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  1. Something I have found useful is to click on the images number under my avatar and then copying the URL and creating a bookmark on Firefox's bookmark toolbar. I can access all my images or if I want to do a general search on Alamy it gives me instant access. I also created bookmarks for my AIM, Forum, and My Alamy pages. John
  2. Lets play a game

    umbrella, umbrellas, teen, teens, teenager, teenagers, walking, group, many, rain, bad, weather, gloomy, day, stores, shops, storefronts, businesses, students, entourage, young, people, youth, youngsters, walk, stroll, strolling, old, canterbury, uk, kent, english, england, great, travel, united, view, british, britain, europe, european, kingdom, city, tourist, sights, centre, town, vibrant, outdoors, urban, together, inclement, wet, rainstorm, men and women, center
  3. Mushroom/Toadstool identification please

    Try posting a photo here there are some very knowledgeable people always ready to make an I.D.
  4. Bad Weather Pics

    A little wind and some waves in Oxnard California with Santa Cruz Island prominent in the background.
  5. Its OK to make mistakes here.
  6. I think Lightroom would be a good investment for you with your color blindness. You can create presets in Lightroom and have LR apply those presets when imported. It also does a fine job of organizing your photos. It's rare that I make color changes to a photo, I do sometimes enhance a single color which is simple in LR. Looking through your photos the ones shot under cloudy skies could use an increase in exposure, saturation, contrast, clarity, vibrance to make them more attractive to buyers. Lightroom also allows you to synchronize the processing of images shot under similar lighting conditions which is a great time saver. There are also presets built in to LR, or that can be downloaded that can provide different renderings of your photos. You can use the Auto exposure and white balance features also, LR can be challenging to learn to use, but youtube has many instructional videos which help.
  7. Your favorite blurry image

    This Is Sadie with the balls in her mouth and Bear who sadly is no longer with us, but was smart enough to stay out of Sadie's way when she was chasing a ball. The Golden Gate Bridge High School Football Out of focus lights Fishermans Wharf San Francisco California
  8. A article in the the Sun with a few Alamy photos, Alamy credit only. Originally appeared in August then updated September 14, Weirdest McDonalds location around the World.
  9. Image identification

    hdh, those are turban squash.
  10. In focus images

    If you do a search on YouTube for Alamy you get this list of helpful videos.
  11. In focus images

    I found this on YouTube yesterday and thought it might help.
  12. There is no requirement for DSLR cameras. Many non DSLR cameras meet the requirements for submitting to Alamy. If you look through some of the forums you will find many members using or considering buying compact cameras. Mostly the cameras with larger sensors.
  13. Several Alamy photos used here
  14. Canon G1x 11 v Sony RX100 11

    I have the G1X MkII. One nice thing is it has the same color characteristics as my Canon DSLR's. It doesn't have a lot of megapixels, but the lens is very sharp and the touchscreen is nice. If it only had a built in electronic viewfinder it would be perfect. It has good close focusing ability. Its a little bigger than pocket sized and feels solidly built. Here is an example photo with the G1X. Check out the Sony A6000 or A6300 they are 24 mp lightweight, electronic viewfinder, and if you wait a bit they should start offering discounts for Christmas soon. With 24 megapixels you get more flexibility to crop the photos.