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  1. say, a concentrated photo opportunities tour, 4-8 hrs long, many different subjects; led by a local photographer speaking your language; if willing, where, what year, length of tour, cost? was price all inclusive or additional fees? did it offer access to things not otherwise available to public? (urban -- not nature, safaris, etc.) did you make back costs via stock licensing...? (of course, not as easy now as 2007-8) question prompted by finding a 4-hr MEX tour @$100USD... before textbook licenses dried up, might have paid $100USD if guide could get me into local public schools for 4 hrs, but now... (paying $100USD = lots of research time saved, but...)
  2. if stemming is finding root word, what is opposite, e.g., finding all words derived from "run", a root word? (running, runs, ?ran?, runner, runners, etc.) has anyone found online root-based generator that, with click of button, provides all variations of a word, whether starting with root or derivatives??? of course, dictionaries do it, but not just as clusters of purely derivatives of a root...?
  3. 79 pages viewed & ZERO zooms

    7910 views = 79+ pages viewed (assumes 100/page default) 0 zooms... REALLY? What true "approved" buyer would do that...? Search Term Your Views Sessions Your Zooms Your Sales Your CTR(%) Total Views Total Zooms Total CTR(%) miami street 7,910 0 0.00
  4. Newer laptop. One dropdown menu, the View Menu, blank from start. How to fix? Thanks.
  5. WimW & all, Just to clarify, don't know if it matters, its just that one Photoshop "View" dropdown menu that's blank. All others, including the "Look in" menu are NOT blank...
  6. How would you keyword this image?

    underneath, airport, employee, job, sure wish Alamy would bring back stemming, even if modified... are there any online or freeware "stemming machines"...? (especially those with degree-of-looseness sliders) PS. found via Google -- what is this???
  7. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    SCOTTISHNORTHERN ENGLISH pleasant; nice. "she's a canny lass" Some of us in The New World had to look that one up, we did.
  8. making Adobe pay for my CC

    It works until it doesn't work. Always realize it can go other way, especially if one doesn't stay rational-unemotional. Or one becomes overly greedy... The next market correction could turn into a crash that takes years to rebound... The end of a crash = very best time to invest, IMO...
  9. Have been watching ADBE stock-equity; yesterday it dipped in a way that caused me to jump on it; looking for a several percent rise & then selling; using profit to fund (possibly) many years of CC at ?$10? per month...? (is there further discount for annual subscription?) am not encouraging others to do this, as there is a gamble involved, especially now, NKorea events could cause all stocks to drop, but...
  10. Just seen Red Snapper on national TV

    Only works in UK. sidebar: why would anyone want something on WWW to only work in one-some countries???!!
  11. making Adobe pay for my CC

    Sold 4th time! 11% profit in 13 days...
  12. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Biggie-bigster license of a city skyline reported 2/13, my net @30% = $713.58; Biggie-bigster license of a statue reported 2/16, my net @40% = $1088; (sadly, not Alamy licenses, but feeling chuffed about them & overly optimistic in a "2007 fees" kind of way...)
  13. SERIOUSLY???

    In the entire history of Alamy's own forum, I'd guess there has NEVER been a buyer who got a license fee lower than what they intended to get before reading about fees on this forum. Besides, the fees ARE what they are at any given moment. We want licenses. NOT trumpeting current fees does NOT put more $$ in our pockets. Whatever the fees, we want to encourage licenses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buyers: LICENSE FROM ALAMY... If you want higher fees, paradoxically you must give your work away until most shooters are out of business & have sold their equipment..?!! AH HA HA AH HA HA BOO HOO HOO...
  14. Ikea LADDA batteries

    Oh great. This will force Panasonic to look for free stock photography. Circle of Life...
  15. Property rights when you no longer own the property?

    In US, AFAIK, property releases have no legal merit unless property is a creative work, e.g., photograph, sculpture, painting, etc., or is trademarked. This is true regardless of what stock agencies require in order to represent photos as commercially available. I can photograph your former yard-house from public place & offer it editorially-commercially without properly release so you can, too. Of course, there's a sense of safety if one has property releases -- its a loud "the owner says its bloody OK" statement...
  16. populating new laptop with programs; googled "free Excel" with lots of hits, but... are they all only for viewing-printing already existing Excel docs? has anyone who uses Excel merging offered by Alamy found, say, older versions of Excel that are now free...? or newer version that are limited in functions without upgrade...? Thanks for any tips-leads...
  17. especially interested is seeing how others' processing make ordinary-dull lighting more desirable-salable...? of course, there can be all kinds of improvements as result of processing... (so posting 2 images, one "before" processing & one "after" processing is the request) (no, don't have one yet, but will asap)
  18. Do you have multiple pseudos? Did one or more of the NON-dump pseudos become so "weak" in ranking compared to your others that you replaced them with "fresh start" pseudos of "average" ranking? How did you determine "weak" pseudos to replace? a. via numerous unrelated search returns where "weak" pseudo was mostly-always towards back? (takes time to collect that data, right?) b. via Alamy Measures data, e.g., pseudo(s) with lowest zooms &-or lowest CTR over many [months year+] c. other: ______________ Shed light, will you? Proprietary info need not be revealed...
  19. Every month my images from 1990s thru 2017 license, film to 6mp to 10mp to 18mp to 20mp... OH JESUS HERE COME THE GAWBLIMEY BLOODY JOTS BUT HOW ARE THEY GOING TO COMPETE WITH MULTI-MILLION JOT IMAGES???!!!
  20. Eric Fossum, inventor of CMOS (pronounced see-moss) sensor has recently announced QIS (pronounced ?kiss? or ?kwiss?) sensor able to detect 1 photon & offering millions of "jots" full frame (bye bye pixels)... (at similar costs of current sensors) Will all current stock photograhy have to be retaken to be competitive?????!!!
  21. Others here, travel or local, can be upright (standing-roaming) hour or more? Do back pains develop at some point? me specifically: ~2 inches down from right shoulder blade; ongoing for years, resolves overnight until next day 1+ hr standing-walking; muscle or other, don't know; GP finds nothing wrong in Xrays; anyone similar? orthopedist? chiropractor? other? (happens with or without camera,, although heavier camera makes it appear sooner) thanks in advance!!!
  22. making Adobe pay for my CC

    2 days ago a 4th time... wild market ups & downs, may have to hold awhile, patience pays...
  23. Thanks, but the hospital & pharmacy images have been zoomed &-or licensed, a strong indicator of salability, so I prefer to keep something in supertag field. Will see in few days if new words in front of CityName "push" 2 images back in CityName search... if not, then will eliminate CityName from supertag fields for those 2 images. regards jg
  24. have pg 1, 2, etc. presence in some city searches; but some of the images are NOT appropriate & wanted to "shuffle" them backwards -- did so as follows in this scenario: Before in supertags: ranking order: CityName (image 1), CityName (image 2), CityName (image 3), CityName (image 4), CityName (image 5), CityName (image 6) Two changes in supertags: CityName (image 1), CityName (image 2), hospital CityName (image 3), CityName (image 4), pharmacy CityName (image 5), CityName (image 6) Desired "after" ranking order in CityName search: CityName (image 1), CityName (image 2), CityName (image 4), CityName (image 6) & hospital CityName (image 3) will shuffle way back except forward in "hospital" searches...? & pharmacy CityName (image 5) will shuffle way back except forward in "pharmacy" searches...?
  25. MariaJ & all, Pedestrian processing: color-exposure balance, opening shadows, suppressing highlights, removing detritus, etc. Adding snap-crackle-pop, but nothing as dramatic as examples above...!!! Never learned Curves-Layers, would like to learn stacking in order to do very long exposure equivalents -- link to stacking tutorial for CS6? (really should go CC, having bought ADBE shares low & selling higher 3X now essentially made Adobe cover costs for decades+)