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  1. Post your positive results here :)

    Next best thing to marrying to her. Well done!
  2. How was your July?

    8 sales for $410. No $$$ license for another month (3rd in a row).
  3. Through end of June, number of sales down 15%, gross revenue down 23%. July is not looking good.
  4. How was June?

    9 for $450. No $$$ sale.
  5. How was your May 2017?

    After an abysmal April (two sale for $30), May is back to normal. 9 sales for $781 gross, with a $175 book sale and a bunch of $89, $99 IQ sales.
  6. Slow month?

    Another sale this morning. So whining DOES work!
  7. Slow month?

    After a little whining last week, two fair priced sales dropped in over the weekend. So they said, " Squeaking wheels get the grease".
  8. Slow month?

    If your misery needs company, I'll throw myself in. After great first three months (average 10 sales, $800+), my April sale dropped to two PUs for $30! Now this is almost half way through May, I have ONE sale, for $25. Views and zooms are consistently good, total CTR over 0.9 four months in a row. I wonder what I did to get into Alamy's dog house? This is WAY beyond normal fluctuation.
  9. Merged threads: Newspaper Scheme opt-in

    No, thanks! That was my reply to that same email you all got. But I left the door "unlocked" by suggesting Alamy to negotiate a decent price with newspapers.
  10. Post your positive results here :)

    How did you get His Majesty to sign the release form?
  11. Personal Use? - yeah right...

    I "scored" one of the PU this week. It was a RF image. Someone bought the 48 mb high res image for a grant total of $10.40. Somebody said something is better than nothing. Sorry I don't feel better for this thing.
  12. Payments

    You can always quit.
  13. How was your March 2017?

    Good month. 12 sales for $1052 gross. Glad to see uptick of per sale average, and number of $$$ sales.
  14. Post your positive results here :)

    $120 X 2 this morning.
  15. Am I misunderstanding how pricing works?

    Dougie, That fact is, nobody use the price calculator, except those who doesn't know nobody use the price calculator.