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  1. Wedding Images

    That is a truly amazing photo. Well done to Jack Kurtz.
  2. Wedding Images

    The guy is either longing for a coke or thinking about getting religion or both and she looks as if she is waiting for a bus. Not so much divorce as disconnection - perhaps the early stages of divorce - it's all down hill from here.
  3. Converting slides

    Not familiar with old Russian kit or anything old Russian for that matter. Now if you had said dog quality. I actually upgraded my gear to shoot dogs - well that was one of the reasons I keep telling myself. It does take some serious kit to shoot a running dog and get near 100% hit rate.
  4. Converting slides

    The Nikon D850 I presume.
  5. The higher end Tamron lenses are very good optically but I don't know about the cheaper ones. I would second Robert's suggestion of looking at prime lenses as these are relatively cheap and often excellent optically.
  6. A stitch in time

    And needless to say you all have at least one offsite data backup (hard drives and/or cloud) as well in case of fire or theft. Equipment and professional indemnity insurance don't bring back data.
  7. A question of size

    The simple formula for practical purposes is Size in MB = 3 x Size in MP. So a 6MP file is 18MB (for an 8 bit image).
  8. You are right about new processes in later versions being unreadable by earlier versions. As far as I am aware, the subscription license allows you to open, read and presumably export files but you can't make any changes as the Develop Module is disabled so I would still be able to read and export raws. I keep all my layered PSDs in any case and would only ever likely rework a small number of raws down the line so I'm not worried. I think I would only quit the subscription if there was a very good non-Adobe alternative and Adobe were to enforce a cloud subscription for file storage which I can't really see happening as it would effectvely cut a huge chunk out of their professional market. Finally, I always kept up to date with Photoshop and Lightroom so the cost is actually less than I used to pay with 18 month upgrades. Photoshop has advanced massively over the years and it has been well worth it to me keeping up to date.
  9. I've been thinking how best to do this to show a valid comparison as it is very easy to remove (luminance) noise but it is important that it doesn't cause softening of the image so there needs to be some way of measuring that. In other words, I could give you a raw file (no problem with that) and you could remove the noise but it remains subjective as there is no real way of saying how efficient the NR is without looking at sharpness and overall image quality as well. I'm thinking and will be back on this.
  10. You know if you have bought a Mac in the last 4 years or so, you will have Numbers (Apple's own spreadsheet program) installed free with MacOS. It is actually a very good spreadsheet program and you should have no need for any freeware programs mentoned if you already have it on your Mac. I rarely bother with Excel now although I have a 2008 version.
  11. Metadata

    It's not about you editing or adding anything. The camera EXIF data is not editable (by normal means at least). It has among other things the make of camera and the exposure settings. If you look at the Metadata Panel in Bridge, there is a tab called Camera Data (Exif) and it should be in there. How exactly are you generating the JPEGs? Please outline exactly what you are doing or it is impossible to give an informed answer. I am guessing you are using ACR and saving as JPEG without including the EXIF but I am guessing. I am also guessing that Alamy want to check the camera EXIF data on first submissions.
  12. I don't know why that is. You might want to try the Lightroom Forums as there are some real experts on there. I know my way around but I am not an expert like some of those guys (and girls). You can probably extract the raw conversion data from the JPEGs if you exported it with them but it would be tedious to do it manually. Perhaps there is an app to do that. Ask on the Lightroom Forum
  13. Or is it poor practice to not learn fully how a program works before using it, especially for something as important as image processing for a photographer. It's in the online help, the manual and there are several good books on Lightroom.
  14. Actually I had to check that by reading the manual and then trying it to be sure of my answer and the answer to your second questions is yes (but you should check this for yourself). Of course it works just the same as before in answet to your first question. From limited testing it does appear to save all the metadata plus LR-specific stuff such as labels and ratings to the catalog as well as to the xmp. However I think when you are saving to xmp then it is unnecessary to worry about whether it saves to the catalog as well as long as you are backing up the xmps. It is of course sensible to back up the catalog itself with the preview file as well as it could take a long time to regenerate those in the event of loss. By the way, there is another way. You can actually manually save to xmp as well instead of setting the preference but it is very easy to forget to save. Just select the images in Library module and hit ctrl-S or cmd-S on a Mac.
  15. That is not necessarily true depending on your Catalog preferences. The default is to store all edits, metadata etc in the catalog but this is a really bad idea as evidenced by what appears to have happened here. It is much better to save the settings for each raw file in an associated sidecar xmp file - this is a tiny text file which simply contains all the importnat info including the metadata. To set this, go to the Lightroom Menu - Catalog Settings - Metadata Tab and click the 3rd option. Believe me it is far better than storing everything in the catalog for the reasons here as well as others (e.g. independence of Lightroom and Adobe in fact down the line for one thing)