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  1. Keywording exhaustion

    Normally I would disappear at this point as this discussion has become entirely irrational but I guess I should clarify before I do. As a (former) scientist, I have always enjoyed a good rational argument where each party presents their case and a rational debate ensues but this is way off course. I have no idea what you think I said and what you are reading into my words or what slur you are talking about. I never slurred anybody. I carefully avoided any specific political reference and I never implied anything about your president. The dictatorships that sprang to mind with the phrase exalted leader are those where free speech and criticism of leaders are not allowed. Thankfully that does not include the US where free speech and the right to criticise the leader is a fundamental democratic right as it is in here in the UK. In fact democracy relies on this a mechanism of keeping things in check. But the fact is that I didn't criticise or slur anybody. The phrase alternative facts was coined by a Ms Conway I recall who worked for your president a little while back and it is wonderful as a description of ambiguity. I love this phrase and I think it is particularly apt for the present discussion where Alamy is in fact quoted (in that other thread) as saying two entirely conflicting things about keyword proximity. I also did not in any way attempt to paint you as black or any colour and I certainly did not attack you. That is bordering on literal paranoia. Have another read of what I said. It was intended as light hearted and not intended to attack or hurt you or anybody else. That is ridiculous. I have a lot more to do with my life than have irrational arguments on this forum and cause emotional pain for anybody. Best of luck.
  2. Keywording exhaustion

    Did I touch a nerve. Do you really consider that an attack? Wow. I just used the term alternative facts which has become a regular part of my vocabulary to refer to the very contradictory statements made by Alamy in that thread and I think it is very apt there as it is full of contradictions. I am not familiar with the term exalted leaders in relation to benevolent societies in America despite having a deep grounding in American culture. On its own, the phrase Exalted Leader has a ring of political dictatorship I think and that would be more likely to cause lack of sleep for me given the madness that is happening around the globe at the moment than the order of tags in the Alamy search engine. And disagree with me all you like - I have no problem with that at all as long as it is based on rational debate and fact and I don't get offended by people arguing with me rationally. Moreover I am more than happy to admit when I am wrong and apologise if I have offended someone but using the term alternative facts - well for crying out loud but does that really offend you?
  3. Keywording exhaustion

    Well as we all know, there are facts and there are alternative facts (and before anybody becomes offended at this lovely phrase please note I didn't start the political references ). Anyway the alterative facts are in the following thread from February and touch upon exactly what we are talking about here. I have to say it is still not entirely clear but it is not high on my list of things to keep me awake at night. Phrase such as exalted leader, however, could be a little more disturbing.
  4. Keywording exhaustion

    To be honest I don't know the answer and I'm not going to spend a lot of time finding out. Doing searches would not help unless you knew the order the tags had been entered, not the order in which they are entered in a search and that would be extremely tedious and very time-consuming. The blog Reimar refers to does say what he says and seems to imply tag order is important. The forum post I was referring to was a quote from somebody who queried MS and posted here but might be hard to find. I'm pretty sure it post-dated the blog post. I think perhaps if Josef emails MS and ask and then post back here what they say it might be helpful.
  5. Keywording exhaustion

    Alamy clarified this earlier this year on the forum (perhaps do an advance forum search if you want to find the post). Keyword (tag) order is irrelevant but proximity of words inside multi-word tags is relevant as far as I know. Your question also relates to why people were advocating the use of Bridge which does apparently preserve keyword order but Alamy's statement clarified that this is indeed irrelevant - hence my post above.
  6. Keywording exhaustion

    You are not the first. I was just correcting a misconception that appears to have propagated through the forum.
  7. They are certainly actively updating and usually improving the service regularly which is encouraging. One wouldn't want to go with a company that is static or regressing.
  8. Keywording exhaustion

    Why Bridge? Lightroom does everything that Bridge does in relation to metadata (including keywording) and is far better in how it handles metadata for large numbers of files. Lightroom is a full DAM (digital asset manager) as well as many other things. Bridge is a file browser that does metadata - ok for small numbers of files.
  9. I notice that 35% offer expires tomorrow. The 20% off code expires on the 28th so feel free to email me as above in the meantime if you do want the code. You could always do the trial. I think if you are primarily looking for a good, easy to use photographer website with the ability to sell prints directly through a good photo lab (One Vision) and unlimited storage of JPEGs, then Zenfolio is fine. If you are looking for remote archival storage of raw images then there may be better providers but I don't really know.
  10. I think the 28% is simply what you would save by paying annually rather than monthly so I assume the 20% discount applies to that. The 35% is only on the main US site as far as I can see and I doubt the 20% would apply. Maybe it would automatically change if you sign up from elsewhere. I just did a search for zenfolio uk pricing and get the normal prices.
  11. I don't think I should post the code publicly as it is personal to my zenfolio account but you can email me if you like at the following and I'll give you the code - michaeldavidmurphyphoto at
  12. New contributor from Ireland.

    I'm not sure you would be saying that on a still day on a Donegal bog (or Connemara or West Cork for that matter).
  13. I've no experience of Photoshelter but it sounds very expensive for what's on offer. If you search the forum you might get some better info. I have a Pro account with Zenfolio, mainly for the website features and have no complaints at all. The cloud storage for me is a bonus. I needed a modern photographer website with private galleries and it was a toss up between Zenfolio and SmugMug. I don't think there is a lot of difference between them. I don't know if it is possible to do auto backups. I just upload images manually when they are ready and they can be easily replaced. In fact I do all my image backups manually - I like to see what is going where, In fact if you decide to go with Zenfolio before Dec 28th, I can give you a referral code which gets you 20% off - not the reason I posted here I should hastily add - I always ignore these things but I just dug up the email from my trash. If you decide to use them, you may as well have the discount.
  14. New contributor from Ireland.

    Even the midges - I'm guessing not . Yes if I ever move back to Ireland, Tipp (Clonmel area) would be very high on the list of potential destinations.
  15. New contributor from Ireland.

    Hi Larry Welcome to the forum. Excellent insect shots - you obviously know your stuff. I love Tipperary. It's a part of Ireland that tends to be ignored but there are some fantastic mountain landscapes there - still relatively unknown it seems even to the natives. Best of luck.