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  1. retail book front cover 10 yr. exclusivity; size unknown, assume moderate seller; assume image subject available from others; (farming harvest scene) still allowed to license in any other way, e.g., inside retail or any non-retail book, non-book, etc. What would be MINIMUM $$net in your pocket you would accept? Not a bloated amount you claim on forums, your minimum you would accept if an agency contacted you with this situation... If your minimum is too high, you get a big fat zero!!!
  2. No. Upload new versions of old images. After they pass QC, send email similar to this: "My submission OLxxxxxxx just passed QC. Please replace my old images with new images in OLxxxxxxx that have my same ID & transfer old image data into new images." (note: if you don't want old image data transferred to new image, say so)
  3. Please -- a. no twins, triplets, relatives, etc. b. no costumes, make-up, wigs, fake beards, etc. b. only one dopppelganger per day max c. mention below if you would like to be on doppelganger judging board d. this is a single winner-take-all contest determined on final day of this forum's existence Chris Christie doppelganger driving taxi in Buenos Aires ARG:
  4. mid Nov. (2) $149gross each => then refunded early Dec same (2) $149gross each => then refunded is there predictable outcome to this scenario...?!!! a. forever refunded? b. likely finalized as licensed? c. forever in hellish loop resulting in eternal rope burn? d. other...?
  5. Favourite pics uploaded Dec 2017

    Any images that license become "favorites"... This one just did. Came upon them & begged them to "stay just as you are"; unfortunately, woman on left crooked her head unnaturally as some do when camera pointed at them, but still... if ever reprocessed, would reduce redness of skin a bit... IIRC, grabbed & opened menu to make counter foreground more interesting...?
  6. Log in just going round in circles

    Why is Alamy doing this to us...?!!!
  7. post your favorite doppelgangers here

    The spirit of this contest requires no willful attempt to look like doppelganger. Please post those in Look-Alike Thread.
  8. is it possible to simultaneously spell check multiple language tags? without confusion of one language being another language misspelling???
  9. Thanks for response. 2 languages simultaneously without assuming other language is a spelling mistake? e.g. English & Spanish simultaneously without a. English marking "restaurante" as spelling mistake b. Spanish marking "restaurant" as spelling mistake
  10. Welcome to Andy Harding

    a. upset that you were passed over b. relieved that I was passed over
  11. making Adobe pay for my CC

    And a 3rd stab at ADBE upon a sharp dip this morning... (still using CS6E)
  12. Have been watching ADBE stock-equity; yesterday it dipped in a way that caused me to jump on it; looking for a several percent rise & then selling; using profit to fund (possibly) many years of CC at ?$10? per month...? (is there further discount for annual subscription?) am not encouraging others to do this, as there is a gamble involved, especially now, NKorea events could cause all stocks to drop, but...
  13. ...4620 Good Air ARG images in last 15 days...? (~1400 will be keepers) If not, let's start bidding for this project at 15 cents / image... Do I hear 14 cents? Please, only qualified bidders with decent skills in all three categories...
  14. copyright: did you already know...?
  15. Haven't shopped jump drive for 2+ yrs; (notice similar offers at bottom include 2TB) Am I reading right? 2TB jump drive $29.99??? Anyone bought these? Most reliable brand at 1-2 GB? Why are the XXX GB jump drives still in the $65 price range? Don't make sense.
  16. Shot "high res JPGs only" small batch. RX10-III 20mp; never processed JPGs before; don't want to create huge cavities in histograms; what can be done with limited damage to data? Levels? Color Balance? Saturation changes? Contrast? Exposure adjustment? Can do what in moderation? Stay away from what if at all possible? Thanks.
  17. Backlog workflow

    Examples of fast tagging in batches: a. ABC Festival, DEF City, GHI Country (later specifically tag each image with its own subject, e.g., dancing, eating, vendors, etc.) b. Run For The Cure marathon runners running (later specifically tag each image with its own subject, e.g., woman, man, boy, girl, finish line, etc.) If fast tagging is all true to the batch of images, how does it hurts ranking...? What makes it worthwhile is if licenses occur before one follows up months later with normal tagging. Images fast prepared = more than $0,000,000.00 vs. images not submitted = $0,000,000.00 Real conundrum: just spent week fast-tagging-processing 1333 images which will go live by early next week -- will they net more than if in same time I'd fully-tagged-processed ~200 of those 1333...?
  18. 2TB jump drives $30!!!!!!???

    True for hotel reviews. Probably ALL things reviewed. IMO, many lousy reviews are fakes, too, placed by competition. My hack: a. pay the most attention to average reviews, many are actually good reviews with average scoring due to niggling complaint b. pay attention to good reviews only if highly specific in details, style of writing, & words aka non-generic
  19. forced to process JPGs: caveats???

    It was cluster of (9) camera JPGs taken via smartphone controlling RX10-III, didn't know it was JPG-only setting; The resulting JPGs27MB < 8bitTIFs processing < camera JPGs histograms were as smooth as a new born baby's tuchus... Submitted yesterday as group of (9), passed today, so at least one or two were viewed at 100%...?
  20. Backlog workflow

    2 workflows: a. fast workflow -- batch tagging only, "shortcut-but-good-enough" processing (this gets everything online & for sale asap) b. regular workflow -- individual tagging, full processing (this replaces "fast" images, usually several months later, even 6+ months to year later) note: (b) processing does NOT start from scratch, it picks up where (a) was left at... note2: (a) images occasionally license before they become (b) images...
  21. forced to process JPGs: caveats???

    Thanks for responses! Earlier today: camera JPG > converted to 8bitTIFs via CS6 > processed > converted to JPGs27MB via CS6 > submitted
  22. 2TB jump drives $30!!!!!!???

    Ah. How is that gotten away with on Amazon???!! Found this, 98% customer satisfaction. And ebay protection, if there is any. Almost as cheap. 4 x 256GB = 1TB = $44, free shipping: PS. even better than OP: 2TB @ $12.22 US, top rated seller(?):
  23. Does anyone dispute this ID? If so, correction appreciated!!!: (unsharpened, focus too shallow to license? too soft to pass QC?) Florida, Gainesville, Micanopy, Paynes Prairie Ecopassage Nature State Park Preserve, Pontia protodice checkered white southern cabbage butterfly, proboscis,
  24. How many images per subject is considered "oversaturated" subject?

    Successful stock is often about either & or both: a. photographing satiated subjects better than others b. photographing niche subjects better than others horse = a horse eating ice cream cone = 0 hits = b (there are 2 donkey-mule-burro eating ice cream images) (horse hundreds of other human foods = 0 hits) (make sure food won't hurt horse) horse and vampire bat = 0 hits = b
  25. Have you found any Alamy images in November?

    Found via searching "Alamy" via Google News > past 24 hours: