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    My Favorite Moses Byrd Quotes
    b.July4,1876 d.July4,1976
    (Undisputed Father of Stock Photography)

    "Stock shooters with no backlog have no backbone."
    "Quality is the brain of stock, variety is the mind."
    "Photos you ne'er take reap profits you ne'er make."
    "More photos than books in libraries is to come!"
    "Man or Woman, get thyself to a photo opportunity."
    "Shoot critics from all angles, with a gun, too."
    "Selling is our religion, licensing is our hymn."
    "To make captions a passion is to make a fine future."
    "Art is important to stock if Art is your bank teller."
    "Call them Key Words, they are a key to selling."
    "Take what swells the wallet, not the head."
    "Nudge up thy fee bar, avoid financial fubar."
    "Moaning nor wringing hands ne'er tripped a shutter."
    "Full-time fools be swayed by part-timers moaning."
    "Subject, show thy face, and blink not thine eyes!"
    "Stock shooters are cats, licenses are catnip."
    "Scavenger hunters we are, compositions our quarry."
    "The Subject was an idiot, horizontally and vertically."
    "Stock is what you shoot, not what you shoot with."
    "Less clutter clears the path to more licensing."
    "To catch more licenses, capture bigger emotions."
    "Shoot first, apologize second, ask permission last."
    "To optimize thy bankroll, compromise thy workflow."
    "Pretty is for club contests, salable is for stock."
    "Perfection reaps ribbons, reasonable reaps income."
    "Make more exposures than minutes wasted."
    "Key words our scripture, licensing our salvation."
    "The only good Canon is Pachelbel's Canon."
    "Principal is the principle of stock."
    "Be focused young stocker, sharp shooter you'll be."
    "The tripod of stock is quality, quantity, variety."


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  1. No. Upload new versions of old images. After they pass QC, send email similar to this: "My submission OLxxxxxxx just passed QC. Please replace my old images with new images in OLxxxxxxx that have my same ID & transfer old image data into new images." (note: if you don't want old image data transferred to new image, say so)
  2. mid Nov. (2) $149gross each => then refunded early Dec same (2) $149gross each => then refunded is there predictable outcome to this scenario...?!!! a. forever refunded? b. likely finalized as licensed? c. forever in hellish loop resulting in eternal rope burn? d. other...?
  3. Favourite pics uploaded Dec 2017

    Any images that license become "favorites"... This one just did. Came upon them & begged them to "stay just as you are"; unfortunately, woman on left crooked her head unnaturally as some do when camera pointed at them, but still... if ever reprocessed, would reduce redness of skin a bit... IIRC, grabbed & opened menu to make counter foreground more interesting...?
  4. Log in just going round in circles

    Why is Alamy doing this to us...?!!!
  5. post your favorite doppelgangers here

    The spirit of this contest requires no willful attempt to look like doppelganger. Please post those in Look-Alike Thread.
  6. Please -- a. no twins, triplets, relatives, etc. b. no costumes, make-up, wigs, fake beards, etc. b. only one dopppelganger per day max c. mention below if you would like to be on doppelganger judging board d. this is a single winner-take-all contest determined on final day of this forum's existence Chris Christie doppelganger driving taxi in Buenos Aires ARG:
  7. Thanks for response. 2 languages simultaneously without assuming other language is a spelling mistake? e.g. English & Spanish simultaneously without a. English marking "restaurante" as spelling mistake b. Spanish marking "restaurant" as spelling mistake
  8. Welcome to Andy Harding

    a. upset that you were passed over b. relieved that I was passed over
  9. is it possible to simultaneously spell check multiple language tags? without confusion of one language being another language misspelling???
  10. making Adobe pay for my CC

    And a 3rd stab at ADBE upon a sharp dip this morning... (still using CS6E)
  11. ...4620 Good Air ARG images in last 15 days...? (~1400 will be keepers) If not, let's start bidding for this project at 15 cents / image... Do I hear 14 cents? Please, only qualified bidders with decent skills in all three categories...
  12. copyright: did you already know...?
  13. Backlog workflow

    Examples of fast tagging in batches: a. ABC Festival, DEF City, GHI Country (later specifically tag each image with its own subject, e.g., dancing, eating, vendors, etc.) b. Run For The Cure marathon runners running (later specifically tag each image with its own subject, e.g., woman, man, boy, girl, finish line, etc.) If fast tagging is all true to the batch of images, how does it hurts ranking...? What makes it worthwhile is if licenses occur before one follows up months later with normal tagging. Images fast prepared = more than $0,000,000.00 vs. images not submitted = $0,000,000.00 Real conundrum: just spent week fast-tagging-processing 1333 images which will go live by early next week -- will they net more than if in same time I'd fully-tagged-processed ~200 of those 1333...?
  14. 2TB jump drives $30!!!!!!???

    True for hotel reviews. Probably ALL things reviewed. IMO, many lousy reviews are fakes, too, placed by competition. My hack: a. pay the most attention to average reviews, many are actually good reviews with average scoring due to niggling complaint b. pay attention to good reviews only if highly specific in details, style of writing, & words aka non-generic
  15. forced to process JPGs: caveats???

    It was cluster of (9) camera JPGs taken via smartphone controlling RX10-III, didn't know it was JPG-only setting; The resulting JPGs27MB < 8bitTIFs processing < camera JPGs histograms were as smooth as a new born baby's tuchus... Submitted yesterday as group of (9), passed today, so at least one or two were viewed at 100%...?