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  1. Hello folks ;)

    Hey! Good to see you back, Mirco. You've been missed!
  2. Slow month?

    Funny definition of 'exclusive '!
  3. In the green

  4. alternative ALT text

    Just to jump in again: remember that the ALT tag in HTML was designed to be used specifically for less-able users (using screen-readers and so on) and/or for those who choose to browse without images enabled - for whatever reason. If your intention is to make the text visible for all users in most (all? Don't know these days) browsers, then add the HTML TITLE tag as well. The TITLE tag may include concise additional information and can also be used for textual content. Bear in mind that this shouldn't be used as a keywording SEO shortcut: Google got wise to this many years ago. So, following on from wim's example: <img src="myphoto.jpg" alt="a photo of mine" title="a great photo of mine">
  5. Slow month?

    Not so pretty down south!
  6. alternative ALT text

    I think that the OP is referring to how it is possible to embed the HTML Alt tag into the image itself, rather than into the HTML code on the webpage. I haven't used Photoshop in a long time, so I don't know, but it should be easy enough to do this in PS. though quite why you'd want to, I don't know.
  7. alternative ALT text

  8. Ouch! Still, probably best not to mess with tags/captions if you're happy with what you have (I haven't looked, BTW): the changes that seem to happen with the search engine algorithm every now and again, along with the median ranking that likely applies to Steviebuoy's C5 images will likely even themselves out in time. Unless you're really on top of these things (and I most definitely am not!) then it's probably best to leave well alone or risk long-term damage to ranking?
  9. Start by making "Sinclair C5" a tag, rather than just "Sinclair" & "C5" as separate tags.
  10. Alamy Financial Results for 2016 now available

    That's correct. These figures are always on the home page.
  11. First Sale

    Good for you - well done. The first of many, I hope.
  12. Small claims copyright bill in USA

    Thanks for that, Mark. Very positive news!
  13. Cleared Balance

    Alamy differs from others in that they report sales immediately. Uses can change (and minds can change, too), so the wait is a safety net as well as ensuring that account buyers have coughed up the funds. In my own personal experience, the vast majority of sales have cleared after 45 days. I have never sold to a newspaper (via Alamy, that is) and have only ever have one sale refunded - and as it was a tiny sale, I was actually quite happy to see it go!
  14. Have You Taken the New Alamy Survey?

    On behalf of the apostrophe police, may I just point out that survey’s doesn't need one!