject, I find it easiest to add the keywords in Lightroom, and I much prefer PS for most other things. LR has a very user friendly keyword editor which suggests possibilities from previous usage, and you can program presets to load commonly encountered groups of keywords. It's also very easy to copy groups of keywords from one image to another, or indeed to a group of others. Alamy AIM programmers would do well to take a close look.
  9. Keywording exhaustion

    Not cheap but I use a Google Nexus 10 tablet, which is pretty good. I've done some keywording on it, and generally search for Newspaper images while idly lying in bed. However, and this irks me considerably, it does not appear to be designed for ease of battery replacement, and mine is in need of a new battery. I believe that you can buy (3rd party) batteries and it is just about possible to do the surgery required, but it's not for the faint hearted. Plus, will the dubious new battery burst into flames when under charge? Once upon a time all battery powered kit was designed with replacement in mind, is this planned obsolescence or what?
  10. Times 12th KMH7EN Flintshire, North, UK. 11th Dec, 2017. UK Weather. With a Met Office Yellow Warning for icy conditions for many today. Commuters will wake up to a hard-packed snow and black ice and what the press are calling ‘Black Monday'. A walker out early in the deep snow to catch the sunrise over Halkyn Mountain in Flintshire Credit: DGDImages/Alamy Live News EY5P6X BIOSPHOTO Green sea turtle trying to eat a plastic bag It seems a jellyfish Scottish Edition CPP52Y AMELIE-BENOIST / BSIP HOME FOR THE AGED Irish Edition AK26G0 David Cook / blueshiftstudios hands stoning avocado Business KJBHPR Felix Lipov Chicago - September 7, 2015: Chicago Board of Trade Building along La Salle street in Chicago, Illinois. The art deco building was built in 1930 and f - looks like a crop of this HDY26Y Tony Gwynne HGV learner driver negotiates roundabout in Poole, Dorset HEJ9GG Aurelie d'Unienville Colourful houses in Notting Hill London
  11. Keywording exhaustion

    Welcome to the guild of smartphoneless people John, my younger son offered me his old one but, being a Luddite, I refused. Equally unconventionally, I quite enjoy keywording, and don't mind the new AIM, other than for the aforementioned need to deselect images. That drives me crazy, high time for a rethink Mr Alamy. I like being able to use long tags, and, now that you can edit the input before adding a pasted expression, one of my major gripes has gone. I also enjoy the research involved in keywording, and get satisfaction from honing the keywords over time, in light of customer search results. However, like Ed, I also enjoy washing up, so realise that I may be into minority pleasures.
  12. Thanks Vincent, maybe there won't be a refund. Sales details have now become available, five of them are like this Country: Sweden Usage: Editorial Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic Print run: up to 10,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page Start: 01 November 2017 End: 01 November 2022 And the sixth is the same save it is for a UK customer.
  13. I use both Google and Tineye Alan, but I'm referring here to images that neither search engine finds, which means resorting to a keyword search in Alamy.
  14. Don't know as yet John, that will probably come through later this evening. You are looking well in that red hat
  15. Greek youth about to enjoy a tasty wrap Artisan baker with customer Durham open air market or, if you prefer your food burnt!