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  1. Have you found any Alamy images December?

    He often does. I'm thinking of contacting Alamy: he should be offered a salary!
  2. Have you found any Alamy images December?

    The Sweet Makers - Christmas BBC2, 15th December 2017 (production company - Wall to Wall Media) Alamy listed among suppliers of archive images.
  3. Steep drop in zooms this month?

    You're right, of course. Doesn't help raise any Christmas cheer, though.
  4. Steep drop in zooms this month?

  5. US foreign taxpayer ID

    Thanks guys. Will follow up on this in due course. EDIT: I also found this document, which seems to suggest that either the NI number or the UTR may be used in lieu of the TIN. I have used my NI number as mickfly suggested.
  6. Will it be worth it?

    Do you know, it may have been, but I can't remember! I was on a narrowboat holiday on the Mon & Brec at the time and didn't even have to worry about responsibility for keeping to the shipping lanes, so I may have slightly exceeded the recommended dosage! EDIT: Sorry for taking the thread so wildly off course: it was Stokie's fault!
  7. Will it be worth it?

    Cheers to that!
  8. US foreign taxpayer ID

    Just completing my first infringement claim via Pixsy (probably the first of a few, if it goes well! As a UK resident, I am completing the W-8BEN form, but it appears (correct me if I'm wrong) that I have to pay the IRS 30% tax (gulp!) on any settlement, unless I submit a Foreign Tax Identifying Number. For UK citizens, is this my Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR)? Or is it a number issued by the IRS on completion of more arduous forms?! And if I enter my UTR on Pixsy's form, are there more hoops to jump through/forms to fill before I can complete the W-8BEN? Many thanks EDIT: hold up, I think I may have it. Am I correct in thinking that in order to avoid paying the 30% tax to the IRS, I have to fill in the W7 (Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) form, then submit that to the IRS? If so, can I do that online and how long would it take? Thanks again.
  9. Post your positive results here :)

    My turn, my turn! EDIT: Seriously, well done. Congrats on the sale clearing, too, Sultanpepa.
  10. Net Revenue

    You got it right, Betty. No tricks missed!
  11. Searching publications on the web

    +1 Yes, thanks. I'd never even thought about searching using different languages! <slaps head>
  12. Have you found any Alamy images December?

    There are many roads to Rome! Google reverse image search commonly works very well. An EXIF viewer can also be very useful (on rare occasions even the image code is retained)! The browser's in-built tools can also work very well (right click; view image details or similar). Using your own ideas as to what the tags may be, then searching on Alamy can also be a great aid in improving one's own keywording skills.
  13. How to improve discoverability of a photograph

    You can borrow my tin hat, Betty!
  14. Have you found any Alamy images December?

    Steve, as I believe that you may well have been the one who found my very first sale (on the old forum), you are hereby forgiven! Many thanks to both of you for your hard work!