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  1. Where is MircoV?

    Apparently only 249 images under his real name (advanced search). Weird Ah well! Cheers, Philippe
  2. Where is MircoV?

    It puzzles me why we can't we see his images. All images deleted? Just wondering Cheers, Philippe
  3. Where is MircoV?

    Where did Mirco go? Last post is from April and when you click on his number of images (blue number under avatar) you get a blank screen Cheers, Philippe
  4. Have you found any Alamy Photographs during August

    Thanks once more for reporting, SShep Much appreciated! Cheers, Philippe
  5. Photographer's similar images cropped way too much

    Alamy, thanks for listening and fixing the problem. (Thumbnails are still slightly cropped though but it's a big improvement. ) Much appreciated. Cheers, Philippe.
  6. "A little bit" will always look like a flaw. If it's your purpose to show the boat as a foreground out of focus "frame" then do so and exaggerate the effect so it looks OBVIOUS. When editing, I often blur parts of a picture in Photoshop so the sharp parts stand out even better. Cheers, Philippe
  7. Colour space

    You can easily turn aRGB1998 into sRGB. But it's pointless to turn sRGB into aRGB1998. Cheers, Philippe
  8. Post your positive results here :)

    You struck gold Well done! Cheers, Philippe
  9. I do ................ but haven't we given Mr. Nut enough attention? No more reactions from me in this thread. Cheers, Philippe
  11. Elderly war veteran talking to young WW2 reenactors in WWII jeep with mounted Vickers K machine gun during World War Two militaria fair Reenactors dressed as WW2 US soldier and woman in 1940s dress posing in WWII military Willys MB jeep during World War Two militaria fair Military life action figures in World War Two uniforms for sale in booth at militaria fair for WW2 enthusiasts M274 Mechanical Mule and reenactors in US soldier outfits in military field camp during Vietnam War reenactment at militaria fair Cheers, Philippe Fine Art Collection Arterra
  12. Is this an infringement?

    You too have a great weekend, Karina. And hats off to you. You have the best captions and tags I've seen in a long while. Splendid job! Cheers, Philippe
  13. What you don't seem to realize is that THIS is not a general, independent stock forum, but A L A M Y 's own forum. Cheers, Philippe
  14. You just edited your latest reply (was just in time to read it). Probably because you realized you're constantly contradicting yourself. You're just like all the other microstockers here. Within 6 months you'll be off the radar. Cheers, Philippe