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  1. authenticity = ???

    Just heard on CNBC: "marketing now is all about authenticity" if one is shooting real people doing real things, are all one's images "authentic"...? Has editorial stock ever been about anything other than... AUTHENTICITY?
  2. free 7D body; good for parts? or tinkering? screen grayed out first, then wouldn't turn back on... body, box, manual (not battery or charger) using your FedEx or UPS # or pay shipping in advance; if interested PM or will wait week before offering on PDN
  3. Totally Wrong Information!

    One Explanation For Messy Tagging (not condoning, just guessing) At least when all inappropriate tagging is mostly limited to images from correct country; contrib unwilling to individually tag, so batches together all images from same country & batch tags them all in same way, being unaware or not caring how it could reduce their rank in future; (or remote chance they made IM mistakes, gave up) Batch tagging in MODERATE ways makes sense IMO, e.g., batch tagging all one's images with "travel" (because one didn't think of it earlier) even if small percentage are not -- one can later case-by-case delete "travel"... Wasn't poor keywording-tagging penalized every 90 days by re-ranks? There hasn't been re-rank now for HOW MANY DAYS???! Monthly re-ranks would shift poor tagging to the back promptly!!!?
  4. making Adobe pay for my CC

    BAM! My second round ADBE purchase Sep 25 sold this AM as price surged beyond all expectations -- free CC for life... (but staying with CS6E until powerful reasons make CC learning curve acceptable)
  5. Have been watching ADBE stock-equity; yesterday it dipped in a way that caused me to jump on it; looking for a several percent rise & then selling; using profit to fund (possibly) many years of CC at ?$10? per month...? (is there further discount for annual subscription?) am not encouraging others to do this, as there is a gamble involved, especially now, NKorea events could cause all stocks to drop, but...
  6. free Canon 7D ?died? won't turn on

    Thanks. Tried switching back & forth with mechanical pencil extended tip & then small very narrow pair scissors, could not feel any switching action in that cavity... but if a switch was moved, no change, 7D still don't go on...
  7. After Excel merge, (4) images flagged as "Super Tags Exceed 500 characters" Isn't supertag total character limit per image 10 x 150 = 1500 characters??? (asked IM yesterday but they're not responding...)
  8. free Canon 7D ?died? won't turn on

    I used to buy cameras in pairs. 2nd 7D still works. Both batteries work. But will check CF door. CF = custom function? Is that door where cables plug in? Or within battery door? Thanks.
  9. Came across this. Don't know details. Don't personally do it. Don't make $$ posting here. Doesn't compete with Alamy in any way AFAICT. But since it involves images & income... Seems like anyone can participate...? Some work involves video caption editing:
  10. Did you rank listings by highest offers first? Earlier the two top offers were $89 & $81, net AFAICT...
  11. Monday photo opp = Irish Hurricane???!!!

    Thanks! Can't get past "accept cookies" on Times page... Questions about Ireland-Britain national dailies, if anyone willing to answer: 1. they seem to all run a few or more weather images on all days, including "normal" weather days? 2. could freelancer theoretically make a living off of just this source of income...? (but it seems publications may spread budget amongst many to keep all sources shooting...?) AFAIK, no such equivalent in US, specifically weather-related still shots by freelancers published 7/52/364...
  12. Or at least tropical storm winds with hurricane gusts...?
  13. Monday photo opp = Irish Hurricane???!!!

    Congrats! Link to images? (as published or online)
  14. Whether on its own = # or part of term, e.g., xyz# it often seems first click to search returns with # missing, second click to search returns with # as meant to be... e.g., xyz# first return = xyz xyz# second attempt = xyz# # first return = nothing # second attempt = # please try several different varied examples before reporting back, "it always works first time for me!"
  15. Did you get drone fever? Did you get over initial thrill? Did you find too many drone stock shots turn out to look less than salable? Did time involved to get each drone shot cut into your handheld stock shooting time? Did drone shooting turn out to be a hobby rather than a source of income...? Comments from dronists-dronites-droners appreciated. Am still in fever stage, but on just completed regional trip had chance to imagine how often & how time-consuming each drone shot would have been & how many fewer handheld shots would have been "traded off" for drone time...
  16. Monday photo opp = Irish Hurricane???!!!

    Some beaches may have storm surge. Some beaches may have opposite: storm drain:
  17. (100) of these daily = happy camper

    Would love seeing & immediately join mass exoduses from ALL ridiculous price schemes. Increasing percentage of contribs to many agencies now are part timers with other FT work who are supplimenting therefore skipping ANY extra dollars makes no sense; others are stock novices seeking thrill of getting anything licensed at ANY fee -- just to declare themselves published...? If AlamyPrint was not connected to distrib, some would drop if volume didn't follow, but distrib. $$$ can be regularly meaningful, therefore...
  18. (100) of these daily = happy camper

    seeing this type license first time: (2 different images) 10/10/2017 Alamy Print 4.50 -2.25 2.25 10/10/2017 Alamy Print 4.50 -2.25 2.25 Enough for one helluva big sandwich at McDonald's-BurgerKing...?
  19. Monday photo opp = Irish Hurricane???!!!

    Attention All √Čire Dronists!! fly not o'er bonnie braes t'morr or yee'll b'lookin to find't in far fields o' Norway clover come't Tewsdae...
  20. Monday photo opp = Irish Hurricane???!!!

    Bonnie Ballydonegan may see bloody blowin' gusts up to 100mph!!!
  21. Don't see Ford logo anywhere...? Something else? Thanks:
  22. Thanks for responses! Would anyone disagree with it being this?
  23. (100) of these daily = happy camper

    Back to OP... none today, none reported by anyone else, evidences (100) daily uber unlikely... (100)/month? (100)/year?
  24. supertag maxes...?

    Hoping NOT! Want some of my "universal" words to be WEAK as possible but still searchable as a strategy to cut down on views without zooms...
  25. up to ten words per supertag? up to 150 characters per supertag? up to 1500 total supertag characters per image? characters include commas & spaces? if you answer this correctly, you will be helping a lot. (which is why font size below is dedicated to you) A WHOLE LOT...