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  1. applaud measured response: street mural & similar

    Personally I don't mind Alamy adding "Editorial Only" restrictions. I thought I had already put editorial restrictions on all of my images containing art but apparently I skipped a few. The ones listed in the email are mostly from the Pope's visit to New York and border more on billboard advertising than art, but I added "mural" just in case. The only problem is, in the process Alamy also removed my restrictions against Personal Use, so I had to go back to AIM to re-set those. Alamy and their distributors have licensed a fair number my photos of murals, particularly in South America, so I wonder how this "Editorial Only" restriction is likely to impact distributor sales.
  2. Elvis Candlelight Vigil

    One of the obvious problems with shooting news in the US for Alamy is that we're at least 5 hours behind. Newspapers tend to make their editorial decisions in the late afternoon so unless you can upload well before noon (EST) or you have breaking news with international interest, the chances they'll make space is pretty slim. It's possible they could run it the following day but when you consider everything that's been going on in the world over the past few days it seems unlikely.
  3. August Challenge - On the Beach

    Dog Beach, Brooklyn, NY Shinnecock Bay, Long Island, NY Coney Island beach, Brooklyn, NY
  4. I've gotten errors with every other update since November or so.The last Lightroom Plugin was fine but since I updated I can no longer connect - some kind of "internal error" For anyone who is getting errors it might be worth the time to check and make sure you have the latest version. fD
  5. Uploading photos get split into multiple Alami ID's

    I've had the same thing when I upload to Live News even though I l use a preset caption in Photoshop. It seems to happen more often if I use the button to add more images after uploading the first one that I want to appear at the top of the stack.
  6. Is this an infringement?

    I get this site, and others like it, every time I do a google search for my name/Alamy. Most times they've already replaced it with some other image they've lifted.
  7. Maybe this will help?
  8. Problem is, even if your camera didn't move boats do. I'd try reshooting it with a shorter exposure time and multiple shots to increase the likelihood of a sharper image.
  9. Most photographers seem to use Adobe Lightroom nowadays. If you've keyworded your photos in the IPTC area with software such as Photoshop they should import without a problem and Lightroom will create its own set of thumbnails. One downside is that you'll have to use the export function to retain keywords added in Lightroom. I don't think the catalog automatically writes this data to file unless you specifically do so. Many years ago I switched from Cumulus, a similar program, and was able to import my files to Lightroom without a problem. You can download a 30 day working demo from Adobe. Both the CC version as well as the stand-alone version are available. fD
  10. Ecofriendly stock photography !?

    I lived for years without air conditioning but one day when it hit 107f, and I nearly passed out at the computer, I finally decided to give in... but I waited a day until it was "only" 103. iMacs, for example, are only intended to operate between 50° to 95° F (10° to 35° C)
  11. Ecofriendly stock photography !?

    Eco-friendly travel will probably get you much more interesting photos. fD
  12. Ecofriendly stock photography !?

    Digital photography is considerably more eco-friendly than traditional film based photography but there's still the issue of computers and components. Best thing to do is recycle or donate your old equipment, use energy saving computer equipment, possibly turn off your computer at night, avoid disposable batteries. Of course if you can share your computer and internet that probably reduces your carbon footprint as well. Beyond that it's pretty much the same as what we do in other aspects of our lives, use mass transit whenever possible, avoid excessive packaging, get some re-usable shopping bags, recycle paper, plastic, metal and other electronics. Use energy saving light bulbs and recycle those properly too. New York is beginning a City-Wide composting project but if you have room you can do that on your own. Oh and if you have air conditioning keep it above 78º f. As the saying goes, think globally act locally. fD
  13. WiFi Adapter

    I'm sure a wired connection is preferable. I have the camera kit for my original iPad and it transfers photos quickly without a hitch. I probably should've spend my money on this Lightning to USB Adapter.
  14. WiFi Adapter

    I have the WU-1b for my Nikon D610. As reviewers warned it doesn't work very well. When I'm at home my iPhone prefers my home network to the one the adapter uses. It seems to prefer files that are less than 5mb and often disconnects. Also I haven't yet found a way to prevent it from disconnecting after the first photo has transferred.Maybe I missed something in the settings? I haven't yet tried it in the field. Perhaps once I'm away from my home network, in a place with fewer wi-fi networks, it would work better. fD
  15. frame supplier

    When I was a student and needed to hang prints on a budget we'd use tenter hooks. Just sandwich the matted print between backing such as Museum Board and a glass or plexiglass plate. The holes are small and easy to fill when the show comes down.