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    My Favorite Moses Byrd Quotes
    b.July4,1876 d.July4,1976
    (Undisputed Father of Stock Photography)

    "Stock shooters with no backlog have no backbone."
    "Quality is the brain of stock, variety is the mind."
    "Photos you ne'er take reap profits you ne'er make."
    "More photos than books in libraries is to come!"
    "Man or Woman, get thyself to a photo opportunity."
    "Shoot critics from all angles, with a gun, too."
    "Selling is our religion, licensing is our hymn."
    "To make captions a passion is to make a fine future."
    "Art is important to stock if Art is your bank teller."
    "Call them Key Words, they are a key to selling."
    "Take what swells the wallet, not the head."
    "Nudge up thy fee bar, avoid financial fubar."
    "Moaning nor wringing hands ne'er tripped a shutter."
    "Full-time fools be swayed by part-timers moaning."
    "Subject, show thy face, and blink not thine eyes!"
    "Stock shooters are cats, licenses are catnip."
    "Scavenger hunters we are, compositions our quarry."
    "The Subject was an idiot, horizontally and vertically."
    "Stock is what you shoot, not what you shoot with."
    "Less clutter clears the path to more licensing."
    "To catch more licenses, capture bigger emotions."
    "Shoot first, apologize second, ask permission last."
    "To optimize thy bankroll, compromise thy workflow."
    "Pretty is for club contests, salable is for stock."
    "Perfection reaps ribbons, reasonable reaps income."
    "Make more exposures than minutes wasted."
    "Key words our scripture, licensing our salvation."
    "The only good Canon is Pachelbel's Canon."
    "Principal is the principle of stock."
    "Be focused young stocker, sharp shooter you'll be."
    "The tripod of stock is quality, quantity, variety."
    "Shoot volume to pocket profit."


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  1. say, a concentrated photo opportunities tour, 4-8 hrs long, many different subjects; led by a local photographer speaking your language; if willing, where, what year, length of tour, cost? was price all inclusive or additional fees? did it offer access to things not otherwise available to public? (urban -- not nature, safaris, etc.) did you make back costs via stock licensing...? (of course, not as easy now as 2007-8) question prompted by finding a 4-hr MEX tour @$100USD... before textbook licenses dried up, might have paid $100USD if guide could get me into local public schools for 4 hrs, but now... (paying $100USD = lots of research time saved, but...)
  2. WimW & all, Just to clarify, don't know if it matters, its just that one Photoshop "View" dropdown menu that's blank. All others, including the "Look in" menu are NOT blank...
  3. Newer laptop. One dropdown menu, the View Menu, blank from start. How to fix? Thanks.
  4. 79 pages viewed & ZERO zooms

    7910 views = 79+ pages viewed (assumes 100/page default) 0 zooms... REALLY? What true "approved" buyer would do that...? Search Term Your Views Sessions Your Zooms Your Sales Your CTR(%) Total Views Total Zooms Total CTR(%) miami street 7,910 0 0.00
  5. if stemming is finding root word, what is opposite, e.g., finding all words derived from "run", a root word? (running, runs, ?ran?, runner, runners, etc.) has anyone found online root-based generator that, with click of button, provides all variations of a word, whether starting with root or derivatives??? of course, dictionaries do it, but not just as clusters of purely derivatives of a root...?
  6. How would you keyword this image?

    underneath, airport, employee, job, sure wish Alamy would bring back stemming, even if modified... are there any online or freeware "stemming machines"...? (especially those with degree-of-looseness sliders) PS. found via Google -- what is this???
  7. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    SCOTTISHNORTHERN ENGLISH pleasant; nice. "she's a canny lass" Some of us in The New World had to look that one up, we did.
  8. making Adobe pay for my CC

    It works until it doesn't work. Always realize it can go other way, especially if one doesn't stay rational-unemotional. Or one becomes overly greedy... The next market correction could turn into a crash that takes years to rebound... The end of a crash = very best time to invest, IMO...
  9. Just seen Red Snapper on national TV

    Only works in UK. sidebar: why would anyone want something on WWW to only work in one-some countries???!!
  10. making Adobe pay for my CC

    Sold 4th time! 11% profit in 13 days...
  11. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Biggie-bigster license of a city skyline reported 2/13, my net @30% = $713.58; Biggie-bigster license of a statue reported 2/16, my net @40% = $1088; (sadly, not Alamy licenses, but feeling chuffed about them & overly optimistic in a "2007 fees" kind of way...)
  12. SERIOUSLY???

    In the entire history of Alamy's own forum, I'd guess there has NEVER been a buyer who got a license fee lower than what they intended to get before reading about fees on this forum. Besides, the fees ARE what they are at any given moment. We want licenses. NOT trumpeting current fees does NOT put more $$ in our pockets. Whatever the fees, we want to encourage licenses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buyers: LICENSE FROM ALAMY... If you want higher fees, paradoxically you must give your work away until most shooters are out of business & have sold their equipment..?!! AH HA HA AH HA HA BOO HOO HOO...
  13. Ikea LADDA batteries

    Oh great. This will force Panasonic to look for free stock photography. Circle of Life...
  14. Property rights when you no longer own the property?

    In US, AFAIK, property releases have no legal merit unless property is a creative work, e.g., photograph, sculpture, painting, etc., or is trademarked. This is true regardless of what stock agencies require in order to represent photos as commercially available. I can photograph your former yard-house from public place & offer it editorially-commercially without properly release so you can, too. Of course, there's a sense of safety if one has property releases -- its a loud "the owner says its bloody OK" statement...
  15. Every month my images from 1990s thru 2017 license, film to 6mp to 10mp to 18mp to 20mp... OH JESUS HERE COME THE GAWBLIMEY BLOODY JOTS BUT HOW ARE THEY GOING TO COMPETE WITH MULTI-MILLION JOT IMAGES???!!!