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  1. How would you keyword this image?

    My nephew is a "Ramper" and is currently doing that particular job (he calls it doing Lav's) as it is the easiest job on the ramp and he is recovering from hernia surgery. He recently experience a problem when after being serviced by mechanics the hose that attaches to the plane was improperly tightened and became disconnected from the metal fitting while pumping out the human waste. He was showered with "blue juice" as he called it. He had to shower, throw his uniform away, see a doctor, get a hepatitis shot, and schedule a return visit to see if there were any other ill effects. He hasn't had any ill effects, but he did have to listen to a lot of bad jokes about what a (insert word here) job he had. Here is a good description of their duties.
  2. skill improvement...?

    Lebovitz usually works with an army of support people. Her experiences may differ from yours.
  3. Here is a way to pause updates for a month. You will find it in the advanced options section. It might be a good idea in case the updates don't work as planned. I will try to post any problems that I come across.
  4. No No I insist after your sir. I guess my post was more of a warning then anything else because of things like this.
  5. There is an update coming for your Intel CPU based Windows computer that may affect performance. The update is reportedly coming on Tuesday. It would be nice if users could report here if they notice and difference with Lightroom, Photoshop, and any other editing programs after the update. Mac computers that have the December 6 update already have the fix. Read more here,
  6. The Koch brothers have a lot of influence in Washington and spend freely to get what they want. They also spread propaganda.
  7. Its hard to imagine internet providers not using the new rules to their advantage after all the money they spent lobbying the FCC. One key point is the FCC will no longer be the regulating body over the internet. The FTC will take over. They say they are not equipped to handle such a task. Another article.
  8. Out and About

    Here is the list of compatible lenses that Sigma provides.   Your lens may still work but may not auto focus well or at all. If you don't mind focusing manually then it isn't a problem. You can set the camera for focus peaking it helps immensely with manual focus lenses. I have the Sigma 17-50 f2.8 which doesn't work well with the Sony A6000 and the MC-11 adapter but the Canon 70-200 2.8L seems to work ok. I have quite a few old manual focus lenses that work just fine with the camera and all produce images that will pass QC. There is also the Metabones Adapter which many recommend and there are some cheaper ones.
  9. Canon g9x?

    I just bought the Sony A6000 and it easily passes QC and allows for interchangeable lenses. It has allowed me to reuse some of my older lenses with an adapter. The kit lens is fine for Alamy use. It is being sold at a reduced price right now in the US and I think in the UK too.
  10. Hi Rick, Thank you, the circumstances were unusual because this was lake effect snow off of Pyramid Lake which is slightly alkaline and saline which may account for the large size of the crystals. One winter we had freezing fog for almost three months. The local Pauite tribe called it Pogonip, which people said translated to "white death" which seemed appropriate.
  11. Christmas noise

    I had an image fail for the same reasons back in October. I knew it was soft and noisy and a possible fail when I uploaded it, but its nice to know where the limits are. When I look back at my submissions from when I first started at Alamy I realized I had an embarrassing amount of QC failures and am surprised that they put up with me. That was before they had the ban policy I think. I am thankful that Alamy gives us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes what level of quality they are looking for rather than banning us permanently for our failures. Johnnie
  12. alamy content

    Hi Constantine, I was looking through your images and noticed right away that you don't have specific locations and names of buildings in the captions on many of your outdoor photos. You might try adding that info in the keywords and caption to make them more likely to sell.
  13. Buyers will be looking for winter and holiday photos. Link Crabapples covered in snow Ice formed from a sprinkler system and low overnight temperatures Snowflakes The Truckee River at Wadsworth Nevada
  14. Steep drop in zooms this month?

    I had a big drop in zooms and sales in October continuing into November, but things seem to be picking up in the last week or two. The re-rank may have something to do with it or tweaks to the search engine. Sales prices way down though.