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  1. Hi Rick, Thank you, the circumstances were unusual because this was lake effect snow off of Pyramid Lake which is slightly alkaline and saline which may account for the large size of the crystals. One winter we had freezing fog for almost three months. The local Pauite tribe called it Pogonip, which people said translated to "white death" which seemed appropriate.
  2. Christmas noise

    I had an image fail for the same reasons back in October. I knew it was soft and noisy and a possible fail when I uploaded it, but its nice to know where the limits are. When I look back at my submissions from when I first started at Alamy I realized I had an embarrassing amount of QC failures and am surprised that they put up with me. That was before they had the ban policy I think. I am thankful that Alamy gives us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes what level of quality they are looking for rather than banning us permanently for our failures. Johnnie
  3. alamy content

    Hi Constantine, I was looking through your images and noticed right away that you don't have specific locations and names of buildings in the captions on many of your outdoor photos. You might try adding that info in the keywords and caption to make them more likely to sell.
  4. Buyers will be looking for winter and holiday photos. Link Crabapples covered in snow Ice formed from a sprinkler system and low overnight temperatures Snowflakes The Truckee River at Wadsworth Nevada
  5. Steep drop in zooms this month?

    I had a big drop in zooms and sales in October continuing into November, but things seem to be picking up in the last week or two. The re-rank may have something to do with it or tweaks to the search engine. Sales prices way down though.
  6. Post some of your Fall Autumn photos

    Just had a sale reported of this one.
  7. Sony RX100, a6000 and Lumix LX100 questions

    I have several hundred photos here on Alamy that were shot with the A6000 and kit lens. They were taken in Greece and Italy. The kit lens is sharp and easily passes QC its only weaknesses are low light situations and at 16mm it has a lot of distortion which Lightroom easily corrects, but there is some loss of image area. I have the Sigma MC-11 adapter and am able to use my Canon and old Olympus OM lenses on the camera. The auto focus doesn't perform well on some of my lenses when using the adapter, there are other adapters available. If you have any old manual lenses laying around you could start using them again. The A6000 has focus peaking which highlights areas that are in focus when using a manual lens which make it easy to know what is in focus. You can see the photos starting on page 2 of my photos.
  8. Post some of your Fall Autumn photos

    Mono Lake from the Vista point on Highway 395. Blowing man made snow at Mammoth Mountain California Extremely windy weather conditions at Twin Lakes near Mammoth Lakes California brought fresh snow to the Sierra's. Making snow on Mammoth Mountain California
  9. I have this one and like it, if you don't need a heavyweight. It works well for most situations and I can even overload it. The center column is a two piece and is reversible. The legs unfold almost straight out. I also have the big brother to this one. At 2.3 lbs its lightweight.
  10. Comments on portfolio and tagging, please

    Who, what, when, where, why, are the basics. I think more detail about your subjects would make them more interesting to buyers and supply the keywords to match. Be more specific.
  11. Is he dead?

    Betty, no offense intended. We shouldn't talk politics.
  12. Is he dead?

    The Clinton's are the least of our worries.
  13. It would be nice if Alamy could add a plain text display of keywords with commas included. HInt HInt!
  14. Tips on photo equipment care in the tropics

    The Ziploc Jumbo storage bags might be useful in some way also as they take up less room than a box. I use them to throw computer cords and peripheral stuff into when I travel.
  15. Something I have found useful is to click on the images number under my avatar and then copying the URL and creating a bookmark on Firefox's bookmark toolbar. I can access all my images or if I want to do a general search on Alamy it gives me instant access. I also created bookmarks for my AIM, Forum, and My Alamy pages. John